How to Convert PDF to Word with Adobe Alternatives

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Adobe Acrobat DC is a premiere PDF editing and reading software from the company of the same name. Many users trust this tool as it provides high-quality PDF utility functions, which is why it is the top PDF software for many years now. Adobe Acrobat DC is not just a reader and editor, as it has an Adobe PDF to Word feature that is available from the premium version of the tool. However, Adobe Acrobat DC is not one of the cheaper options out there. Another reason for the popularity of this tool is because of its hefty price. This is why instead of Adobe, more users tend to use cheaper yet effective alternatives, like the one featured below. Continue reading to learn more about these great Adobe alternatives, and how to convert Adobe PDF to Word using them.

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AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

pdf converter proFirst among the great Adobe PDF to Word alternatives is AceThinker PDF Converter Pro, which is a desktop application for both Windows and Mac. This tool can accurately convert Adobe PDF, to Word files and vice-versa. PowerPoint, Excel Spreadsheet and even image formats are also possible to convert using AceThinker PDF Converter Pro which is a life-saver for many users. Aside from that, there are other essential features available on the tool, like the page splitter, merger and more. Also it is equipped with the advanced OCR feature that lets users scan physical documents and turn them into PDF files without having to rewrite anything. All these and more for a price way less that Adobe, which makes it really cos-efficient. To learn how to use AceThinker PDF Converter Pro to convert Adobe PDF to Word, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

To use the tool, it must be first installed on the PC by downloading the installer by clicking one of the buttons below. Wait for the download process to finish and then launch the installer. Follow the instructions from the setup wizard that will appear to properly install AceThinker PDF Converter Pro.

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Step2 Convert PDF to Word

Launch the tool after installation and then from the home-screen, click the “From PDF” tab and then select “PDF to Word.” Click the “Choose file” button and then look for the PDF document to convert into Word file from the file explorer window that will appear. Once the PDF document is uploaded, click the select the format of the Word file by choosing between the options under the “Format” section. Toggle the destination folder of the file from the “Open Folder” button where the newly converted Word file will be saved. Once all preparations are done, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process. A notification will appear once the conversion process is finished.

convert the pdf

Step3 View the Word file

To view the newly converted Word document, click the “Open folder” button from the notification. This will directly open the save folder where all converted files will be stored. From there, view the newly converted file using Microsoft Word.

open folder

AceThinker Free PDF to Word Converter Online

pdf to word logoAceThinker Free PDF to Word Converter Online is a web-based application that can instantly convert Adobe PDF to Word files. This is a dedicated Adobe PDF to Word alternative which is absolutely free to use and does not require any installation. This is a total time and disk space saver because there is no download involved, meaning it won’t consume disk-space on the hard-drive. In general, the tool is able to fulfil basic PDF to Word conversion which is decent enough. To learn how to use AceThinker Free PDF to Word Converter Online, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch Free PDF to Word Converter

Visit the official website of AceThinker PDF to Word Converter to launch the tool. From the home-page, click the “Add” icon and then look for the PDF document to convert from the file explorer window that will appear.

Step2 Wait for the conversion process to finish

The tool will start converting the PDF to Word document while it is being uploaded. Depending on the file size of the PDF document, the process might take a few seconds, or minutes.

convert pdf to word

Step3 Download the Word document

A download button will appear once the tool finishes the conversion process. Click the download button to get the newly converted Word document into the PC. Once the download process is complete, open the Word file using Microsoft Word.

download the word doc

EasyPDF for iOS

easy pdfiOS users can also experience Adobe PDF to Word conversion, by using easyPDF. This is a mobile app that is supported by iOS devices, and is available from the Apple App Store for free. easyPDF can transform PDF documents into Word documents with high accuracy because of its powerful converter features. In total, the tool is pretty straightforward to use, because all that is needed is to download the app. Next is to launch the app, and then select which PDF to convert. Once decided on the file, tap the “Convert” button and the conversion process will start. The file will be then saved at the same file location as with the original file after conversion.


Convert PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat

icon-adobe-acrobatAs mentioned above, Adobe Acrobat is both a reader and editor, with converter features. The tool boasts powerful converter feature especially the PDF to Word function. If the tool is already installed on the PC, launch it. From the launch screen, click the “Tools” tab, and then click the “Export” button and select which PDF document to convert. From the converter window, select “Microsoft Word Document” as the option under the “Convert to” tab. On the next drop-down menu, select which language the PDF document is written in for the tool to accurately recognize it. Once done with the preparations, click the “Export to Word” button to start the conversion process. The file will be then saved to the same file location where the original PDF document is located where it can be viewed later on.

adobe pdf to word

Tip: For users of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC X and XI, it is safe to know that the company has ended their support for the said tools. This means that the owner of the tools are longer eligible to receive technical support, product updates, security updates and other future improvements to the tool. One way to avail these features is by updating to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, which will have to be purchased again. This is part of the reason why the alternatives mentioned above are worthy to try. Not only can the tools above perform almost the same functions as Adobe, but users will continue to receive support from the developers regardless of the version of the tool.


Adobe PDF to Word is indeed a wonderful feature for people who use PDF documents to use. However, the fact is that is needs to be purchased for the feature to work is kind of a hassle. This is because of the huge price of the tool itself, which makes it not so budget-friendly to the common folks. Also, there is the ended support for obsolete versions of the tool which forces users to upgrade to the latest versions by purchasing a new license again. Luckily, with tools like AceThinker PDF Converter Pro, users will have the option to switch to a more practical and cost-efficient Adobe PDF to Word converter.

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