How to Register AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

Acethinker PDF Converter Pro functions as an all-in-one suite for converting PDF to desired document formats. It also enables you to save file in terms of JPG, PNG, Excel, MS Word and more into PDF. You will be able to modify and manage pages of PDF published by this tool by utilizing the merger, splitter, etc. There’re also extra features for you to encrypt, unlock, watermark and proceed PDF documents with ease.

Download the software

To get the installer, get installation package by clicking the button below, and then wait for the download process to finish.

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Start the installation process

Once the download process is complete, run the installer, and the setup wizard will appear. Follow the instructions of the wizard accordingly, to properly install the tool.

Create a user account

After the installation process, launch the tool to reach the main interface. This time, you will need to create an account by clicking the “Account” button to start the registration window. Just follow the steps below to create your user account.

Step1 Launch the sign up window

From the “Log in” screen, click the sign-up link, and the window will switch from login, to Sign up.

open the sign up window

Step2 Enter the information needed

On the “Sign up” window, enter all the required information on the space provided. Note: To acquire the “Verification Codes” you must make sure that the email you entered is valid, click the “Get” link and the code will be sent to the email address you provided. Once all the information are in place, click the “Sign up” button.

enter the required information

Step3 Confirm the registration

Once the registration is complete, a confirmation message will appear and you will be able to see that your account is under a free trial.

license type free trial

Step4 Activate the account

If you’re a paid user, you can activate the account with the keycode delivered to your email address. In order to do so, click the down arrow beside your name and click “Activate.”

click the activate button

Step5 Enter the license keys

Go back to the pop-up message where the download link is located, and copy the license keys below it and paste them on the space provided, then click “OK.”

copy and paste the license keys

Step6 Confirm the account activation

A confirmation message will appear once the license keys were accepted, confirm it by clicking the “Ok” button. On the “Profile” window, you will notice that the “License type” has been changed from “Trial” to “Yearly” or “Lifetime” depending on your order. From there, you will be able to use all the functions of the tool without restriction.

yearly license type

Convert PDF to different format

In order to convert a PDF into a different file format, now that the tool is activated, you can follow the steps below.

Step1 Select the right option

Click the “From PDF” tab, and select the right file format from the options provided and click the “Choose file” button to select the PDF file to convert.

select the file to convert

Step2 Start the conversion process

Once the PDF file is selected, click the “Convert” button to start converting the PDF to a different format.

start the conversion

Step3 Locate the converted file

A notification will appear once the conversion process is complete. To locate the newly converted file, click the “Open Folder” button.

locate the file

Convert files into PDF

Aside from being able to convert PDF files to other formats, the tool can also convert other file formats into actual PDF files. To use the tool to convert different files to PDF format, do these steps.

Step1 Select the right converter option

Click the “To PDF” option from the main home screen, and select the type of file you want to convert into PDF from the options provided. Then click the “Choose file” button at the center of the tool and select the file to convert it into PDF.

select files to convert into PDF

Step2 Start converting the file

Once the file is uploaded to the tool, click the “Convert” button to start converting the file into a PDF.

start the conversion of word

Step3 Open the converted file

After the conversion is complete, click the “Open Folder” button and the location of the file will appear where you can view it.

locate the file

Other PDF converter essential tools

Aside from being able to convert PDF into other formats and vice versa, there are also other things that this tool can do. The tool has other options that can enhance your file, which you can use anytime. Just click the “Other Tools” button and select from the options below.

Tool 1: Merge

Merge tool allows you to combine multiple PDF files, into one file. This is essential to people who want to organize their data, for faster navigation and reading.

merge tool

Tool 2: Split PDF

Split PDF tool allows you to separate a PDF file into pieces. If a PDF document has many pages, you can choose to convert every page into a separate PDF file or select a specific page to extract from the current PDF file.

split pdf tool

Tool 3: Extract Images

One other feature is the “Extract Images,” where you can extract every image on the PDF document. The tool allows you to save the photos either in JPG or PNG file format.

extract images

Tool 4: Compress PDF

As the name suggests, this tool is used to lessen the file size of a single PDF document. There are times when a file takes up to much disk space, and then this tool will try to minimize the area it consumes.

compress pdf files

Tool 5: Unlock PDF

There are times when you forget about the password and can’t open the file, then use this tool to unlock the PDF file without the need for a password.

unlock pdf tool

Tool 6: Protect PDF

Sometimes, PDF files are password protected. This is a measure to protect the contents of the files. To place password protection to the data, you can use this tool.

protect pdf with password

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