How to Use AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is a robust PDF file converter that can do so much more. It is a multi-functional tool that can convert almost every document into PDF file and vice versa. What makes this tool stand out is its multiple options to enhance PDF files. It can merge, split, and compress PDF files altogether in one tool. Equipped with the revolutionary OCR technology, it enables the user to export any paper document into digital file format. Unlike the conventional file scanning, which basically takes a photo of the document and does not allow editing, OCR or Optical Character Recognition allows you to edit the exported file regardless of the format chosen. This makes PDF Converter Pro a top choice among other PDF converters out there.

How to download PDF Converter Pro

There are 2 ways to download the tool. One is by visiting the official website of Acethinker. The easiest way however, is by clicking the buttons below. This way, you will be able to immediately experience what the tool has to offer.

Try It for Free

The tool is free to use without having to register for an account. However, there are certain limitations to when using the tool without an account. So in order to have the full experience, you can create a free account to have unrestricted access to the tool’s functions. Follow the steps to create a free user account.

Step1 Launch the tool

From the main interface of the tool, click the “Profile” icon to open the log-in window. From there, click the “Sign up” link to switch to the registration window.

Step2 Enter the right information

On the sign up window, enter the right information needed to the space provided and click “Sign up”. Note: To get the verification code, click the “Get” link, provided that you already entered the email address. The link will be sent to the email address that you provided.

fill out the information

Step3 Confirm the registration

Once the registration is successful, a notification will appear. You will see the status of your account from there, then click “Ok” to confirm and dismiss the notification. You can now use the tool as you wish without certain restrictions.

confirm registration

How to convert PDF file to a different file format?

In order to convert PDF files into a different format like Word, or Excel, follow these steps.

Step1 Select the PDF file to convert

Under the “From PDF” tab, select from the list of available file formats that you can convert the PDF into. Click the “Choose file” button to open the file explorer and select the PDF file. Note: For Word and Excel, there are two formats to choose from, for Word file, the “.docx” and “.doc” format. For Excel, the “.xlsx” and the “.xls” format. The difference between each format is that the .doc and .xls formats were the default file formats of Word and Excel until 2003. However, in 2007 Microsoft introduced the .docx and .xlsx were introduced as the new default formats for each respective file. The only downside is that .xlsx and .docx format are not readable on older versions of Word and Excel. That is why there is the option to select, between the two output formats for each tab.

upload the pdf

Step2 Convert the file

Once you have chosen the right PDF file, and selected the right output format if applicable, click the “Convert” button to start conversion process.

convert the file

Step3 Locate the file

After the conversion, a notification will appear. Click “Open” and the folder where the converted file is stored will appear.

open the folder

How to convert files into PDF?

To convert other files into PDF, do the steps below.

Step1 Choose what file to convert

On the “To PDF” tab, select the format to convert into PDF by clicking the “Choose Files” button. Note: Under the image section, there are option which ask lets you choose what to do with the converted file. One option allows you to convert each image separately, while the other allows you to compile the images into one PDF file. Also it lets you choose the size and orientation of the images.

select the file

Step2 Set the destination of the file

Choose where to save the converted PDF file by clicking the “Open Folder” button then click “Convert.”

select the file location

Step3 Locate the converted file

Once the file is converted, a pop up reminder will appear. Click the “Open file” button to view the newly converted PDF file.

open folder file

Other tools

Aside from the tools mentioned above, there are still other things that the PDF Converter Pro can do. Another section is the “Other tools” section where more essential functions are located. Here are the other useful options included in the tool.


Merge allows you to combine two different PDF files into one. This is essential for organizing PDF documents for ease of access. The function is also great for compiling forms and other important digital documents. To learn how to merge PDF files, follow these steps.

Step1 Select the PDF files to combine

Click the “Choose File” button at the center of the tool. From the window that will appear, select the PDF files that you wish to merge together.

add files

Step2 Merge the files

Click the “Convert” button to start merging the PDF files into one.

convert the files

Step3 View the merged PDF file

Once merging is complete, a notification will appear. Click the “Open folder” button from the notification to open the folder where the file is saved.

open the file

Split PDF

Split PDF option enables the user to separate the pages of a PDF file. The option is handy when it comes to selecting a specific page, from a PDF document to read or print out. Follow these steps to learn how to use this function.

Step1 Choose PDF to extract from

Click the “Choose File” button, then select the PDF document that needs to be extracted.

add the files

Step2 Select the split options

There are two ways to split a PDF file, one is by extracting all the pages of the document into individual PDF files, or select specific pages to extract from the entire document.

select the split options

Step3 Split the PDF

Click the “Convert” button once all is set, and you will be notified once splitting is done.

split the file

Extract Images

Use this tool when you want to separate all the images within the PDF document. This is useful for people who wishes to print out the images included in the document. Here are the steps to follow in order to extract images.

Step1 Select which PDF to extract images from

Choose where to get the images by clicking the “Choose files” button. Next select the right PDF document that you need to extract the images from.

select pdf file

Step2 Select the image format

Select between the two available image formats, JPG and PNG as the output format of the image.

select image format

Step3 Extract the images

Once done with the preparations, hit the convert button to start extracting the images. Once done, open the folder where the files are located by clicking the “Open folder” button.

view the images

Compress PDF

Compress PDF, as the name suggest, this option cuts down the file size of a PDF document. This enables the file to fit on device with less storage space than with a PC. Just do the simple steps below to compress the files.

Step1 Select document to compress

Click the “Choose file” button and select the PDF document to compress.

add files

Step2 Compress the file

Once the document is on the tool, click the “Convert” button to start compressing the file.

compress the files

Step3 View the document

Once the compression is done, click the “Open file” button from the notification that will appear to locate the PDF document.

open folder

Unlock PDF

Sometimes to protect important information on the PDF file, people put lock or password to prevent others from accessing them. However, most of the time, people forget what the password is. That is why PDF Converter Pro have the Unlock PDF tool. It removes the password requirement on the PDF file. To learn how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Select the locked PDF

Click “Choose file” and locate the locked PDF document and upload it to the tool.

select files to unlock

Step2 Enter the password

Enter the password of the PDF file, and once done, hit the “Convert” button to remove the password requirement.

unlock the pdf file

Protect PDF

Last tool is provides protection to a PDF file by adding password protection. The tool gives the option of creating a personal password for important files. Follow these steps to add password to PDF file.

Step1 Add password to the file

Click the “Choose file” and select the PDF file that you need to protect and add the password.

add password to the file

Step2 Save the password

Hit the “Convert” button and the password will be incorporated to the PDF file.

convert the file

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