Top 5 Ways to Convert PDF to Word with Nitro Alternatives

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Nitro Pro, without a doubt, is one of the best tools out there that enables you to easily convert PDF files to Word format. Perhaps the only downside in converting Nitro PDF to word, is that after it is been installed, it disables all other Adobe applications on your computer, which can cause hassles if you’re using those programs constantly. Good thing, you can now find alternatives to Nitro PDF to Word converter that delivers the same function but without its downside, one of which is Acethinker PDF Converter. This PDF converter is very easy to use. Acethinker PDF converter is packed with features. It lets you convert PDF to different formats and vice versa, merge multiple files into one PDF and convert in batches. Acethinker boasts of producing high-quality files and has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use even for first-timers. Converting files using this tool is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

First among the list of amazing tools like Nitro is AceThinker PDF Converter Pro. The basic usage of the tool is to convert PDF files into various formats, and vice-versa. The tool is an effective way to convert PDF to Word documents. However, what sets AceThinker PDF Converter Pro apart from other converters, is the OCR feature. This is a technology that allows users to scan a physical document and then transform it into a PDF document. This means that people won’t have to rewrite the entire contents of a document to create a PDF file for it. Aside from that, PDF Converter Pro is also equipped with various options like page splitter, merger. PDF Converter Pro can also extract images from a PDF document and save them in either JPEG or PNG formats. To learn how to use PDF Converter Pro, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download the App

First, initiate the download by clicking on one of the buttons below to get the installer of the program. After downloading AceThinker PDF Converter Pro on your desktop, launch it and add the PDF files that you want to convert.

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Step2 Choose a format

Choose a format that you want to convert the PDF files into like Word. You can also convert to Excel, PowerPoint, and many other formats.

Start convert

Step3 Convert the file

Once you’re done, Acethinker will start converting the PDF files in no time.

convert and save the file

AceThinker Free PDF to Word Converter

Another convenient way to convert PDF to Word documents, is by using an online tool which is called Acethinker PDF to Word Converter. This is a free to use online converter that specializes in transforming PDF documents into Word files. The only requirement in using this tool, is a stable internet connection, and that’s it. The tool works efficiently because it does not require any installation so it won’t consume any disk space. To learn how to use AceThinker PDF to Word Converter, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the online tool

From a web-browser, visit the official website of AceThinker Free PDF to Word Converter which is For first time users, they will have to install the online launcher of the tool, so that the next time they use it again, it will launch immediately.

choose a file

Step2 Upload the PDF document to convert

From the home-page of AceThinker PDF to Word Converter, click the “Plus” icon and then look for the PDF document from the file explorer window that will appear then upload it. The document will be converted as it is being uploaded so it may take a while depending on the file size of the document.

convert the file

Step3 Download the newly converted file

Once the conversion process is finished, and the file is converted, the download button will appear. Click the download button to save the word file on the PC and feel free to view it using Microsoft Word.

download the file

Convert PDF to Word with Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro works just like any other premium PDF editors. However, for the convenience of users, it provides free trial usage for a short period of time. Under the free trial version, users will be able to use all the features of Nitro Pro with unlimited access. This is a great way to use a premium tool without having to spend any amount of money. To use the tool, download the installer from the official website and then run it on the PC. Follow the instruction that will appear from the setup wizard, to properly install Nitro Pro. Once done, launch the tool and then use it to open a PDF document. From the editing panel, click the “To Word” option and the conversion process will begin for the PDF document. Once done, apply the changes made by clicking the “File” tab and then selecting the “Save” button.

edit pdf

PDF Conversion Suite for Android

PDF Conversion Suite is an Android application with various PDF converter features. One of its features is being able to convert PDF documents into Word documents. Other features of the tool includes converting PDF into PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, and more. Also, this great Nitro PDF to Word converter alternative, works wonders on almost any Android device. The tool also supports major image formats like JPG, PNG and even emails like TIFF format are supported. PDF Conversion Suite is free to download and install from any Android device by visiting the Google Play Store. Look for PDF Conversion Suite and then tap the “Install” button. Wait for the download to finish, and then launch the app from the Android device. To use the tool, tap the “Convert PDF to Word” tab and then select the file to convert. The conversion process will start immediately and once done, the new file will be saved to the same folder where the original file is located.

pdf conversion suite

easyPDF for iOS

easyPDF is a standalone PDF to Word converter for iOS devices. The tool is available from the Apple App Store for free, which is why it is a top-choice among users. This great tool which is similar to Nitro PDF to Word converter works perfectly on iOS devices. The tool is pretty straight forward that even less experienced users won’t have any difficulty using it. To use the tool, download and install it from the Apple App Store and then launch it on the iOS device. Select which PDF to convert and then tap the “Convert” button and wait for the conversion process to finish.



In-terms of functionality, Nitro Pro is without a doubt one of the best. However, there are a lot of other worthy applications and software that can compete with it. The tools mentioned above are all exceptional and some are better that Nitro Pro in converting PDF to Word. Take AceThinker PDF Converter Pro for example, it is built with optimum efficiency and an advanced OCR feature, which is not present among major PDF converters, Nitro Pro included. The accuracy of the tool is flawless that there won’t be any letter missing for sure.

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Top 5 Ways to Convert PDF to Word with Nitro Alternatives

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