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How to Create Contract Template with Word

Part of doing business is having a valid contract that covers the full scope of work to be done signed up by all parties involved. It defines all the specific details about the agreement including the timeframe, deliverables, procedures and other information needed. However, contracts differ depending on your clients and it is a little time consuming to create a contract for each and every party. That’s why it is recommended to create a contract template ready for your convenience. To know how it’s done, read through this article and create a contract template using Microsoft Word in an easy manner.

Step 1 Launch MS Word

The first thing that you need to do is open the Microsoft Word program. You can launch the app by clicking its desktop icon from the main window of your computer. Once the app is launched, select the “File” tab from the left panel then click “New”.

how to make contract template with Word

Step 2 Open the desired contract template

Now, type “Contract” in the search field and look for templates that suits your needs best. You may also get some references online (website, blogs, or forums) if you can’t find one from the list of available templates. For this specific example, we will demonstrate the process using a Service Contract Template.

how to make contract template with Word

Step 3 Edit the Content of the template

Once the chosen contract template is opened, read through the template to change, insert or remove unwanted parts. In the example provided, you can change all phrases inside the brackets and parentheses such as the Agreement, Service Receiver, Address, Service Provider and so on. You may also need to fill out the required blanks and some incomplete sentences in the content to convey the message well to your clients.

how to make contract template with Word

Step 4 Modify style of font and text filler

If you wish, you can also change the style of the font according to your preference. Simply highlight the text or phrases you wish to modify then select any format available from the “Styles” menu under “Home” tab.

how to make contract template with Word

Step 5 Proofread the content and save

When you are done changing all the details needed for the contract, you should review the article from the beginning and through the rest of the page. Proofread for any possible revisions and proceed on saving the file. To do this, click the “File” button at top left corner. Select “Save as”, click “Browse” and choose your desired file location.

how to make contract template with Word

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