Top 6 Tools on How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac

6 Smart Ways to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac 2019

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Changing JPG to PDF on Mac seems to be a taxing task because Mac devices are very complicated to operate. Also, this process is not popular among users, because JPG and PDF are essentially both image files. However, this notion is wrong, because converting JPG to PDF has a lot of benefits. Being able to protect the JPG files from unwanted viewing by means of password protection is one. Also, there is the disk space saving factor, because users can compile tons of JPG files into a single compact PDF document. The latter is essential in preserving the disk space of a Mac device and keep it smooth running. That is why we listed down, some of the most exceptional tools than can convert JPG to PDF Mac and Windows alike. Read on to learn more about these tools and how to use them.

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How to convert JPG to PDF on Mac with AceThinker PDF Converter

acethinker pdf writerWhen it comes to converters, Acethinker should be the first on your list. This all-in-one PDF converter allows you to not only convert JPG to PDF Mac, but it also supports a wide variety of formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and PNG. AceThinker PDF Converter for Mac is preferred by millions of users worldwide because of its user-friendly interface, fast and stable conversion power and high-quality output. And the best part is, it’s absolutely free. So, how to change JPG to PDF on Mac using Acethinker PDF Converter for Mac?

Step1 Download and install the app

First, visit the official website of AceThinker PDF Converter, and click the “Try It Free” button to download the installer. Then, launch it, and follow the installation wizard to install the tool. You can also use the one of the “Download” buttons below to get the installer immediately.

Try it for Free

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win xp win7810

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OS X 10.10

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Step2 Choose the JPG file

After installing, run the app, and select the “To PDF” section and click “Image to PDF.” Then, click the “Choose file” button to open JPG on the PDF converter.


Step3 Convert your PDF file

Once you open the JPG files on the PDF Converter, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process. It will turn JPG to PDF automatically.



  • As much as it’s compatible to Mac OS, you can also use it on Windows PC
  • The Pro version is cheap, safe, and clean
  • Easy-to-navigate PDF converter
How to change JPG to PDF on Mac using Preview

Preview is an application designed solely for Mac systems and you can use it to view images and PDF files. It also allows you to convert Preview-supported files like JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP to PDF format seamlessly. How to create PDG from JPG Mac using Preview? Here are the easy steps:

Step1 Launch the Preview on your Mac

First, launch Preview on Your Mac, click “File” and choose “Open”. Here, you can choose the JPG files that you want to convert to PDF. Just scroll through the thumbnails of images on Preview and mark those by using the “Select All” command.

preview open file

Step2 Select Export as PDF

Go back to the main menu, click on “File” and choose “Export as PDF.” Once the print window pops up, you can choose the destination folder for your converted files, then click “Save.”

export as pdf


  • No installation required
  • Lets you convert JPG to PDF easily


  • It’s editing features is limited
Convert With Online JPG to PDF Mac Converter

icon-lightpdfAnother tool that allows you to easily convert JPG to PDF Mac is LightPDF, which guarantees the quality of your converted files and protects your data from third-party vendors because LightPDF instantly deletes your uploaded file right after your conversion is done.

Step1 Visit the LightPDF software

Learning how to convert JPG to PDF on Mac is very easy because you just need to go to LightPDF JPG to PDF to satrt using it.

visit the LightPDF tool

Step2 Drag and drop the files

Drag the JPG files that you want to convert on the box or add them manually by clicking the “Choose File” button. After you upload the file, LightPDF automatically converts it to PDF. Before you know it, your converted files are ready to use. And the best part about this online tool is that it’s absolutely free of charge, so you can convert all the JPG files that you need without worrying about any fees.

Add jpg files


  • 100% free, safe, and clean
  • No file size limitation


  • Does not support continuous PDF editing
Convert JPG to PDF Mac with Automator

If you’ve tried using Preview to convert JPG files to PDF on your Mac, you will probably be ticked off by how long it takes to complete the task. And if you’re in a hurry, you might want to look for an alternative to this tool that’s also built in with your Mac system. Good thing, there is Automator that lets you convert JPG files into PDF even without opening the file itself. So the question is, how to create PDG from JPG Mac using Automator? It’s pretty simple:

Step1 Launch Automator and select service document type

Launch Automator on your Mac and select the “Service” document type. Set the “Service Receives Selected” option to “Image Files” in Finder.

select service receives option

Step2 Look the New PDF from images

Look for the “New PDF from Images” option through the search box and change the file name for reference. You can then customize the settings depending on your need, save the workflow and start converting the files to PDF.

select new pdf from images


  • Let’s you edit PDF files quickly
  • It is one of the built-in app of Mac


  • It can only handle photos
Make JPG into PDF with PDF2JPG

icon-pdf2jpgPDF2JPG is a PDF converter tool for Android devices. This app allows you to view, add annotations, split or merge PDF, and convert JPG to PDF file. You can also turn PDF files into JPG format in HD quality, which can be very helpful to see the file clearly. No limitations are converting JPG to PDF with this app, and it does not require you to register anything to start using it. In fact, PDF2JPG is definitely free, clean, and very safe to use. To begin, go to Google Play Store on Android device, and look for PDF2JPG to install on your device. Once done, run it, and click the “Select file” button and choose the JPGs that you want to turn into PDF. Then, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.


Turn JPG into PDF with PDF Export Lite

icon-pdf-export-liteIf you are looking for a PDF converter for an iOS device that can turn JPG to PDF file, then PDF Export Lite is a great choice. This app allows you to view PDF files, convert, and edit multiple files into a single PDF. Also, you can scan numerous JPGs with this app to create your PDF file. In fact, PDF Export Lite supports cloud sharing that lets you save your PDFs online. To start using the app, visit the App Store on your iOS device and search PDF Export Lite, then click the “GET” button to install. After installing, launch the app, and click the red “Plus” icon button and select “Scanner” to scan for JPG files. Just choose the JPG images that you want to convert to PDF and click “Save” to convert JPG to PDF file instantly.



All of the ways and tools listed in this article can surely turn JPG to PDF files on Mac. Even non-techy Mac users can edit PDF files. However, only the AceThinker PDF Converter can do almost anything regarding PDF files. It can combine multiple JPG into a single PDF file, add annotations to enhance the PDF file, and set security to protect your PDF. You can also try the AceThinker PDF Converter Pro version at a low price to try its excellent unique features.

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