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6 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

Last updated on June 4, 2019 by Bryan

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6 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

Adobe Acrobat is one of the leading PDF readers and editors around the world. This is a household name among many PDF editors in existence. The reason why many people trust this tool is because of it has a wide variety of essential PDF features. However, the tool is also not accessible to many basic users because it is too expensive. Luckily, there are some Adobe Acrobat alternatives that have the same features but are way cheaper and cost-efficient than Adobe Acrobat. Some of these great alternatives to Adobe Acrobat are featured below with brief information regarding them. Read on to learn about the six best tools like Adobe Acrobat that worth trying.

Acethinker PDF Writer

download page Acethinker PDF Writer is an all-purpose PDF editor that specializes in editing PDF. The factor that makes Acethinker PDF Writer a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat is that it cost way less with almost the same functions. While Adobe Acrobat offers many features under its free trial, it still requires payment for other premium options. On the other hand, under the free trial version of Acethinker PDF Writer, all premium features are available to use. This is only one of the many good things about this tool that deserves to be commended. Truly, Acethinker PDF Writer is a worthy Adobe Acrobat Pro alternative.

Price: $29.95


  • Offers various PDF solutions with a single purchase
  • Offers premium features under the free version
  • Cost less than Adobe Acrobat


  • Under the free trial, PDF files are marked with a watermark

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PDF Expert

download pdf expert PDF Expert is a PDF viewer and editor for Mac and iOS devices. Although people can use “Preview” to view and edit PDF documents on Mac, it can only do basic PDF editing. This is one thing the PDF Expert supplements because it provides advanced PDF editing options that are not present on “Preview.” At a reasonable price, the tool can edit PDF pages, images, and even reduce files sizes of PDF documents. This is a feat that “Preview” possesses at the current update. PDF Expert is also cost-efficient because it can be purchased with a one-time payment. In a time where Mac compatible PDF editors are scarce, it is wonderful to know that PDF Expert exists and is available anytime.

Price: $59.99


  • Fast and responsive PDF viewing and editing experience


  • Lacks basic PDF to Word conversion feature
  • Can only do basic image editing

PDFPen Pro

pdfpenpro download page Another Adobe Acrobat Pro alternative is PDFPen Pro for Mac. This is also one of the more trusted PDF editors for Mac device next to Preview. Also, the tool offers premium editing experience with its highly-intuitive interface and easy to remember buttons. One feature that is present on PDFPen Pro is its “Redact” function. This option allows the user to censor sensitive information from a PDF file. This is a feature that is not always present on other PDF editors, which makes PDFPen Pro an excellent tool. On the other hand, despite its premium features, it also costs way more than the Adobe Acrobat. Performance wise, the tool justifies the price with its strong capabilities and features.

Price: $124.95


  • Powerful editing capabilities
  • Supports mobile devices like iPhone and iPad


  • Text fonts sometimes change after editing

Foxit PhantomPDF

download the tool Foxit PhantomPDF is a great Acrobat alternative because it works on both Windows and Mac devices. The tool has two versions, the “Standard” and the “Business” version. The standard version is suitable for home and office use, while the business version is suite for large companies and things alike with many users. The price of the tool varies from the version that will be purchased; that is why it is recommended to check the version that suits the user better. The standard version includes all the necessary options that a regular PDF editor must have. On the other hand, the business version has a lot of add-ons that are beneficial to a business or company. Being a cross-platform tool, it is a worth Adobe Acrobat alternative in every essence.

Prices $109 – Standard Version / $139 – Business Version


  • Works on both Windows and Mac device
  • Offers PDF solutions for different situations


  • Can be confusing to use, due to many options available on the tool


pdfpen home page This tool is the standard version of the PDFPen Pro on Mac. PDFPen costs less than its PRO version but lacks some features that the PRO version has. Nevertheless, the tool is still a worthy Adobe Acrobat alternative because it has almost the same functions as with its PRO version counter-part. Being a Mac tool, it can do a lot of things that Preview can’t, like being able to edit the text content of the PDF directly. Also, the price of PDFPen is almost the price of its PRO version. Overall, PDFPen will be enough even for heavy-duty PDF editing.

Price: $74.95

  • Costs less than the PRO version
  • Almost the same features with the PRO version


  • The free trial version leaves watermarks to PDF files

Nitro Pro 11

download nitro pro Last but not the least, is Nitro Pro 11. The tool is the PDF editor of the Nitro Suite that caters to different situations. Nitro Pro 11 is the first version where the cloud storage option was introduced. This eased the process of uploading PDF documents because they can now be saved directly after editing. Hence, this tool is an excellent Acrobat Pro alternative because it can compete in terms of performance and functionality. An exceptional tool indeed, Nitro Pro 11 is one of the best PDF editors there.

Price: $159.99


  • Built-in cloud storage function for faster saving process


  • Text editing is complicated
  • OCR tool sometimes fails to function


Many PDF tools can pass as Adobe Acrobat alternative, but only a few can perform the same as with Adobe Acrobat. That is why the list above was created, to provide an in-depth comparison between some of the best Adobe Acrobat alternative. The information provided on each tool mentioned above will surely provide great insights to people that are looking for great options to Adobe Acrobat. Tools like Acethinker PDF Writer are worth trying because not only it costs less than Adobe Acrobat, it even has the same features.

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June 4, 2019

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Last updated on June 4, 2019

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