How to Convert Keynote to PowerPoint

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How to Convert Keynote to PowerPoint

Presentation slides are the most commonly used files during a meeting. With that being said, PowerPoint is the most common tool used to create such slides. On the other hand, Mac users can also create these slides from their own devices using the Keynote tool for Mac. However, using PowerPoint is a much convenient choice for people because most companies use Windows as their operating system. Therefore, if a person is to use a presentation made from Keynote, then they will have to convert Keynote to PowerPoint to use the file. Read on to learn about the various ways how you can open Keynote in PowerPoint.

How to Export Keynote to PowerPoint on Mac

Keynote is present on all Mac device, making it the default presentation slide maker for Mac. Since this is the case, it only natural that Mac users are comfortable using Keynote than PowerPoint. However, there are instances where people need to use PowerPoint for a slide that was initially created with Keynote. This is because PowerPoint indeed has different options that Keynote does not have. That is why it is essential to know how to export Keynote to PowerPoint on Mac. To learn how to perform this method, follow the steps below.

User Guide

  • From the Mac device desktop, go to the “Finder” and select “Application.” From there, look for the Keynote application and open it.
  • Once it is launched, open the the PDF file by clicking the “File” tab and select the “Open” option.
  • From the taskbar, click the “File” tab and select the “Export to” option. From the list of available format, select “PowerPoint”.
  • export the files

  • Before entirely saving the PowerPoint file, you can choose to add password protection by ticking the “Require password to open” checkbox.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t want to add a password to the file, you can skip this part by clicking the “Next” button.
  • To finalize the saving process, enter the file name and then click the “Save” button.

save the file

How to Save Keynote to PowerPoint on iPhone or iPad

Aside from Mac, Keynote files are also accessible on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. This adds more convenience to users because they can take their presentations anywhere with them. However, when the need arises to present the presentation to an audience, one must have a Mac device and open the presentation from there. This is because Keynote presentations are only accessible from the Mac and iOS device, and they are not compatible with other readers and tools. That is why iOS devices have an option that allows users to convert Keynote to Powerpoint directly. To learn how to save Keynote files into PowerPoint on iPhone or iPad, follow these steps.

User Guide:

  • From the iOS device, browse from your list of pre-installed applications. Most of the time, they are categorized according to their functions.
  • Keynote is commonly placed in a folder together with pre-installed apps like iMovie.
  • From the main screen of the Keynote viewer, tap the “Ellipses” icon at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • From the list of options that will appear, tap the “Export” button. You can now choose “PowerPoint” from the list of available format.
  • For presentation, tap the “PowerPoint” option to save it to the latter.
  • export the file

  • From the new set of options, click the “Save to files” option and the PowerPoint presentation will be saved to your iOS device.

save to files

Convert Keynote to PowerPoint on Windows using iCloud

Another way to convert Keynote to PowerPoint is by using iCloud. The process seems intimidating because there is a lot of sensitive information stored on iCloud. On the other hand, this can be useful when it comes to converting saved Keynote files into PowerPoint. One thing is that you can be sure that the data is safe from any virus infection. To learn how to perform this method, follow the steps below.

User Guide:

  • iCloud now has a Windows version, making it easier for people who does not have a Mac device to access their iCloud account.
  • Start by installing iCloud for Windows, and then logging-in to your account.
  • Assuming that the presentation is already uploaded on iCloud, if not, you can upload it beforehand. Find the presentation and click the more button.
  • From the options that will appear, select “Download a Copy.”
  • download the file

  • Select “PowerPoint” from the list of options that will appear on the screen. After that, the download process will begin and just wait for the download to finish.

select powerpoint format

How to Change Keynote to PowerPoint with Cloudconvert

For people who don’t have an iCloud account, there is still another way to convert Keynote to PowerPoint online. This is by using an online tool which is Cloudconvert. This is a web-based tool, accessible for both Mac and Windows users. The only downside of the tool is that it needs the internet for it to work. The process to use the tool is simple, just follow these steps.

User Guide:

  • Open a web-browser and visit the official website of Cloudconvert. For a more simple way to reach the website, click the link above.
  • From the homepage, click the “Select Files” button and upload the Keynote presentation from your device to Cloudconvert.
  • Once the file is uploaded to Cloudconvert, click the “Start Conversion” button and the conversion process will begin.
  • After the conversion process, the download link for the presentation will appear. Click the download link and wait for the download to finish.

start conversion


Due to the exclusivity of the Keynote presentation format, opening it on a device with a different operating system is impossible. Luckily, Apple Corporation put this struggle into consideration by adding built-in functions to their tools. This allows the conversion of Keynote files into the most common presentation file, which is PowerPoint. With the methods provided above, regardless of the device, you will be sure to convert Keynote to PowerPoint in no time. If there are other methods you know, that are not included, feel free to reach out, or leave a comment.

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