Top 5 Adobe PDF Creator Alternatives to Create, Edit and Manage PDF

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In the form of PDF file, you can make write-ups with images for a visual explanation, and sending documents as PDF file is one of the most secure ways because you can use encryption and secure your data while exposing it on the net. Adobe PDF Creator is one of the most popular PDF applications that you can use to create, convert, and edit PDF file in any way you like. The PDF files are saved on a small scale, which means you can easily send it via email that has a size limitation. There are also some great Adobe PDF Creator alternatives you can use to do the same work. Check the list below to get a general idea about these nice PDF creators and editors.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerThe first Adobe PDF Creator alternative to create, edit, view and manage PDF files is AceThinker PDF Writer. It is an excellent PDF tool that you can use to make PDF files, polish its content, and take full control of the PDF pages by organizing it. Also, this tool allows you to annotate PDF pages easily, which you can use to point out the essential parts of your file. Moreover, AceThinker PDF Writer surely lets you secure your PDF file by setting a password to your file, and it is useful whenever you are sharing your data by sending it through email. With this PDF creator tool, you can edit PDF texts and images like in Word if you are used to it. To know more about this fantastic PDF Writer, you can check the steps below.

Step1 Download the tool

First, visit the official website of AceThinker PDF Writer, and click the “Try It Free” button to download its installer. You can also use the “Download” buttons below to get the installer instantly. After that, launch it, and follow the installations steps given by this tool.

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Step2 Create a PDF file

After installing, launch the tool, and click the “Create” button to start making a new PDF file. It will ask you to create a PDF on a blank document or from a file, just choose a file if you the contents on a different file format.


Step3 Edit your PDF file and save it

Once you open the file, it will redirect you to the “Edit” section. From there, you can edit text and images on your PDF file. When you are done, you can click the “Save” icon button to save your file.


How to Create PDF with Adobe PDF Creator

Adobe PDF Creator, also known as Adobe Acrobat DC today, is a powerful PDF tool use for creating a new PDF file or editing an existing one. This tool has a reputation for being the most famous PDF tool today because it can write, fill and sign PDF forms, edit texts and images, managing the PDF pages, and more. Also, you can access a PDF file through the web, and it can help open your file online, which means you can create or edit PDF files without installing any app.

  • To use the tool, visit its official website to download its app and install it on your PC.
  • Then, click on the “Create” button to make a new PDF file. From there, you can type the contents of the file.
  • In case you want to edit an existing PDF, just click the “Select a File” button and locate the PDF that you wish to edit.
  • You can also enhance your PDF file by selecting the “Edit” option to see its built-in editing tools.


AceThinker PDF Writer VS Adobe PDF Creator

These two PDF editors can do the same when it comes to a PDF file. They allow you to create a new file or edit an existing one. Also, they can both secure your PDF file by encrypting a password in it. However, they also have dissimilarities even though they serve the same purpose in creating and polishing a PDF file. Thereby, we listed down the comparison of each other to inform you well about these two PDF creators.

AceThinker PDF WriterAdobe PDF Creator
How much will it cost?AceThinker PDF Writer license cost $29.95 for a year that lets you use the tool fullyAdobe PDF’s license can be bought at $175.32 a year to use this tool’s feature completely
NavigationPDF Writer is a powerful PDF tool that lets you create a new PDF file with its easy to navigate interfaceWith its simple navigation, this tool allows you to make PDF quickly
CompatibilityIt makes PDF files interactive for both computer and mobile devicesThis tool adjusts the PDF size whenever you view in a different device
How is the security of your PDF file?You can add watermarks, set a password, put a signature to protect your PDF file from piracyMicrosoft Information Protection solutions protect PDF file when opening one
Foxit PDF Reader Mobile (Android)

icon-foxitFoxit PDF Reader Mobile is a version of Foxit PDF Editor that is accessible to any Android devices. This tool allows you to open the PDF file you received from your mobile phone. Also, it lets you scan documents to generate high-quality PDF files for a better reading experience. Additionally, Foxit mobile is rich with annotating tools that you can use for enhancing a PDF. Besides, managing and organizing the PDF pages on your Android phone is just an easy task because of the Foxit mobile. In order to use this tool on your phone, visit the Google Play on Your Android device, and search the name of the Foxit PDF Reader Mobile on the search bar, and proceed on downloading and installing it. After installing, launch it, click on the “Plus” icon button to create a new PDF file. Since this tool scan for PDF files and load it in its interface, you can easily open an existing one by choosing the file that you wish to read or edit.


Documents by Readdle (iOS)

icon-documents-by-readdleDocuments by Readdle is a useful PDF tool for iOS devices. It allows you to read PDF files in its highest quality, and follow the resolution depending on the size of the device that you are using. Also, this tool lets you transfer PDF from iPhone to iPad or Mac with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, if you are having trouble reading with difficult words, Documents by Readdle helps you to search the words that you don’t understanding, which can be helpful to learn new words. For starters, visit the App Store of your iOS device, and search the name of Documents by Readdle and download it on your phone. Once done, launch it, and you can start making a new PDF file by writing the contents using your phone. You can also open an existing one to polish it, like putting annotations, organizing the pages, putting a password, and more. Lastly, you can also print PDF files as long as you have a Wi-Fi, you can simply send the PDF from your iOS device to a printer.



Adobe PDF Creator surely is a famous PDF editor tool that you can use to write, edit, and encrypt PDF files to share it with your friends online. But you can also refer to other PDF tools like AceThinker PDF Writer because they serve the same functionality when it comes to PDF. Also, some software can be used to make a new PDF or edit an existing one using your Android or iOS devices, which can be helpful to manage a PDF file wherever you are. Since PDF file format is often used with various people, you can also use a variety of PDF tools depending on your liking.

acethinker pdf writer

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Top 5 Adobe PDF Creator Alternatives to Create, Edit and Manage PDF

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