How to Convert PDF to Excel in Adobe Acrobat

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How to Convert PDF to Excel in Adobe Acrobat

Wondering how to convert PDF to Excel in Adobe Reader? There are several reasons for converting a PDF file into an Excel file. If you need to modify any data on PDF file, it is not possible. This is why you need to convert the file into an Excel file, so you can change the incorrect information. When it comes to changing the format, it may not be as easy as it seems. The major problem we face is of formatting. When you convert the PDF file into an Excel, the structure and formatting of the table or document are changed. This will require you to format it manually; it is a time-consuming and demanding task. The best solution is to use Adobe Acrobat or Acethinker PDF Converter. Read on to know how to convert PDF file into an Excel.

Acethinker PDF Converter

Another tool that is perfect for Adobe PDF to Excel conversion is Acethinker PDF Converter. This will enable you to change any file into a different format. For instance, you can convert PDF document into an Image, Excel Spreadsheet, or Word Document. A remarkable thing about this software is that will retain the original format and structure after the conversion. This will save your time as you will not have to format the file. Moreover, you can rest assured your computer will not be at any risk and all your information will be safe. This is because it is a secure and safe tool. It will not harm your computer in any way. This converter will convert the files into the desired format within seconds. A wonderful thing is that the quality will not be compromised. Follow these easy steps to convert Adobe PDF to Excel.

Step1 Download and install the app

First, download the app and install it on your computer. To do that, click the “Download” button below. Then, launch the tool to start using it.

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Step2 Open the app to add the PDF file

First, you will have to open the Acethinker PDF Converter. Then, you will have to choose the desired “format” from the box. In this case, it will be PDF to Excel. At the bottom below see the file type. Select the one you want. After that, you “add file” for converting.

add pdf file

Step3 Convert the PDF file

Once, you have added all the files that you want to be converted, click on the “Convert” button.

convert pdf to excel

Step4 View the acquired file

After the conversion, you can view the converted file by opening the folder.

open the converted file

Although it is not a free converter, it is less expensive than Adobe Acrobat. For a year, you will have to pay $29.95 while for a lifetime subscription, you should pay $69.95. Without any doubt, Acethinker is the best tool to Adobe convert PDF to Excel.

How to Convert PDF to Excel with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the best software for creating, editing, viewing, and converting PDF files. What makes it the best application is that you can convert PDF files into any format including DOCX, JPEG, and XLSX. If you have the full upgraded version of Adobe Acrobat, then you will not have to download any other software for PDF files. Unfortunately, this app is not free, and it is expensive software that will burn a hole in your pocket. You will have to pay $12.99 each month and $155.88 every year.

Step1 Open Adobe Acrobat

You will have to download and install the Adobe Acrobat to launch it. Then, you should click on the “Tools” tab and click on the “Export PDF” icon.

open tool tab to select export

Step2 Choose format to use to export

Then, a new window will open. You will have to choose the “format” you want to convert. Also, you can even change the “settings” of the document. Once you are done with the settings, you can click on “Export” to start converting the file and view it.

choose format to use and export


There are various ways to convert PDF file into Excel; however, the best tools are Adobe Acrobat and Acethinker PDF Converter. It is confusing to choose one, for making it easy, we have discussed both the converters. For the conversion of PDF to Excel Adobe, you need to have a reliable and safe converter. Acethinker PDF Converter is the right choice. It is not only fast but safe as well. There will be no threat to your computer and your private information. The conversion will be of top-quality and will require no formatting. This will allow you to change the PDF file into any format. So, download this converter and convert PDF files into any format without any hassle.

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