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How to create a curriculum vitae

A curriculum vitae is a more detailed type of resume. The difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume, is their content the first one being focused more on credentials. On the hand, a resume have all the basic information about a person’s, educational background, and work experience. In-short, a curriculum vitae contains more information about the person’s educational background and other academic achievements. Curriculum Vitae’s are lengthier than a normal resume, because they span from two to three pages each. That is why, on some fields, they prefer curriculum vitae more, than a regular resume. Some examples of these institution are the academe, scientific organizations like NASA and other research and development firm. Read on to learn about the ways to create a curriculum vitae easily.

1. How to create a curriculum vitae using Word

One way to create a curriculum vitae, is by using Microsoft Word. Word is a well-known word processor that is used by millions around the world. Despite being a pure word editor, Microsoft Word can still be used to create comprehensive and visually-appealing curriculum vitae using its available templates. The templates are pre-made and incorporated within the Word application. However, in order to access these pre-made curriculum vitae templates, one must be connected to the internet. To learn how to get these templates to create a curriculum vitae, follow these steps.

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Word, and from the launch screen, click the search bar and type in “CV” and hit the enter key. Wait for few seconds and then all available templates will appear on the screen.

how to create create a curriculum vitae

Step 2. Once decided which template to use, click the “Create” button that will appear on the template box. After doing so, the entire template will open on a blank word page and start from there.

how to create create a curriculum vitae

Step 3. Edit the curriculum vitae by changing the necessary information from the template. If there are unnecessary columns, then omit them from the page.

how to create create a curriculum vitae

Step 4. Save the curriculum vitae after editing the information by clicking the “File” tab. Select “Save” or “Save as” then add the necessary information like the file name and its location. Once done, finalize the saving process by clicking the “Save” button.

how to create create a curriculum vitae

2. How to save the file into PDF

Once all of the requirements in creating a curriculum vitae are fulfilled, then it is time to save the file. The usual way to save it is as a word document, however, having a back-up is a must for these type of documents. That is why it is better to save the document into another format like PDF. This type of format is much more secured compared to other file formats because of its added security features. Being able to add a password to a PDF file is one example of its security features. To learn how to save a curriculum vitae into a PDF file, follow the steps below.

Step 1. To save the file as PDF, first make sure that all things that needs editing were done. Click the “File” tab and then select “Save as.” Now, choose where to save the file on the PC and then click the “Save type as” menu and from the list of available formats, select “PDF” then hit “OK.”

how to create a pdf invoice

Step 2. Check the newly converted PDF file by going to the file location where it was saved. From there, check the file using the default PDF reader.

how to create a pdf invoice

3. How to fill in the Contents of a curriculum vitae in PDF

Since curriculum vitae templates are very useful to a lot of people, they are one of the most used templates in the world. Most of the time, when people download a template, they are in PDF format. On the other hand, PDF files are known for their security features like not being able to be easily edited. If that is the case, then how can people enter their information to a curriculum vitae template in PDF format? The answer is by using Acethinker PDF Writer, which is a heavy-duty PDF editor that can enhance a PDF document. One feature of this tool, is that it allows the user to edit the contents of a PDF file regardless where it came from. That is why it is a must-have for people who often use PDF documents. To learn how to use Acethinker PDF Writer to fill in a curriculum vitae in PDF format, follow these steps.

Step 1. Launch the editor, and then from the home screen, click the “Open file” button and look for the curriculum vitae PDF from the files to open it. Once the PDF is uploaded, click the “Edit.”

how to create create a curriculum vitae

Step 2. Edit each part of the PDF by using the different options from the right-hand side of the tool. The options include the “Font style” and the “Font size” which are essential in filling out a curriculum vitae.

how to create create a curriculum vitae

Step 3. After all of the information were edited, click the “File” tab and then select “Save” to apply the changes made.

how to create create a curriculum vitae


Unlike a resume, a curriculum vitae is more sophisticated in-terms of format. The defining feature of a curriculum vitae is its focus on the educational background of the person. Unlike the conventional resume, curriculum vitae is lengthier in page numbers. With that being said, using the different methods like using a template, makes creating a curriculum vitae easier. This eases the time consumed in creating an outline, and lets the person fill-in the information faster. Saving the file in PDF can also be beneficial, as it can prevent any format changes on the CV. On that note, Acethinker PDF Converter Pro is the best choice for converting files into PDF. With its powerful converting functions, converting large sized PDF files will be fast and safe.

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