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How to Create a PDF invoice

Sales invoice are essential to any business entity. These type of document contains comprehensive lists of items or services purchased from a business. Business use this documents for auditing purposes, to keep track of their growth, or losses if there are some. Thus, making invoices is really an important part of any business. In the past, people used to create invoice spreadsheets manually on paper and then compile them. However, with the advent of computers, creating and storing invoice became simple and more efficient. With the emergence of the Microsoft Excel, creating spreadsheet invoice became easy and fast. With its ready premade cells and formulas, people can keep track of almost anything on their inventory. However, the problem of tampering with data is still present, even if it’s on Excel. That is why it is more advisable to create the invoice as a PDF document. Luckily, there are ways to create the invoice on Excel, then later on turn it to a secure PDF document. Read on to learn how to create invoice on Excel on both Windows and Mac.

1. How to Manually Create an Invoice on Excel

Creating an invoice on Excel is not a complicated thing to do, with Excel being a ready-made spreadsheet. Excel provides the necessary cells needed for each section of the invoice. The simplest invoice one can make on Excel is the basic one, with all the basic information an invoice can have. First time users can find it hard at first, with all the cells that they need to works with, but as times go by, they will get the hang of it. Read on to learn how to create an invoice on Excel, manually.

Step 1. Launch Excel and select blank spreadsheet as the work-page.

Select a “Cell” where to place the invoice information like the name of the company and others. It is important that the information provided are correct, like the price, address, and other logistics information. Make sure that the invoice is also addressed to the right person.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 2. Create a formula to tally all the numerical values in the “Price” cell.

One can use the usual “=SUM(E1,E2,E3)” formula. This will make ease the job of calculating the total sum of each transactions in the invoice.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 3. Once done with all necessary calculations, it is now time to save the invoice.

To do so, click the “File” tab and then select “Save” or “Save as” then select where to store the document. It is strongly advisable to put all invoice in a single folder, and then create back-up files every time to make sure that the files are safe.

how to create a pdf invoice

2. How to Create Invoice using Templates on Windows

Using templates is a much easier way to create an invoice on Excel. This will save a lot of time in creating the invoice, and they are more visually appealing. There are a lot of pre-made invoice templates available on Excel that anyone can use. However, to use these templates one must be connected to the internet. Using templates can prove to be useful not only because they are visually appealing, but because they also have information that are sometimes forgotten when creating invoice manually. To learn how to access and use the built-in invoice templates of Excel on Windows, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch Excel and then from the launch screen, click the search bar and then type in the word “Invoice.” The list of available pre-made invoice templates will then appear on the screen.

Note: Make sure that the PC is connected to the internet for the invoice templates to appear.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 2. From the list of available templates, select the one that fits the suits better. From the window that will appear, click the “Create” button and the template will be downloaded and then appear on as the spreadsheet.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 3. Using the template, you can now edit the information based on the description. Enter the right information for every section and then save the invoice on you PC by clicking the “File” tab and then select “Save” or “Save as.”

how to create a pdf invoice

3. How to Create Invoice using Templates on Excel Mac

Excel also works on Mac, so therefore it is possible to use the templates there. The process is just similar as with its Windows counterpart with some exceptions. Like with the Windows version of Excel, the Mac device must be connected to a stable internet connection. To learn how to use the templates on the Mac version of Excel, do these steps accordingly.

Step 1. Open Excel on Mac by heading to the “Finder” and then go to “Application.” From the search bar of the Finder, type in “Excel” to locate the application faster.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 2. Once the application is launched, click the “File” tab and from the list that will appear, select “New from Template.” This will open the window for the different invoice templates available on Mac.

Note: The Mac device must be connected to the internet before clicking the “New from Template” option.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 3. Select the invoice template that suits you better from the list available. Note that each template design have various sections in them that are not present on other templates. Once decided on the invoice template of your choice, then click the “Create” button and the template will appear on the work-sheet.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 4. Edit the invoice information needed on each section. All information should be correct like the business identity, and the recipients of the invoice.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 5. Save the invoice on the Mac device by clicking the “File” tab and then selecting the “Save” option. The save window will appear where one must enter the information about the file like its file name, and tags. Once done with labeling the file, click the “Save” button to finalize the saving process.

how to create a pdf invoice

4. Convert Invoice Spreadsheet into PDF

To add more security to invoice, then it is much better to convert them into PDF format. This way, the information won’t be easily altered and can even add extra protection like password to the file. These are just some of the benefits of converting Excel file into PDF. For more convenience, people can use Acethinker PDF Converter Pro. This is a remarkable PDF Converter with lots of functions, other than converting PDF files. To learn how to secure Excel invoices by converting them to PDF, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch Acethinker PDF Converter Pro, and from the main interface, click the “To PDF” tab. From the available options, select “Excel to PDF” and then click the “Choose File” button to upload the Excel invoice to the tool.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 2. After uploading the invoice to the converter, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process. Note that it is possible to convert more than one invoice at the same time. This is because the tool is so powerful that batch conversion is possible with it.

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 3. Check the converted PDF from the file folder by clicking the “Open folder” button once the conversion process is done.

how to create a pdf invoice


Creating a PDF invoice on Excel is easy, with the help of its pre-made template. On the other hand, using templates is not an option, then manually create one by following the steps above. However, for added security to invoice documents, then convert them into PDF format by using Acethinker PDF Converter Pro. This will prove beneficial because of the added security features that one can apply later on. Truly an exceptional tool, it really is a must have for all your PDF conversion needs.

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