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Helpful Steps on How to Convert PDF to XLSX

Last updated on May 21, 2019 by JoKelly

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Helpful Steps on How to Convert PDF to XLSX

PDF files are a crucial file format that is used widely. This is because it is easy to share with a group of people. It is good for viewing information as it can contain all types of data including text, tables, infographics, and audio. Sometimes, the PDF file is not the right format for viewing a certain type of data. The reason is that you cannot edit the information.

For editing information in a table, you might need to change the PDF to XLS. When you are converting a PDF file into an excel file, it becomes a difficult task. This is because the data is not properly converted; there are formatting problems. Since there are numerous ways to change the PDF file to XLS format, not all the ways are reliable and right for the task. This is why we have mentioned the best ways to convert the PDF files into XLSX or XLS format.

Acethinker PDF Converter

AceThinker PDF Converter is an excellent tool for converting PDF to XLS or XLSX format. Though converting to Excel file is not easy, you can make it hassle-free by using Acethinker converter. It will accurately transfer the data to XLSX or XLS format. Follow these easy steps to convert the PDF file.

Step1 Open Converter

The first step is to launch the AceThinker PDF Converter.

open the app

Step2 Change the file conversion and change format type

You must select PDF to Excel box. Moreover, there are two format types that you can choose between. XLS or XLSX, choose on the format you want. Then, you have to add the file(s) you need to convert.

add pdf file choose format

Step3 Convert the chosen file

Once you have added the files, you can click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion. In a few seconds, you can view the Excel file.

convert pdf file to excel

Acethinker PDF Converter is a safe and super fast converter that will make it easy to convert files. This will accurately transfer the information and ensures the quality is high. It will not cost you an arm and a leg as it will cost $29.95 per year. You will have to pay $69.95 for a lifetime license. This makes it the best converter.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a wonderful tool for converting PDF file to XLSX precisely. You will be able to skip all the difficult steps you have to do when entering data manually. With the help of Adobe Acrobat, you can preserve the data correctly along with formatting. You can easily edit the information whenever you to. Here are the steps to convert the file.

Step1 Download and install Adobe Acrobat

First, you have to open Adobe Acrobat DC.

adobe acrobat reader

Step2 Open the Required File

After that, you need to open the PDF file you want to change.

open required file

Step3 Export PDF Tool

You can go to Export PDF in the tools pane.

export pdf tool

Step4 Choose Excel Format

Then, you have to select the Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel Workbook.

excel format

Step5 Save the File

Once you have selected the format type, a dialog box will open. You must select the folder to save the file.

save your file

You can see a Settings button under the file type box. When you click it, an XLSX Settings will appear. Moreover, there are two top ways to convert PDF to XLS. Adobe Acrobat DC is a great tool that will eliminate the need to install or download any other app for viewing and converting. The only problem with Adobe is that it is expensive; it will cost $12.99 per month and yearly, it will cost $155.88.


Converting the PDF to XLS is a daunting and time-consuming task when done manually. This is because you will have to format all the information. There are several ways to convert PDF to XLSX/XLS format. However, the best is by using Acethinker PDF Converter. The reasons are it is an affordable option along with being fast and safe. Moreover, it will help in retaining the original format of the file. Though Adobe Acrobat DC is also great, it is not a cost-effective choice. Hence, Acethinker PDF Converter is an ideal choice to convert PDF to XLS.

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January 10, 2019

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