How to Use Adobe PDF Optimizer and Its Alternatives

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Adobe Acrobat is capable of many things regarding PDF documents, and that is a fact. However, it is also known that in order to fully utilize the features of Adobe Acrobat, one must pay for its license. One thing the tool is capable of, is optimizing PDF documents and then reducing their file size. This feature is not readily available under the free version of Adobe Acrobat, therefore it can’t be used under normal circumstances. Luckily, there are some tools that offers this solution even without having to pay for anything. Read on to learn about some of these great Adobe PDF optimizer alternatives and start to optimize your PDF documents right now!

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerAceThinker PDF Writer is a top contender amongst Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer alternatives. This is because it is one of the few application that allows users to optimize and reduce PDF file size even under the free version. Additionally, AceThinker PDF Writer also has other essential PDF editing features which other tools in this list doesn’t have. Some of its features includes PDF converter, creator, editor, and even PDF protector. All these features are essential because they are the foundation of any PDF document. This is the reason why it is at the top spot of the most exceptional Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer alternatives. To learn how to use this tool to optimize PDF documents to reduce their file size, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Writer

To download the application, click one of the buttons below to get the installer. Shortly after that, launch the installer and then follow the instructions that will appear from the setup wizard.

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Step2 Optimize the PDF file

After installation, launch the tool, and the use it to open a PDF document. From the editing panel, click the “File” tab and then select “Optimize current document.” From the new window that will appear, click the “Audit space usage” option and then wait for the diagnostic process to finish. Next, toggle the available options according to your preference. Each option affects the quality of the compressed PDF later on, so make sure to only change what is necessary. Once every settings has been configured, click the “OK” button to apply the changes.

optimize the pdf

Step3 Compress the file size and save the changes

Once all the preliminary settings are done, then it is now time to compress the PDF file, by clicking the “Reduce File Size” button from the “File” tab. The compression will automatically start any warning so better make sure that all configurations are done before doing so. Select which folder to save the compressed PDF from the file explorer window that will appear. Once the compression process is done, check the changes that has been made to the file by viewing it from the folder that was assigned.

save the file

Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer

As mentioned above, Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer is can be accessed from the licensed version. For those who are interested to know how to use the PDF optimizer of Adobe Acrobat, follow the steps below.

optimize the pdf

User Guide

  • Download the installer of Adobe Acrobat Pro from its official website, and then launch it on the PC. Follow the instructions from the setup wizard, to properly install the software.
  • Once Adobe Acrobat is installed, open a PDF document using it. From the editing panel, click the “Tools” button and then look for the “Optimize PDF” option.
  • From the new window that will appear, click the “Audit space usage” to start analyzing the condition of the PDF document. Once the audit is done, start the optimization by customizing the options from the same window. Using the options from the Optimize window, users will be able to adjust the clarity and font of images and texts.
  • After optimizing the PDF, click the “OK” button to save the changes. Depending on the settings applied, the PDF document will be compressed to bring out the most optimum quality it can take.
  • From the editing panel, click the file tab and then select the “Save” or “Save as” options. Choose the folder where to save the PDF document from the file explorer option that will appear.

app logo pdfresizerPDFResizer is an online PDF tool which, as the name suggest, can resize and optimize PDF documents. Aside from resizing, this online tool can also merge, split, convert and even crop PDF documents. By optimizing a document with PDFResizer, users will get PDF documents that are small in size with minimum changes to the quality. A fast way to optimize PDF documents with, is by using the “Optimize PDF” button. To use it, visit the official website to PDFResizer. From the homepage, click the “Choose Files” button and then look for the PDF document to optimize. Once done, click the “Upload Files” button to directly upload the PDF to the website. Once the upload process is done, click the “Optimize PDF” button and the website will then process the PDF file automatically. It will choose the best settings for the PDF while reducing the file size. This way, the PDF will have the best possible quality after compression. Once the process is done, the result of the compression will appear with information on how much size was reduced from the PDF document. Click the download button to save the newly optimized PDF document on the PC.


Mac Preview

preview logoPreview for Mac is built-in PDF viewer with basic editing features. Additionally, it is also equipped with a PDF compressor that is able to reduce the file size of the PDF document. The only drawback of this process, is that the quality of the PDF document itself goes down as well. However, this process is effective for devices with limited storage capacity like Mac devices. In order to compress a PDF file using Preview, open the PDF document using it. Once the PDF document is opened on Preview, compress it by clicking the “File” tab and then select “Export.” Click the “Quartz Filter” drop down menu and then choose “Reduce File Size” from the available options and click “OK.” The compressed file will be then saved to the same folder where the original file was before.

reduce file size

Compress PDF File Size

Compress PDF File SizeCompress PDF Files Size is an Android application for resizing PDF documents. The app works like any other regular PDF viewer but with additional compression features. This is a straightforward application that can resize PDF documents within seconds. To use this application, launch the Google Play Store app from the Android device. Search for “Compress PDF File Size” from the search bar and then tap the “Install” button. After installation, launch the app and it will show all the PDF documents saved on the Android device. Tap and hold the PDF document, and then choose “Reduce Size” from the options that will appear. The will instantly compress the PDF document and will be transferred to the “Compressed PDF” section after.

android app


ilovepdf logoiLovePDF is an iOS application from Apple which specializes in PDF editing. This is a free to install application with in-app purchases for extra benefits. One of the features this tool has, is the “Compress PDF” which can reduce the file size of PDF documents. However, there is a downside in using this tool, as the PDF document being opened will be uploaded to the online server of iLovePDF. This is not very suitable for PDF containing sensitive information, which is why it is a use at your own risk type of app. To use iLovePDF, launch the Apple App Store, and search for the term “iLovePDF” from the search field. Tap the “Get” button to install the app on the iOS device and start using it. Launch the app from the home-screen and then from the launch screen, select the “Compress PDF” option. The tool will provide on-screen instructions on how to use the PDF compressor, and users can set the compression level themselves from the “Compress Options” section.

compress pdf


There is no doubt the Adobe Acrobat PDF optimizer is an exceptional tool. However, the fact that it does not allow users to use it under the free version of the tool is a big issue. Fortunately, there are other tools considerate enough to include this option to their free version. Such example is visible on AceThinker PDF Writer because not only can it compress PDF even under the free version, it can still do much more.

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