How to Use Adobe Reader and Its Alternative to Edit PDF

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We are all aware that PDF files are used explicitly for sharing and printing purposes because of their unchangeable format. But, as time goes by there are PDF editors appear in the market nowadays. This is necessary because there are situations wherein users want to grab or edit some content on a PDF file. Regarding this, Adobe Reader is considered as one of the world’s standards regarding a PDF reader and processor. Aside from that, Adobe Reader added basic editing features for PDF files. In this article, you learn how to edit PDF in Adobe Reader and the alternative PDF editing tools available for desktop and mobile devices.

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AceThinker PDF Writer – Best Alternative for PDF Editing

acethinker pdf writer AceThinker PDF Writer tops this list. Aside from being a fantastic PDF file reader, this tool can edit PDF texts and images completely like using Microsoft Word. One of the main functions of the tool is that it allows users to add, edit, and remove any content of a PDF file. Additionally, with only one click, the PDF file will be converted into an editable format. Regarding this, users take full control of revising the content of the document without experiencing any hassle. Lastly, the tool can secure your relevant documents by adding a password that can protect your files. Below are the steps on how to edit pdf using the AceThinker PDF Writer.

Step1 Download and Install the App

To start, click the button below to download PDF Writer into your computer. Wait for few minutes and let it finish. Once done, run the installation process to save the tool into your computer completely. After that, the tool will launch on your screen automatically.

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Step2 Open the PDF File

From the main interface of the app, click the “Open Files” button to browse and choose the PDF file you want to edit. If the PDF file contains multiple pages, click the “Pages” button at the top portion of the app. This will show a preview of all of the pages of the document.

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Step3 Edit the PDF File

Once you determined the contents you want to change, click the “Edit” button located at the top to convert the file into a changeable format. From here, users can either “Edit Text & Images”, “Add Text” or “Add Image”. Finish any changes you wish to do then after that, click the “File” button to select “Save” or “Save as” to keep your edited PDF file.

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How to Edit PDF File in Adobe Reader

As mentioned earlier, Adobe Reader can also edit PDF files but with limited options. Here are simple instructions on how to do it. First, click this official Adobe Reader link to download the tool into your computer. Once done, run the installation process, then the tool will open automatically once it is installed. Next, click the “My Computer” button then select “Browse” to search and open the PDF file. Then, find the page or content you wish to edit. From here, users can either highlight, underline, put a strikethrough, or copy the content they selected. Once done editing, click the “Save” icon at the top of the tool to keep the changes made.

adobe reader editor

Comparison Chart: Acethinker PDF Writer VS Adobe Reader

Below, you will see a specific chart with the features for both AceThinker PDF Writer and Adobe Reader offer. From here, the comparison between the price, editing options, and file protection is appropriately discussed. Additionally, every comparison here is adequately detailed and explained. This would help users to decide which PDF Editor is better. Scroll down to properly check the chart.

Acethinker PDF WriterAdobe Reader
Which is more cost-efficient?Price: $29.95 per year. Just for a cheap price, users will get the full service of this all-in-one PDF reader, editor, and converter. This price is 5x way cheaper compare to the Adobe Reader.Price: $175.08 per year and users will get the full package of adobe products.
Editing OptionsAllows users to edit, write, add, and revise the entire content and images of the document without leaving the file.Editing features are only limited on highlighting texts and adding sticky notes. Needs to purchase complete package to unlock editing feature.
File ProtectionOffers password encryption to protect the PDF file with an open password. Once activated, any viewers will require to enter the password first if in case they want to edit the file.Password security option will only unlock when the entire product is purchased.
Xodo PDF Reader & Editor for Android

xodo pdf editor logo If you are looking for a PDF Editor for an Android mobile app, Xodo PDF Reader & Editor would be perfect for you. This app is an all-in-one PDF reader, annotator, and editor that allows users to revise the content of the document quickly. One of the main functions of this app is that any PDF edits done are auto-sync with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Additionally, Xodo PDF Reader & Editor can also annotate the content of the document in real time. Moreover, this Android app supports and is compatible with Adobe Reader PDF files. Another unique feature of Xodo PDF Editor is that it allows the phone’s camera to scan any document and convert it into a PDF file. Aside from that, users can draw and type direct on the PDF file. Lastly, the app is also capable of creating a whole new PDF file.

WPS Office for iOS

wps office logo Based on multiple reviews, WPS Office is one of the easiest Word Processor for iPhones. According to its description, this app is rated as the “best office app for mobile” that supports all office processor functions such as Word, PDF, Presentation, and more. Aside from that, it also allows its users to convert other doc files into PDF without any hassle. One of the best functions of WPS Office is that it offers a comprehensive editing feature that allows users to add, remove, and change some content on the file. Additionally, users can also put annotations to make their documents more understandable and presentable. Also, it offers a unique night mode, which is an excellent viewing option depending on the situation. Moreover, users can share their edited PDF files into multiple platforms including Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. However, WPS Office users need to purchase the license to unlock the editing feature but still offer a free trial for you to try it.


Adobe Reader is still the pioneer for any existing PDF file processors. But no one can deny the fact that to maximize its full features; you need to pay a high price. However, Adobe Reader still offers a free trial but still lacks some essential editing features. Another is, it takes a large part of your file storage, so it is not suggested for low-memory computers. Therefore, the AceThinker PDF Writer got your back here. As reviewed above, this tool is the best alternative PDF Editor for Adobe Reader. Remarkably, this is the all-in-one Adobe Reader edit pdf tool that anyone can rely on at a lower price.

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