Top 15 Free PDF Readers in 2019

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PDF is of the most popular document formats which contain various information, texts, and graphic images. One of the reasons why PDF files are widely used is because of its fixed-layout format. Usually, there is a big chance that a change in some content or the format of a document will alter, especially if they are transferred into a different software or device. Also, these PDF files are accessible to all devices and operating systems available such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Regarding this, PDF readers have become the staple software to access these files. Dig into this article to find out the best free PDF readers available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writer The first on the list of best PDF readers is the AceThinker PDF Writer. This tool is considered the best PDF reader available in the market right now because of all of the necessary features it offers. The PDF Writer is an all-in-one PDF reader tool that allows its users to view and open any PDF files. One of its unique features is its Word Processor-like interface making it so comfortable to read such PDF files. Additionally, you can also bookmark a specific page or any page you left off when you are reading. This is necessary in case you are working on a PDF file that contains a lot of pages. Aside from being a PDF reader, the AceThinker PDF Writer offers other functions such as:

Main Features:

  • Allows to edit PDF text and images like you using a Word Processor.
  • It can combine or split PDF files.
  • Users can add markups and annotations.
  • It can protect your PDF file by securing it with a password.

Step1 Download and Install the Software

Click the “Download” button below to save it into your device. After that, run the installation process until it is finished. Once done, the software will launch on your screen automatically.

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Step2 Open and Read the PDF File

Click the “Open Files” button to browse and search the PDF file you want to read. Select the PDF file you want to open and let the software load the PDF file for you.

read pdf file

Step3 Edit the PDF file

You may also edit the PDF file as you wish. AceThinker PDF Writer comes with a bunch of PDF editing tools that will enhance and improve your PDF file. Just choose among the tools provided above the interface of the software. You may convert, edit content, add protection and so much more.

editing tools in pdf writer

PDF-XChange Editor

pdf xchange logo Next, on the list of the PDF reader Windows 10 is the PDF-XChange Editor. This PDF software tool claims to be the smallest and fastest PDF reader on the market. PDF-XChange also features a user-friendly interface that allows users to read and view a specific PDF file easily. Apart from being a PDF reader, this tool can edit content, texts, and images of the PDF file. One of the unique features of PDF X-Change is that it converts a Microsoft Office document into a PDF file. Additionally, it offers a lot of tools for adding annotations, stamps, links, attachments, and creating a PDF file. Lastly, it provides an OCR technology that scans the text in documents making a softcopy out of it.

pdf xchange reader


  • A multi-purpose PDF software
  • Added OCR technology to scan PDF files


  • Free trial contains watermark
Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader Another PDF reader on the list is the Nitro PDF Reader. This is also one of the reliable tools in case users want to download PDF reader. Like the other tools mentioned above, Nitro PDF Reader also features an intuitive Office-style interface so users can check and read their PDF files without any hassle. Aside from being a PDF reader, this tool also provides other functions. Additionally, it converts any data such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint into PDF files with almost 100% format accuracy. Regarding this, users would not worry about losing any images or graphics in case they want to read a novel or long story on a PDF file.

read pdf file nitropdf


  • Provides other functions other than being a PDF Reader
  • Costs cheaper comparing to other pro PDF software


  • Free trial only last for a while
Foxit Reader

foxit reader desktop version Next on the list of best free PDF Reader is the Foxit Reader. This PDF tool is considered a full-functioned PDF Reader because of all of the features it offers. One of the best features of this tool is its JAWS (Job Access with Speech) technology. JAWS allows users who are blind or visually impaired to “read” the PDF file via text-to-speech output or a refreshable Braille. Aside from that, Foxit Reader allows its users to create their PDF document that is compatible or readable to other PDF software. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly interface that features an MS Office style ribbon toolbar. Regarding this, users can create or customize their tabs so they can get quick access for the tools they need.

read pdf file foxit reader


  • Can create PDF files that are applicable for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files
  • Features an electronic PDF scanner to copy texts from printed documents


  • Provides free trial but need to purchase later to enjoy services
Slim PDF

slim pdf logo Slim PDF is another PDF reader for Windows. As its name suggests, this tool claims to be the smallest, and lightest PDF reader you can find on the market. Unlike any other tools mentioned here, Slim PDF has the plainest and simple features and functions available. The primary purpose of the tool is that it allows users to open and read the entire content of a PDF file quickly. This tool is so simple that it only contains basic PDF tools such as page rotation, zoom, and text location. Lastly, Slim PDF is recommended in case users only want to read the contents of a PDF file without copying or editing its content.

read pdf file slimpdf


  • Lightweight and free
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Only offers limited features

preview logo One of the best free PDF reader on this list is the macOS Preview app. This PDF tool is a built-in software for Mac users. Usually, Preview is used to open and check images and PDF files. One of its features is that it can highlight content on the PDF file if you want to emphasize a particular text. Aside from that, it offers essential editing functions in case you want to copy or fill out a form on the PDF file. Preview allows its users to insert and edit texts, and images which is rare for default or built-in PDF software. Lastly, it also offers security measures by putting a password in the PDF file in case it contains sensitive or private information.

open pdf file preview


  • Built-in, free PDF software
  • Also acts as an Image viewer and editor


  • Only available for Mac users
Apple Books

apple books logo Apple Books is another built-in PDF software available for Mac OS users. Like its name, this PDF reader is specialized to open and launch books or novels contained on a file. This tool’s main feature is that it provides a “Reading Now” tab that allows users to go back to the same page where they left of reading. Aside from being a PDF software, it features an “iBook Store” wherein users can shop or search for their favorite novels and books. Additionally, it provides some audiobooks which are on-trend right since it will give users the pleasure to listen to the story instead of reading it. Lastly, it features an auto-night mode that automatically turns to white-on-black text for reading in the dark.

open pdf file apple books


  • Contains a lot of PDF file that users can check
  • Provides beautiful interface as if users are reading a real book


  • Some books are not for free
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

icon-adobe-acrobat This tool is probably familiar with avid internet users. Adobe is considered as the pioneer for creating or inventing the PDF file. Regarding this, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is one of its multiple computer software products available today. This PDF reader provides all the necessary tools to access and launch any PDF file. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat Pro can edit and create any PDF document and convert them into Microsoft Office formats. Aside from that, this PDF reader is loaded with other essential tools to view, annotate, sign, and share PDF files without any hassle. Lastly, it features its Document Cloud so users can check or edit their PDF files on multiple devices.

open pdf adobe acrobat


  • One of the best PDF reader available
  • Provides a lot of necessary features for checking PDF files


  • Great tool, but it comes with a price
Soda PDF

soda pdf logo The next PDF reader on the list is the Soda PDF. According to its developer, this tool is a complete solution for all PDF needs. Like the other tools reviewed here, the interface of Soda PDF is also like the Microsoft Office Word. Regarding this, it would be familiar for the users to check and read the PDF files in a simplified format. Additionally, it can open and view any PDF file and allows users to read ebooks, epub, novels, and other PDF file content. One of its unique features is that it can view PDF files in 3D with their amazing page-flipping technology. Lastly, if you are a multitasker, users can see two files on the same screen using its side by side view.

open pdf sodapdf


  • An all-in-one PDF software
  • Provides a user-friendly interface


  • Free trial is only for 14 days
PDF Expert

pdfexpert logo The last on the list of desktop tools that can access PDF files is the PDF Expert. This PDF reader app is the “App of the Year” in the Mac App Store. One of the reasons they got this award is because of its advanced reading interface as if they are reading a sheet of paper. Regarding this, it provides a clear interface and modern annotation tools, making the readers and users more comfortable. Apart from that, it has advanced editing tools that can edit texts and pictures on the PDF file cleanly. Lastly, it has a split view mode to check two documents at the same time.

open pdf file pdfexpert


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful PDF viewer


  • Great tool but it is pricey.
Adobe Reader

adobe reader mobile logo With the innovation of its product, Adobe follows the trend nowadays by creating a mobile app for their products. Adobe Reader mobile app is one of the most reliable and standard document software in the market. One of its primary functions is to open and access any PDF documents quickly. Additionally, from its primary interface, users can either scroll, zoom or search any text from the content. Moreover, Adobe Reader has the option to check a single page or choose a continuous scroll mode for faster access. Regarding this, their mobile app is available to install for both Android and iOS smartphones. Apart from that, it is packed with essential editing features to copy or change some content on the PDF file.

open pdf adobe reader


  • One of the free to install products of Adobe
  • Provides advanced and professional viewing and editing features


  • Sometimes the app crashes
Foxit Mobile PDF

icon-foxit Next on the list of free PDF reader app is the Foxit PDF Reader. Like its desktop version, this app also features a user-friendly interface that allows users to view and read PDF files without any hassle. What separates Foxit Mobile PDF from other apps is that it comes with “ConnectedPDF” technology. This technology is a built-in tool that ensures security and collaboration services for PDF files. Additionally, it provides 100% compliance with the current updates of the PDF file. Moreover, Foxit Mobile PDF claims to be one of the fastest PDF readers as it can open a PDF file with a short time. Lastly, users also can bookmark individual pages for speedier navigation.

open pdf foxit mobile


  • Lightweight and fast PDF app
  • Easy-to-use PDF app


  • App is free but need to purchase license to enjoy complete features
Xodo PDF Reader

icon-xodo Xodo PDF Reader is another all-in-one PDF document software app. This app’s primary function is to view and access any PDF file available for smooth navigation. One of its amazing features is that it provides a PDF table of contents for users to jump into chapters in case they are reading a book. Additionally, it also offers a night mode for better viewing in dark places. Aside from that, Xodo PDF Reader also features some simple editing features such as adding annotations and highlighting texts from the content. Lastly, it supports the multi-window view for Samsung devices in case users want to access two PDF files at the same time.

open pdf file xodo


  • All-in-one PDF mobile app
  • Can convert MS Office files into PDF


  • Cannot open more than 3 PDF documents

bookari logo Bookari Free PDF Reader claims to be one of the best ebook reader platforms in the market. This app features a fast, powerful, and user-friendly with a synchronized library that allows users to read an ebook or PDF file with such comfort. With all of these features, it provides unparalleled flexibility, speed, and convenience for its users. Additionally, with its synchronized library function, users can switch and find the books or files they left off in their most recent state. Moreover, it also features a built-in store section in case users are interested in purchasing some popular ebooks available. Lastly, this app is compatible with smartphones as it features vertical and horizontal scroll for easy navigation.

open pdf bookari


  • Provides built-in store and synchronized library
  • Can open PDF and EPUB2 files


  • Contains ads
Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader

kdan pdf reader logo Last but not the least for PDF reader apps is the Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader. This PDF Reader is considered as one of the leading PDF software in the market. It provides advanced functions to view and access any PDF files. Additionally, it can import PDF files directly from any of your devices or cloud storage. Apart from that, it offers expert editing features such as scanning, signing, and annotating PDF files without altering much of the format. Lastly, it also features a basic audiobook function that can convert texts into speech with the help of their Text Reflow mode.

open pdf file kdan


  • An award winning PDF reader app acknowledged by Google Play Store
  • Can access PDF files quickly


  • Ads can pop up while accessing documents


PDF files dominate the document software system with its unique format and easy accessibility. Accessing PDF files has never been this easy before but give credit to all of these PDF reader tools. All of the PDF reader apps mentioned can access any PDF documents without any hassle. However, it is highly recommended to use the AceThinker PDF Writer for Windows and Mac users. This PDF reader offers the most user-friendly interface with advanced features to open and read any PDF files. Additionally, Adobe Reader is the best PDF reader for mobile that is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

acethinker pdf writer

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