Top 5 Adobe PDF Converter Alternatives

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Top 5 Adobe PDF Converter Alternatives

It is no wonder that a majority of the people tend to use Adobe PDF Converter to convert regular files into PDF files. They tend to choose it if they are not familiar with other options in the store for them. However, it has a major cons to it. The user would be required to select per image or per file for its conversion, which could be time-consuming if you are opting for converting the images in batch. Here, we introduce top 5 Adobe PDF Converter Alternatives to help you with the conversion of the files: Adobe PDF Converter is accessible to most everyone but, it could be a hassle to deal with complicated software that doesn’t allow its user to upload multiple files at a time. Of course, if you have spare time on your hands then, you can use the software for the time being; however, if you are short on deadlines then, it requires you to look for alternatives to help with the conversion and merging of the files.

Acethinker PDF Converter

AceThinker PDF Converter webpage AceThinker PDF Converter makes an excellent alternative to Adobe PDF Converter—it contains all the elements and features that one would necessarily use to convert files, compress files, edit them, merge them, and so on. The software program is downloadable to Window PC and Mac, and it could be purchased to explore the advanced features of the app.
One of the best features about the program is that it converts a number of formats into PDF (Word, TXT, PPT, Excel— you name it) but, it also supports the conversion of PDF files to any other format at a one-click basis. The multiple format supported software makes an excellent solution for people wanting to convert any type of file to a PDF file. In addition, it also helps with combining PDF files. Also, with Acethinker PDF Converter, you do not have to worry about losing the quality of the files. The files would be saved with high resolution.

Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter webpage Are you looking for a PDF converter which would make a suitable alternative to Adobe PDF Converter? Total Pdf Converter makes an excellent alternative, and it provides the users with a total experience when it comes to the conversion of merging of PDF files. Total PDF Converter contains a number of tools required for the conversion of files. It is a downloadable tool exclusive to Windows, and it is regarded as a highly functional tool which is used for the conversion of a multitude of tools.

iSkysoft PDF Converter

iSkysoft PDF Converter webpage Similarly, iSkysoft PDF Converter makes an excellent downloadable converter exclusive to Windows and Mac. The tool is equipped with features to convert and edit PDF files, and it also allows you to make the best use of OCR by converting and editing the PDF files accordingly. The tool allows a user to convert files in a batch, and it also provides them with an excellent user experience. You would be surprised by how much of a better alternative it is to Adobe. If you are satisfied with the trial version of the software—you can buy the latest and advanced features of the tool at an affordable rate.

All PDF Converter

All PDF Converter webpage When it comes to finding alternatives to Adobe PDF Converter—it cannot get better than using All Pdf Converter to satiate your need of finding a PDF converter. The downloadable program is equipped with the function to convert 7 formats, and you can select from any one of the formats to cater to your conversion and merging needs. As depicted by its name, you will be getting all PDF conversion and merging tools in one place that you can use to your advantage to convert files.

Lighten PDF Converter Master

Lighten PDF Converter Master webpage Lighten Pdf Converter Master is definitely a better alternative to Adobe PDF Converter by a mile. It contains all the suitable elements for the conversion of PDF files. It allows you to experiment with a number of options to make amendments to your converted PDF files. You should definitely give Lighten PDF Converter Master a try to experience the software. The converter master is true to its name, and you can download it and install it to your PC or Mac to get started with the conversion process.

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