How to Convert PDF to JPG with Adobe Alternatives

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JPG is a common used format for digital images. This is a universal format that is widely supported by all device, regardless of platforms. JPG files are also easy to compress to reduce file size further, and since it’s an image, the content is locked and safe from alterations. The same can be said for PDF documents, however, there are times when a PDF reader is not available and there is no way to view them. Luckily, another way to do so, is to convert PDF to JPG using Adobe. Unfortunately, Adobe if not affordable enough for people to afford. That is why there are other ways to convert PDF to JPG using Adobe alternatives. Read on to learn more about these tools, and how to convert PDF to JPG with these Adobe alternatives.

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AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

pdf converter proFirst tool is AceThinker PDF Converter Pro, which is a powerful PDF converter with other premium feature. One of its premium feature is the OCR scanner, which uses a camera to scan physical documents and turn them into PDF documents without rewriting anything. The tool can convert PDF to JPG accurately, without affecting the entire format and outline of the file. This way, people are sure to get high-quality JPG images without any issues like blurry text, and missing parts. To learn how to use AceThinker PDF Converte Pro to convert PDF to JPG, follow these steps.

Step1 Install AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

Get the installer of AceThinker PDF Converter Pro by clicking one of the buttons below. After downloading the installer, launch it, and then follow the installation instructions from the setup wizard.

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Step2 Convert the PDF to JPG

Launch PDF Converter Pro immediately after installation, and from the home screen, click the “PDF to JPG” option under the “From PDF.” Click the “Add files” button, and look for the PDF document from the file explorer window. Once the PDF is uploaded, set the file location where it will be saved by clicking the “Open Folder” button. Once done, apply the changes by clicking the “Convert” button and the conversion process will begin. View the PDF document by clicking the “Open Folder” from the notification that will appear once the conversion is finished.

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Step3 View the images

Use the default image viewer of the device to view the newly converted JGP files.

view the images

AceThinker Free PDF to JPG Converter Online

pdf to jpg logoAnother tool that can be used to convert PDF to JPG is AceThinker Free PDF to JPG Converter Online. This is a dedicated PDF to JPG converter which free to use, and does not need to installed to any desktop PC. The tool is accessible using a web-browser which is very efficient and useful from any PC, especially outdoors. The tool has a high accuracy rate, and is free to use as long as there is an internet connection in the area. To learn how to use AceThinker Free PDF to JPG Converter online, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the Free PDF to JPG Converter

Visit the official website of AceThinker PDF to JPG Online Converter to reach the home page of the tool. From the home-page, click the “Add” icon to launch the file explorer window and open the PDF to convert using the tool.

Step2 Convert the file

Once decided which PDF document to convert to JPG, click the “Open” button and the file will be uploaded. The file will be converted as it is being uploaded, and depending on the pages of the PDF, conversion process may take a few seconds to a few minutes.

upload the file

Step3 Download the JPG files

Once the PDF is converted into JPG, an icon will appear together with the “Download” button. Click the “Download” button to get the JPG files in zip format and then save them on the PC. To view the file, unzip it and select where to save the entire folder of JPG images and view them in sequence using the image viewer of the PC.

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PDF Utils for Android

pdf utils logoPDF Utils is an android application from the Google Play Store. This is a PDF utility app which is capable of different PDF editing function. Also, it is able to convert PDF to JPG using one of its options. To use the tool, download and install it for free from the Google Play Store from any Android device. Tap the install button and then wait for the installation to finish. Once PDF Utils is installed, tap the app icon from the home-screen to launch it. From the launch screen of the tool, tap the “PDF to Image” button and then choose which PDF document to convert. Check the specific page for specific conversion, or simply select all to convert the entire PDF document into JPG and tap the “Check” icon to apply the changes. The conversion process will begin and once it’s done, a notification will appear. View the images from the location where the original file is located.

pdf utils interface

PDF Export Lite for iOS

icon-pdf-export-liteLast tool that is a great Adobe PDF to JPG alternative is PDF Export Lite for iOS. This tool is available from the Apple App Store from any iOS device for free. As the name suggests, it is capable of exporting PDF documents into various formats, JPG included. PDF Export Lite is pretty straightforward when it comes to converting PDF to JPG because there is a dedicated button for the said option. Simply launch the Apple App Store from the iOS device, and then go to the product page of PDF Export Lite. Tap the “Get” button and then wait for the installation process to finish. Once done, launch PDF Export Lite and then from the home screen, open the PDF file to convert. Tap and hold onto the PDF file and wait for the different options to appear, then select “Export as images” button. This will automatically convert the PDF to JPG which can be later on viewed using the “Preview” app, or any photo viewer of the iOS device.



It’s easy to convert Adobe PDF to JPG using the tools mentioned above because they can transform the file with high-accuracy. Take AceThinker PDF Converter Pro for example, it is not every day that users will encounter a PDF converter with an OCR feature. Also, aside from converting PDF into clear JPG images, it can also produce accurate versions of PDF in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also, the tool helps keep multi-page PDF converted into JPG organized by allowing users to create a dedicated folder to save all image files.

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