Best 5 Applications Similar to Adobe PDF Viewer for Reading PDF

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Best 5 Applications Similar to Adobe PDF Viewer for Reading PDF

Adobe Acrobat DC is the most recognizable PDF viewer around. Almost anyone with a PC or smartphone at least has one Adobe tool installed because of its popularity. Although proven to be a great PDF viewer, Adobe Acrobat also comes with shortcomings. Downloading the tool is virtually free, as it does not require any payment, not until after installation. Adobe Acrobat is not just a PDF viewer but is also a great PDF editor, which comes with a high price to use. Luckily, some worthy Adobe PDF viewer alternatives have almost the same features at a much lower cost. Here are some of the best applications like Adobe PDF Viewer.

AceThinker PDF Writer

When speaking of performance, nothing comes close to Adobe Acrobat as AceThinker PDF Writer. This tool is considered as the best Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer alternative because it costs less, and has the same features to boot. Aside from being a suitable PDF viewer, AceThinker PDF Writer is also a great PDF editor, which makes it a very cost-efficient tool. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, which only allows the user to use its PDF viewer under the free version, AceThinker PDF Writer provides all its function under the free version within a specific time. It only goes to show that the tool is far more excellent than Adobe PDF viewer making it a great alternative tool.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Writer

Install AceThinker PDF Writer by downloading the installer from the official website or clicking one of the buttons below. Then, run the installer and follow the instructions that will be provided by the wizard to install the application properly.

Try It for Free

Step2 Open the PDF with AceThinker PDF Viewer

Once the tool is installed, open the PDF using it. Launch the tool and from the main interface click the “File” tab and then select “Open.” Look for the PDF document and click the “Open” button to load onto the tool.

open the pdf

Step3 Read PDF files

When the file is completely uploaded, you can now enjoy reading your PDF file allowing you to access comprehensive reading options. Under the “View” section, you may adjust the page display according to your reading style. You also get to zoom a particular part, annotate on the PDF and so much more.

viewing options in pdf writer


  • Cost-efficient PDF viewer and editor
  • Allows full access during the free trial version


  • During the free trial version, the tool leaves watermarks to the PDF

Foxit Reader

adobe acrobat alternative

Foxit Reader is another Adobe PDF viewer alternative. This is an essential PDF viewer, which is also free to download and use just like Adobe PDF viewer. Also, the tool offers PDF editing but using a different program with the same name. Foxit PhantomPDf is the name of the PDF editor application of Foxit Reader and is usable by purchasing it directly from the official website of the tool. Foxit Reader is a dedicated PDF viewer which only functions as it’s supposed to. There are no other features available on the viewer, but overall, it is a decent PDF viewer tool.


  • Decent PDF viewer and easy to use


  • Does not have any other feature aside from PDF viewing
  • Frequently offers to purchase the Foxit PDF editor
  • Reader only support basic text and image PDF contents

Javelin PDF Reader

adobe pdf viewer alternative

Javelin PDF Reader is a fully operational Adobe PDF viewer alternative from Drumlin Security Limited. The tool offers essential PDF viewing alone and does not have any additional features. As a PDF reader, Javelin PDF Reader is a proper PDF viewing tool and does not fall behind its competitors that much. That is part of the reason why it can be considered as a great Adobe PDF viewer alternative, despite its low popularity. The tool has a feature that can encrypt PDF documents but needs additional download time and purchase, making it not so cost-efficient. Javelin PDF Reader is free to download and use, so it is worthy of trying anytime.


  • Free to download and use


  • Can only read text and images files. PDF with flash animations are not supported
  • Does not have any basic PDF editing capabilities

Soda PDF

adobe alternative

Soda PDF is a simple PDF viewer that is on par with Adobe PDF viewer. The tool is similar to a word editor in terms of its interface so that it can get confusing at first use. It has a lot of unfamiliar buttons shown on the toolbar, which takes some time to be familiar with. One good thing about the tool is it is equipped with an “OCR” feature, which is an advanced PDF option. Altogether, this is a tool that is deserving to be considered as an excellent Adobe PDF viewer alternative.


  • Has an OCR feature


  • Frequently asks for subscription to its yearly plan
  • Too many confusing buttons present

Nitro PDF

download nitro pdf

Last tool that is a worthy tool similar to Adobe Acrobat is Nitro PDF. This is a premium application that offers access to its features as part of the free trial version. However, if there is not a need for these other options, the tool can still work as a simple PDF reader without having to purchase any license. That is what makes this an excellent alternative to Adobe PDF viewer, and is undoubtedly why it is one of the most preferred choices among other PDF tools. If the free trial version was availed, then it ended, the tool will frequently ask for activation, which is a hassle and is quite distracting. That is why it is advisable to use the free trial for emergency purposes.


  • Has a free-trial version for full user-experience


  • Pop-up messages can become annoying under free-version


Adobe Acrobat is the premier PDF viewer of Adobe Enterprises. It is part of the long list of essential technological applications developed by the company. However, it is common knowledge that these premium tools come with a price. Although Adobe allows users to use their applications freely, there are still restrictions. Just like for example, Adobe Acrobat does enable essential PDF viewing but does not support editing, which can be troublesome when needed the most. Fortunately, there are other Adobe PDF viewer alternatives, and most of them are mentioned above. You can check and select the one best suits your PDF reading and editing needs.

acethinker pdf writer

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