Quick Tips for Protecting PDF with PDF Converter Pro

Securing and limiting the access of your important files is crucial. That is why Acethinker PDF Converter was developed to help you with this kind of need. This professional converter incorporated a feature that allows you to secure your files by adding a password and vice versa. To do so, here is a simple guide on how you can protect your PDF files.

Step1 Locate protect PDF

Since this is an added feature on the tool, you have to go to “Other tools” and from the sub sections below, choose “PROTECT PDF”.

Step2 Upload the file

Next, click the “Choose File “button and locate the target PDF file. Once found, click “Open” to upload the file.

upload the file

Step3 Add passowrd

Now, highlight the file and click the “convert” button to begin the process of conversion.

add password

Step4 Check converted file

Finally, once the conversion process is finished, click the “open folder” button that pops to be directed to the folder location where the converted file is saved.


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