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A Review of the Best Free PDF Optimizer

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Storage space is a necessary but limited resource for our devices. So that is why it is essential to optimize any files and reduce their size. This activity is not limited only limited for videos and audios, but also PDF files are included. We all know PDF files are commonly shared with others for business, corporate, or education purposes. One good example of the need for optimizing PDF files is that when you want to save bandwidth from fitting the file as an email attachment that usually has size restrictions. Another is that, to make the PDF files compatible with simple PDF readers. So, in this article, we will discuss 10 free PDF optimizer to reduce, compress, or reduce the sizes of such files.

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Acethinker PDF Converter Pro

pdf converter pro Let us already mention the best PDF solution from the rest. AceThinker PDF Converter Pro is loaded with all of the essential features to optimize or compress PDF files. One feature that separates it from others is that it can reduce the size of the PDF file without hurting its original quality. Additionally, once you compressed the file, PDF Converter Pro can transfer the PDF format into EPUB for viewing on your Android or iOS devices. This is necessary since mobile phones usually contain lower storage space. Aside from that, its primary function is to be an all-in-one PDF converter software that lets users transform PDF into a variety of office formats. Finally, it also supports batch upload to optimize multiple PDF files within few clicks. Read the instructions below to learn how to optimize PDF with PDF Converter Pro.

Step1 Download and Install the Software

Click any of the “Download” buttons below according to your operating system to download the software into your device. Next, run and follow the installation wizard until finished. Once done, launch the PDF Converter Pro into your device to access its main interface.

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Step2 Upload the PDF File

From the main interface, click the “Other Tools” button then hit “Compress PDF”. Then, click the “Choose file” button to select and open the PDF file you wish to optimize. Click “Open” to load the document into the software.

upload pdf

Step3 Optimize the PDF File

If you want to do batch compression, you can click the “Choose file” button again to upload a new PDF file. Once you uploaded all the files you need, hit the “Convert” button to start optimizing it. Wait for a few seconds to let it process. After that, click the “Open Folder” button to access the PDF file that got optimized.

optimize pdf

Main Features:

  • Offers easy and fast conversion that ensures high-quality output files.
  • Can convert a whole PDF file or just the selected pages.
  • Convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, Image, or more.
  • Possesses an OCR technology that can scan image-based PDFs then convert them

ilovepdf logo Next on the list is a PDF software that also offers an online tool. iLovePDF online provides three options to optimize PDF files. It can minimize the documents into “Less Compression”, “Recommended Compression”, or “Extreme Compression”. Additionally, it can optimize PDF files saved in the Dropbox or Google Drive. Also, one distinctive feature of its optimization function is it can repair a corrupted PDF file. However, depending on the damage, it is not 100% accurate that it can retrieve the PDF file partially or entirely. Still, this is a better alternative than doing nothing. Also, if the PDF files contain a lot of images and graphics, the optimization would only reduce the size by a minimal amount.

optimize pdf


app logo pdfresizer Another online tool is PDFResizer. This PDF software lets you optimize such files but can hurt the quality or resolution of the document. Still, it is a useful tool for minimizing large files to save disk space or memory. Also, it allows users to upload and optimize several PDF files at once, but it has a 100MB file size limit. Additionally, it is a free pdf optimizer that does not require to download and install any software into your device. However, as the developer suggests, this tool is not recommended to compress PDF files that are meant for sizeable high-quality printing.

optimize pdf


small pdf logo The next on the list of online PDF tools reviewed is the SmallPDF. This PDF software provides more accessibility to its users since it is available to all platforms and major web browsers. However, it also has a file size limit of 5GB, but this is better compared to other PDF online tools. Additionally, it reduces scanned PDF files into 144 dpi, which is suitable for sharing or uploading the files into the internet or sending it as an attachment via email. Moreover, all optimized files are saved into their cloud server so it would not take any memory from your device. Finally, SmallPDF also has a desktop version in case you want to perform other PDF-related tasks.

optimize pdf


freepdfconvert logo Although FreePDFConvert’s main thing is to transform office formats into PDF format, it also now features an online PDF compressor. The developer claims that it is the most famous online PDF tool as it got 10+ million users around the world. This PDF optimizer decreases the file into the most optimal amount to preserve all of the content while maintaining the highest quality possible. Also, users can even optimize the PDF file without downloading they can upload a file by pasting its URL into its main interface. Another is that it also provides other functions splitting and deleting PDF pages that can also decrease the size of the PDF file.

optimize pdf


icon-pdf2go The last PDF online tool discussed the list is PDF2Go. Although, users can also choose a preset to set the desired quality of the PDF. Some qualities preset here are categorized accurately like for ebook, printing, desktop, and more which are not present for other online tools. Additionally, if okay with you, it can make all of the pages in grayscale mode and transform the pictures into black and white color. Another is that it can convert a Word format into a PDF document automatically and optimize it at the same time. Lastly, PDF2Go is available to access even for mobile devices so you would not need to head into your computer anytime.

optimize pdf

Tips: Shortcomings of Free PDF Optimizer Online

  • Compressed files may suffer changes from the quality of the output.
  • Although for free, other online tools require user registration before using.
  • PDF online tools are not 100% secured since you will upload the PDF files into the internet.
  • Other PDF online tools contains a lot of annoying advertisements.
  • Online tools could not upload or process large files.
PDF Tool Ultimate for Android

pdf tool ultimate logo PDF Tool Ultimate is a mobile app available to install into Android phones for taking care of PDF files. Based from its name itself, it possesses an ultimate collection of 12 tools to manage PDF files. One of its primary functions is to optimize PDFs. It can reduce the size of the PDF file up to 80% original of its size depending on the file. Additionally, it is a lightweight PDF app that can process compressing the documents and will not suffer the phone battery. Unlike some online tools, all PDF files processed into its servers are deleted for the security of the documents. However, the app can contain some annoying ads.

optimize pdf

PDF Compressor for Android

pdf compressor logo PDF Compressor is another mobile PDF software for Android. Among the tools mentioned here, it features one of the most natural steps to compress PDF. It can optimize PDF and reduce the file size with a single tap. Also, it lets users select the quality of the output file to reduce the size of the PDF. Additionally, it can minimize the size of PDFs that contains too many scanned photos and graphic objects. It will rewrite the entire document and preserve its contents as efficient as possible. Unlike the online apps mentioned above, this would not need any internet connection to compress PDF.

optimize pdf

Compress PDF for iOS

compress pdf logo The next on the list is available to download for iOS devices. Based on its tagline: “Make PDF Smaller”. Compress PDF can make any PDF files smaller with the use of your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, users can upload files directly from their Gmail, OneDrive, and more. Moreover, it is also one of the fastest PDF optimizers for mobile; it just takes a couple of seconds on average to compress PDF files. Besides, Compress PDF is equipped with a powerful server that would not burden your phone’s processor. However, there are times that files are only compressed a little bit. Also, there are limits for some functions if you only avail of its free version.

optimize pdf

PDFOptim for iOS

pdfoptim logo The last PDF optimizer on the list is the PDFOptim – The PDF Compressor. This mobile app features one of the most straightforward and most intuitive ways to reduce and compress PDF files. With the help of its extensive set of options and presets, it can optimize large and image-heavy documents. This is possible because it specializes in JPEG compression with quality control. One of its unique features is that it can even provide a preview for side-by-side quality comparison of the original and compressed file. After the compression, the app will also tell how many percents of size is reduced during the process.


PDF optimization or compression is vital to save our precious storage space. Aside from that, some websites have restrictions in their uploading size. This usually happens for a job application that will ask a resume or any other documents. To meet their requirements, these PDF tools reviewed above will help you in doing such a task. Therefore, it is recommended to choose AceThinker PDF Converter Pro for this since it optimizes PDF files while retaining its original content and quality.

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