Best 4 PDF Converter to Save Word File as PDF

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Best 4 PDF Converter to Save Word File as PDF

Word to PDF can be considered as one of the most common file conversion needs that you will come across. As you already know, Microsoft Word is the most common tool that you use to prepare documents. However, you will not need to send the Word files, especially when you have critical or sensitive information within the file. Therefore, you will get the requirement to convert Word file to PDF. We will tell you some of the best methods available for you to convert Word file to PDF. These are the following tools on how to convert Word file to PDF without losing formatting.

Acethinker PDF Converter

When you are looking for a method on how to convert Word file to PDF, you will get the requirement to have a PDF file, which has all the original formatting of the Word file. This is one of the biggest issues that people face when they convert Word files to PDF. Once you do the conversion, you will not be able to see the original formatting, such as bullets and aligning. If you want to learn how to turn Word into PDF without losing formatting, you can get your hands on AceThinker PDF Converter. Below mentioned are the steps that you will have to follow when you use Acethinker.

Step1 Download and install the app

First of all, download and install Acethinker PDF converter on your computer. Then you can open it.

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Step2 Drag and drop the file to convert

On the main interface, you will be able to see an option, where you can insert the PDF file. You just need to select the Word file. Acethinker also provides you with the ability to enter multiple PDF files at a time. Lastly, when the file/files are uploaded, you can select PDF as the destination file format. Then you can hit enter and this tool will begin the file conversion process.

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iCareAll PDF Converter

icareall pdf converter

iCareAll PDF Converter is a product, which is uniquely designed to help you with your file conversion needs. Therefore, you can think about using it without keeping any doubts in mind. This application comes along with a simple and straightforward interface. Therefore, you can easily get to know about the file conversion process. You can go ahead in the process and get your files converted without any trouble as well. This tool can also provide you with batch conversion capabilities.


primopdf converter

PrimoPDF is another great product available for you to get your files converted into PDF without losing its original format. This is an effective tool as well. You will be able to get your work done in an efficient manner with the help of this tool. Primo PDF interface looks a bit complicated, but you can quickly figure out how to use it. Then you can proceed with your file conversion needs and get all your requirements catered.

Icecream PDF Converter

icecream pdf converter

Icecream PDF Converter has earned a lot of reputation throughout the past because of its versatility. That’s because it is not just another PDF converter, which can help you to convert the common file formats such as Microsoft Word. You will even be able to convert many other file formats, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint with the assistance of Icecream PDF Converter. If you come across the need to convert files on a regular basis, Icecream PDF Converter is a good tool to be installed on your computer.


We discussed four of the most effective methods available for you to get your Word Files converted to PDF. You can take a look at these products and get those files converted. Any person who is searching for a way on how to convert word file to pdf can take a look at these tools. They will never disappoint you and you will not come across any pain points. Some of the tools we discussed can help you to get the files converted efficiently, whereas others can help you get the files converted without creating a negative impact on formatting. Therefore, you can analyze the pros and cons of these tools and settle down with the best one out of them for all your Word to PDF conversion needs.

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