6 Best Free OCR Software 2019

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6 Best Free OCR Software 2019

Optical Character Recognition software, or commonly known as OCR software is a tool that can convert PDF files or other digitized documents into an editable Word document file. One example is when you received a PDF file via email, but you found out that the file has a lot of error. Instead of writing the document on a word file again, you can use an OCR software to scan the PFD file and turn the content into a word document. This process has proven to save a lot of time and effort, especially when it comes to editing relevant read-only documents. OCR tools are still new to others and are not often encountered under normal circumstances. That is why listed below are some of the best free OCR software that one can use when the need arises.


lightpdf ocr tool

LightPDF is the first tool that made it on the list. This tool is an all-purpose PDF tool with different functions like OCR. The best thing about the OCR software of LightPDF is that it is free to use and doesn’t need any installation. LightPDF OCR software is web-based, which means that it works via internet connection. The OCR tools have two different options, the “VIP” and the “Basic” option which have their differences. The “VIP” is for people who avail of the licensed version of the OCR tool and have multitudes of additional functions. On the other hand, the “Basic” function can only recognize one file language which is English and can only convert PDF files into TXT. However, it still is considered as one of the best OCR software around because of its accuracy and efficiency.


simple ocr homepage

Next OCR software that you can use is SimpleOCR. The tool is free to download and gets their funds to keep it that way from donations made by satisfied users. The tool has an accuracy of 99% which is a large margin compared to other OCR tools. Also, SimpleOCR recognizes over 120,000 words ensuring that it will rarely miss out on a single word when being used. However, there will always be a flaw, and in case it happens, the user can personally submit the correction and SimpleOCR will add it to their database. Never the less, SimpleOCR is a free OCR software available to use anytime.

Easy Screen OCR

easy screen ocr homepage

Another tool that you can use is Easy Screen OCR which is a great free OCR software. To use the tool, you must first install it on your PC, which means that it will consume disk space. The tool boasts its user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use even among less experienced users. However, the tool is not entirely for free because the licensed version needs to be purchased. On the other hand, the tool has a free trial version that allows usage of its most basic function which is to scan PDF files with the OCR tool. The tool works by taking a screenshot of the file, then converting it to an editable format. This is one way that makes it easy to use, and why it is an excellent free OCR software.


capture2text download page

Capture2Text is another free OCR tool that can transform PDF files into editable file format. The tool is free to download and stays that way because people place donations to their website. However, the tool only works on Windows, and the no Mac version is yet available. Capture2Text is very accurate because it supports various languages, and can do translations as well. The tool is also pretty easy to use, because of the shortcut keys that are set to ease operational stress. Overall, Capture2Text is indeed an excellent tool to acquire because despite its simplicity it packs a punch with its functions.


web-based app

i2OCR is another online OCR software that works if there is internet connectivity. When talking about OCR software, then definitely i2OCR deserves to be mentioned. The tool is very convenient because you can use it anytime as long as you are connected to the internet. However, that also serves as its drawback, because there would be no way to make the tool work without the internet. For those who hate long process when it comes to using OCR software, i2OCR works with just three simple steps. That being said, the conversion time still depends on your internet connection, so that is a significant factor. If the internet connection is stable, then you should have no problem with it.


newocr homepage

Last but not least of amazing OCR software, is NewOCR.com. This is another web-based tool able to translate and scan different image formats into word and other text format files. The site supports and can translate more than 200 languages worldwide at an incredible 99% accuracy. The tool needs a stable internet connection to work, and no registration of any kind is required. The site is proud of its file security system that ensures the protection of documents being uploaded into the tool. Also, it can scan distorted images with high-accuracy which effective for old documents.


OCR technology is an innovative way to ease the burden of editing text on image files. This concept is still relatively new to most people, but the number of OCR software is already at an all-time high. With that being said, the tools mentioned above are all deserving of your attention as they are considered among the best. With the ease of use and convenience, there is no doubt that they are among the most trusted free OCR software by most users. Be sure to check them out and feel free to mention some other tools that were not mentioned on the list, but deserve to be.

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