How to Sign a PDF in Adobe Reader

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Digitally signing PDF is the easiest way for people who needs to sign an agreement with just the help of a web browser or mobile phone. It can be helpful if you are far from the sender because you can now send the contract in the form of a PDF file with your signature with it. Adobe Reader is one of the best tools to help you put a signature on a PDF file and send it back to the sender quickly. Here we will show you to use sign PDF with Adobe Reader and also introduce some great Adobe Reader alternatives that can help you sign PDF. Check the list here and easily add signature to your PDF document!

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PDF Writer – Adobe Reader Alternative to Sign PDF

acethinker pdf writerAceThinker PDF Writer is one of the best PDF editors that can almost do anything when it comes to PDF file. This tool can easily edit PDF with its text and images, which can be helpful when you need to insert an image on your file like in Word. Also, you can organize the PDF pages to properly split or merge whenever you want to add or remove pages of your PDF file. More importantly, this PDF tool can quickly sign a PDF without printing the data, all you have to do is draw the signature directly in AceThinker PDF Writer. In addition, you can set passwords on your PDF documents to protect it, especially when you are sending valuable documents with your signature via email. On the other hand, see the steps below on how to use this tool to put signature on PDF.

Step1 Install the PDF Writer

Visit the official website of AceThinker PDF Writer, and click the “Try It Free” button to get its installer. After downloading, launch it, and follow the installation wizard to install the tool. You can also use the “Download” buttons below to grab the installer instantly.

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Step2 Open the PDF file

After installing, launch it, and open a PDF on AceThinker PDF Writer by clicking the “Open Files…” button and selecting the PDF that you want to open. You can also drag the file and drop it directly on the tool to open it instantly.


Step3 Put a sign on PDF

Once you open the file on the tool, click on the “Sign” button, and it will show you its signing tool which is the “Sign & Certify” located at the right side of the tool. From there, select the “Sign Document,” and it will allow you to choose the space from where you can put your signature.


How to Sign PDF with Adobe PDF Reader

icon-adobe-acrobatAdobe PDF Reader Adobe is one of the most popular PDF tools that you can use for signing a PDF file. Along with it, you can edit the PDF files like putting annotations, manage PDF pages, and encrypt a password to protect your PDF file. Also, you can sign a PDF in this tool when you need to sign a contract or legal documents.

  • To start, open the PDF file that you need to sign and click the “Sign” icon from the toolbar. You can also go to the “Tools” section and select the “Fill&Sign.”
  • From there, it will ask you who needs to fill and sign first, simply choose “Me” for you to start signing PDF.
  • The file will be detected automatically, just locate the box from where you need to put your signature.
  • Then, click the “Sign” icon again, and select “Add Signature” to start writing your signature on the tool.
  • You can choose “Type” to type your name on the field and choose a different signature style, you can also select “Draw” to draw your signature, and you can also select “Image” and upload a photo with your signature in it to scan and put it on your PDF.
  • Lastly, click the “Apply” button to finish the process.


AceThinker PDF Writer VS Adobe PDF Reader

AceThinker PDF Writer and Adobe PDF Reader can do the same job when creating and editing PDFs. They can also both protect your PDF file by encrypting a password, and they can avoid your PDF to be copied easily by some people who pirate other people’s work. However, they also have opposite traits that make one of them better than the other one. On the other hand, we listed their dissimilarities below.

AceThinker PDF WriterAdobe PDF Reader
How much will it cost for their license?For AceThinker PDF Writer, you only need to pay for $119.90 a year for its license (Family) and allows you to use this tool on five computers at the same timeAdobe PDF Reader requires you to pay $175.32 for you to use its unique features fully
Is it readable to any device?PDF Writer adjust the screen size of the PDF whenever you read it on a computer or mobile phonesAdobe PDF reader can open a PDF file on both PC and phones and lets you read it without having a problem with its display size
How easy to sign a PDF with these two?PDF Writer allows you to put signature quickly because the “Sign” section grouped its navigation tool on one page and let you find it easilyYou can click the “Pen” icon button to put your signature on a PDF that can be seen on its toolbar
Is your PDF file secured?PDF Writer allows you to encrypt a password on your PDF files to protect it whenever you send it via emailAdobe PDF Reader is protected by Microsoft Information Protection Solutions when you open a PDF file within this tool
Xodo PDF Reader & Editor (Android)

icon-xodoIn case you are looking for a PDF editor that can sign a PDF on your Android device, Xodo PDF Reader & Writer can do the job for you. This tool from your phone allows you to open PDF, edit and put a signature same as the PDF app on your PC. To get this app, visit the Google Play on your Android device, and search the Xodo PDF Reader & Editor name and proceed on installing. Once done, launch it, and the tool will scan your storage for PDF file for you to easily open it within the app, just select the PDF that you need to sign. Next, click on the “Sign” icon that you can see at the upper part of the app, from there, select the area where you need to sign and start drawing your signature with a stylus or your finger.


PDFelement – Free PDF Editor (iOS)

icon-pdfelementPDFelement – Free PDF Editor is an excellent PDF editor that you can use on iOS devices. It allows you to read, edit, encrypt the password, and sign a PDF with your iOS phone alone. To begin, visit the App store on your iPhone or iPad and search its name. Then, click the “Get” button to download and install the PDF tool on your phone. Once done, launch it, and open the PDF file that needed to be signed. After that, click on the “Sign” button to start choosing the area where you need to put your signature. You can use a stylus, or your finger to draw the signature on the PDF.



All the tools said in this article can be used to sign a PDF. Whether it’s on PC or mobile phone, there is a way to put a signature on PDF whenever you need to sign a contract or legal forms. Also, securing your PDF file is, primarily if it consists of crucial documents, and all of the said tools above can do the job easily. Therefore, manipulating your PDF file is an easy task with all of these fantastic tools, and you can use all of them for free.

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