Adobe PDF Writer and Its Alternatives

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Adobe PDF Writer is a popular PDF editor which is widely used across the globe. The reason is because Adobe is a well trusted technology company that provides quality i.t solutions. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to write on a PDF document because it is format locked. However, Adobe PDF Writer enables users to write directly on a PDF document. This is the main feature of Adobe PDF Writer, and it does well in that field. On the other hand, there are other tools that be used as Adobe PDF Writer alternatives in terms of functionality and price because they are much cheaper but provide the same functions. Read on to learn more about Adobe PDF Writer and a great alternative tool.

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How to Write on PDF with Acethinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerTalking about a great Adobe PDF Writer alternative, then that is going to be AceThinker PDF Writer. This is a superb PDF editor that can do much more than simply writing on a PDF document. One good thing about this tool, is that it does not even cost that much compared to Adobe PDF Writer free version. Also, the tool is equipped with advanced PDF editing features like image and text editor. AceThinker PDF Writer is indeed a wonderful alternative to Adobe PDF Writer to have because it has a very natural interface making the tool itself very user-friendly. To learn how to use AceThinker PDF Writer to write on a PDF document, follow these steps.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

To install the tool, click one of the download buttons below to get the installer. After that, run the installer from the PC and then follow the instructions that will appear together with the setup wizard.

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Step2 Upload the PDF document

After installation, the tool will be ready to use. Launch it immediately and then select which PDF document to upload to the tool. First, click the “File” tab and then select “Open.” From the file explorer window that will appear, locate the PDF document that needs to be written on then click “Open.”

launch the app

Step3 Edit the PDF File

Once the PDF document is uploaded to the tool, choose from the different option available from the toolbar. Click the “Edit” tab and then select which type of editing to perform from the options that will appear. After editing the PDF document and all changes were made, permanently apply them to the PDF by clicking the “File” tab again. This time, click the “Save” button and then select where to store the newly edited PDF document.

edit the pdf

How to Use Adobe PDF Writer

Adobe PDF Writer is a main player in the PDF industry and is considered a heavyweight among PDF writers. The tool offers many option that makes it very reliable, but comes with a price. The tool can add text, images and even delete parts of a PDF document which makes it very versatile. On the other hand, while being an almost perfect tool, the price-range is too steep for regular people to afford that is why it is not recommended for those who are on a budget. To use Adobe PDF Writer, here are the steps:

delete the pages

Quick Guide

  • First, launch the tool by downloading the installer from its main website and then running it on the PC.
  • Open the PDF using Adobe PDF Writer.
  • Write on the PDF document by clicking “Tools” and then select from the available editing options.
AceThinker PDF Writer and Adobe PDF Writer Comparison

Both tools indeed can edit PDF documents, being PDF writers. However, there are still differences between AceThinker PDF Writer and Adobe PDF Writer which can greatly affect consumers. These differences, like the price for example, if not taken into consideration seriously can cause dissatisfaction later on. That is why it is essential to know what other differences each tool have with each other for people to compare and decide more wisely. Laid out below is a comparison between some of the things to consider before trying out a tool.

AceThinker PDF WriterAdobe PDF Writer
Is it cost-efficient?AceThinker PDF Writer is way cheaper because people can get a yearly subscription for only $29.95, which is almost four times less than Adobe PDF WriterPriced at $175.32 for an entire year subscription without any option to switch on a monthly subscription plan.
FunctionalityCan write, edit, add images directly on a PDF document, without having to convert into other formats. Can also do other functions like password encryption and PDF conversionThe free version only allows PDF viewing, and the highlight feature is the only usable editing option.
Does it support other operating system besides Windows?Yes! It supports both Windows and Mac which gives each user the same advanced PDF editing featuresYes, the tool also works on Mac devices with the same features and price-range
Improvements and updatesAceThinker PDF Writer gets regular updates to keep up with the latest developments in PDF documentsAdobe PDF Writer also gets updates, but waits for a certain period of time before doing so. The update time is rather slow which makes it outdated by the time a new essential update comes out.
Xodo PDF Reader and Editor for Android

xodo pdf editor logoXodo PDF Reader and Editor is a mobile PDF writer app for Android devices. This is a lightweight, and compact PDF writer that is free to download and use. The benefits of using mobile applications such as Xodo PDF Reader and Editor, is that people can take their PDF documents and edit them anytime and anywhere. Such convenience can only be provided by this application, and best of all, it is free. To install this tool, go to the Google Play Store, and then tap the search bar. From there, search for the term “Xodo PDF Reader and Editor.” Once on the product page, tap the “Install” button to start the download and installation process. After that, enjoy using the application and its benefits anytime and anywhere.

xodo pdf reader

GoodNotes for iOS

goodnotesMobile PDF writers are not only available on Android devices, as there are also dedicated tools for iOS device. One of these tools is GoodNotes, which is exclusively developed for iOS devices. This tool allows iOS users to take notes, and open PDF documents and write on them using their iPhones and iPads. Among many tools, this one is perfect because it is free, and very easy to use compared to other iOS PDF writers. However, the tool only has basic writing features and lacks other essential features like being able to edit images and other stuff normally found on regular PDF writer. All in all, the tool can prove to be reliable for basic PDF mobile editing needs and is a recommended one at that. Just download and install it from the Apple App Store. Then, open the PDF using the tool and start editing them.



Adobe PDF Writer free version is a good tool on its own. However, one can’t deny the fact that it lacks essential PDF editing features. If one is to avail the licensed version of the tool, then they must be prepared to spend at least $150 which is a huge amount for a PDF Writer. That is featured above, was a great Adobe PDF Writer alternative, in the form of AceThinker PDF Writer. This is a decent and cost-efficient tool for all PDF writing needs.

acethinker pdf writer

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