How to Extract Pages with Adobe Reader Alternatives

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Adobe Reader is the pioneer and the creator of the PDF file format. It possesses all of the essential features to manage any PDF files. One of them is to extract pages from PDF files. However, this fantastic function is not available on the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Also, most people would not purchase their license unless it is provided or required for their work. Regarding this, the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Professional costs a whopping $449.00. Otherwise, most people use Adobe Acrobat Reader as a page extractor that only costs you $12.99/month. But, this is still pricey, considering it only provides basic functions. Luckily you’re here to learn how to extract PDF pages with Adobe Reader alternatives for different platforms.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writer AceThinker PDF Writer can claim to be the best software to extract pages from any PDF files. Thanks to its comprehensive but intuitive interface, it offers all of the noteworthy functions to organize and extract PDF files. It lets users select only a specific range of pages and open a new tab from the extracted pages without leaving the main interface. Aside from that, it would also allow the users even to delete the removed files in case they won’t need them anymore. Yes, it also has a Pro version that requires payment, but the extraction of PDF pages is available on its free version. Dig into the easy to follow the guide below to learn more about this remarkable and all-in-one PDF solution. You can also visit its official website to know more about its features.

Step1 Download and Install the Software

Download the excellent software by clicking any of the buttons below according to your operating systems. Next, run the easy installation wizard to save it into your device ultimately. Once everything is finished, launch the app into your device to access the main interface.

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Step2 Open the PDF File

From the main interface, click the “Open Files” button to choose the particular PDF file you want to extract the pages. Next, hit “Open” to load the file completely into the software.

open pdf

Step3 Extract Pages from PDF File

Now, click the “Pages” section to access a new tab that will open at the right side of the interface. From that tab, click the “Extract” button to open a new window. Then, identify the page or range of pages you wish to extract. As default, the extracted pages would open automatically as separate files. But, tick the box beside “Delete Pages After Extracting” if you want to remove those pages completely from the document.

extract page

Adobe Acrobat DC

icon-adobe-acrobat Now, we will tackle the page extracting feature of Adobe Acrobat DC. As mentioned above, you have to purchase the Pro version to execute this simple task. However, it is still guaranteed that it can extract PDF pages without any hassle. To start doing it, launch Acrobat DC into your device to open the PDF file you wish to remove the pages. From here, click Tools > Organize Pages to access a new toolbar. Next, determine the specific page or number of pages you want to separate from the PDF document. If you want to create a single file PDF for each extracted page, tick the box beside “Extract Pages as Separate Files”.

extract page

Extra Tip: In case you want to prevent someone from extracting pages from your PDF files. You can block it if you are subscribed to its pro version. To access this feature, go to File > Properties to click the “Security” section.

Comparison Chart

To put it on the note, both of them genuinely possesses all of the essential features to extract pages from any PDF files. Now, to learn more about the two excellent PDF software mentioned above, we created a comprehensive comparison chart. With the help of this, you would get to decide in which PDF software is better or more cost-efficient. Every part is appropriately discussed, starting from the price up to the availability of their functions.

Acethinker PDF WriterAdobe Reader PDF Extractor
Which is more cost-efficient?Price: $29.95 per year. For a way cheaper price, users would get the complete benefit of essential PDF managing tools.Price: $12.99 per month and users will get the standard version of Adobe Acrobat.
Extracting OptionsProvides complete extraction features like getting a particular page or specific range of pages from the PDF file. It can also create a new file out of those extracted PDF pages. Also provides essential extracting features. However, it is only available if you are subscribed to its Pro version.
InterfaceShowcases an intuitive and MS Word-like interface that users will feel familiarity in doing such process.Interface sometimes changing depending on the recent updates.
Other featuresFree version also offers other essential PDF features like editing text and images, optimizing file, combining pages, and more.Other notable features are locked on its free version.
PDF Page Extractor and Removal

pdf page extractor logo Another alternative to Adobe Reader for extracting pages is the PDF Page Extractor and Removal, which is an Android mobile app. To try this application, go to the main menu of your Android phone, then find and launch the Google Play Store. Next, go to the search option to type the exact name of the app. Select the app then tap “Install” to save it into your phone, also, launch the app once it is done. From the main interface, hit “Add file” then locate the PDF file you wish to extract. Next, tap the “Split” button located at the lower part of the app. After that, identify the page number or range of pages you wish to remove. Tap the “Split file” button to begin the process. Finally, hit “View Folder” to check the pages you just extracted.

extract pdf


pdfelement logo The last solution on the list of Adobe Reader alternatives to extract pages is the PDFelement iOS mobile app. To remove pages using this software, go to the main app’s list of your iPhone to find and launch the App Store. Next, go to the search section to type the exact name of the app and select it. Then, tap the “Get” button to install the app entirely into your iOS device. Now, upload the PDF file you want to extract pages into the app. Next, tap the “Pages” icon then hit “Edit” to get a preview of all the pages contained on the PDF document. Then, tap the particular pages you want to extract. Finally, hit the “Split” button then “Save page as” to keep a copy of those extracted pages.

extract pdf


Extracting PDF files is necessary nowadays to organize or make sure you got all of the required content for your presentation, report, or more. Regarding this, Adobe Reader has proven itself as a proficient and efficient PDF extractor software. However, it still has limitations, and it is too expensive for a simple PDF tool. So, it is highly recommended to use AceThinker PDF Writer instead as it provides the same efficiency at a way lower price.

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How to Extract Pages with Adobe Reader Alternatives

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