How to Use the Compress Function of AceThinker PDF Converter

Needing to compress files to easily email them? Want more storage on your PC? Acethinker PDF converter might be a good help. This tool can do a lot of things for you including compressing files for your benefit. This tool can easily convert files into Word, Excel, PPT, Text, Image and vice versa. Meanwhile, get started with the tool by following the steps below.

Step1 Download and install the app

Get the app installed on your PC by visiting the official website or by using the download buttons below. Then make sure to follow the set up guide until the app is launched.

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Step2 Locate Compress PDF

Compressing files is an added feature of the tool, so from the main interface you have to click “Other tools” then choose “Compress PDF”.

Step3 Upload the file

Now, locate the file you want to compress by clicking the “Choose File” button. Sort your files and find the target PDF file. Next, highlight the file and click open to upload it.

Step4 Start compressing

Once the file is uploaded, at the bottom right hand side of the main interface, click the “Convert” button to start the process.

Convert the file

Step5 Check the compressed file

Just wait until the conversion process is done. Anyway you will be notified once it’s done. Another window will pop where you can directly check the file you converted. You can also check the file from the main interface of the tool. Beside the convert button there is “open Folder”


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