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How to Make Invitations on Word

Invitation is made for the purpose of informing your closest friends and family the most about the special event in your life. It should consist of all the must-know details so that the event will run smoothly. On top of that, it should also convey the tone or the mood of the event. Say you are hosting a wedding, your invitation should be perfectly designed with elegant and classy color scheme. As for birthdays or parties, you can persuade your guests with funky and quirky theme. Good news is you can do all these by just using Microsoft Word. It provides you with variety of templates and layout tools which are useful for creating an invitation with your personal touch. So, without further delay, check out the steps below to know and learn how to create an invitation of your very own using Microsoft Word.

Make Invitation using the built-in template

Aside from editing word document, Microsoft word enables you to modify pictures, colors, objects, fonts style and format to may your personal invitation. Also, it provides you with several default invitation templates. Just personalize them using the tools provided from the MS Word.

Step 1 Open the MS word app

Open the Microsoft from your desktop. Simply double click on the icon on your desktop window. You may also open the program from the “Start Menu”.

how to make invitations on Word

Step 2 Start a new template

When the program opens up, select a new template from the options listed below the search bar. Choose “Holiday” option to see all the templates available.

how to make invitations on Word

Step 3 Open the Invitations template

From the left panel, you will that the categories a list of categories available. Look for “Invitations” category by scrolling down through the mouse of your computer. Select a template that best suits the theme of your event.

how to make invitations on Word

Step 4 Download the template

After selecting a template, a window will appear showing a preview of the template. Click the “Create” button to let the program download the template.

how to make invitations on Word

Step 5 Edit the template

Once the template is downloaded, you can now personalize the template by modifying all the elements presented. You can change the placements of the object, color of the text, add images or remove some unnecessary items.

how to make invitations on Word

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