Top Three Tools to Embed PDF in HTML

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Top Three Tools to Embed PDF in HTML

Have you tried learning how to embed PDF in HTML? While the task is not as common as converting PDF files to Word or combining JPEG files into a single PDF document, knowing how to do it right is actually quite beneficial, especially if you have a website. When you embed PDF in HTML, you can attach a PDF file to a webpage where your visitors can view it easily. This is useful when you have PDF documents that contain information about your company or product but they are too long to put directly on your webpage. Proper embedding also helps with making your PDF documents more SEO-friendly, especially now that Google is already indexing them.

Acethinker PDF Converter

The AceThinker PDF Converter is a tool used by students, professionals and entrepreneurs to convert PDF files into different formats and vice versa. By downloading the converter into your device, you can easily convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, TXT, and HTML to PDF while preserving the quality of your original file. The Acethinker PDF Converter also lets you manage your PDF files conveniently by merging, compressing, protecting, unlocking or splitting them. To embed PDF files in HTML, you have to start by converting your PDF file to HTML with a few, easy steps:

Step1 Download and install the app

Download the Acethinker PDF Converter for free online and launch it on your device. By, clicking the “Download” button below.

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Step2 Add files to convert and save them properly

Add the PDF files that you want to convert and choose your output format, in this case, HTML. The tool will automatically convert all your files and you can save them under a new file name for easy reference. Experts suggest that you choose a file name carefully and observe proper capitalizations for SEO purposes.

add pdf file to convert in HTML file

Tip: After you converted the PDF file to HTML successfully, you just have to open the HTML file. Then copy all its content and paste it on the other HTML document where you want to embed the PDF file. Lastly, embed the PDF file into HTML File.

Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to file conversions, Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular tools out there. After all, Adobe created the PDF format and it is now widely used around the world. To embed PDF in a web page using Adobe Acrobat, you need to convert the PDF file to rich text format first:

How to Use Adobe Acrobat

  • If you haven’t installed Adobe Acrobat yet, you can take advantage of a free 7-day trial to test it out and decide if you want to continue with the subscription later.
  • Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF file that you want to add to your webpage. Once it’s open on Adobe Acrobat, right-click and choose Edit with Adobe Acrobat.
  • You can make some changes on the file and save it in rich text format after. Just click File, choose Save As Other, More Options and select Rich Text Format.
  • Once the file is ready, open it on Microsoft Word, copy the content that you want to embed in HTML and paste it on your web page. Make sure that your content is formatted correctly on the WYSIWYG editor to avoid errors.

choose to rich text

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is another useful tool for converting, editing and merging files. With Nitro Pro, you can easily convert PDF files to rich text format, which allows you to embed PDF in a web page a lot more conveniently and following the right format. Here’s how:

How to Use Nitro Pro

  • Click Home, choose Convert, click other than choose to rich text.
  • Then, Add the files that you want to convert and under Output, choose from the available folder options to save your converted file.
  • Once the conversion is done, you can just click Open Files and it will automatically be opened in the default program.
  • You can also organize your PDF files by or remove parts of it to make sure that you only convert what you need. Once that’s done, all you have to do is open the HTML file, copy all the content and paste it on the page where you want to embed the PDF file.

choose to edit in rich text


You cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of learning how to how to embed PDF in HTML if you have a website. With Google being extra strict on indexing web pages and PDF files, knowing how to embed PDF in website properly will definitely give you the edge that you need in making sure your website is both functional and SEO-friendly. With the help of tools like Acethinker PDF Converter, Adobe Acrobat and Nitro Pro, you’ll be more confident in converting your files and embedding them into your web pages. You can also take advantage of all their other features, which will help improve your workflow.

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