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What’s Zamzar

Zamzar is a prevailing online downloader application over internet, although it’s not easy to speculate the usage from its name, it really does well in video downloading and conversions. With eminent performance and unique interface, Zamzar allows downloading files of 100MB per time for free users, so you may need to register premium membership to remove the limit. Every time you take a download, it does not save the video clip on your browser directly, but needs your email address to send the download link. Here we will review the best substitutes to Zamzar for users to overcome the limits and to achieve straightforward download experience:

No. 1 Free Video Downloader

free video downloader online

Score: 8.5/10, Address: Free Online Downloader

This tool is ready to use on this page. It’s also straight to go with as you can directly input the URL of desired video into the related field. But there’s no need to get video file via email, for you can download it directly on your browser.

Once confirmed, simply hit “Download” icon to fetch the source of video and you will then see the app expands several formats with download options below the input field. Simply select a format you want by right-clicking on the download icon that goes with it, and then choose “Save link as” from menu to save your video. You could use this means to save as many clips as you need.

Pros: Supports a wide range of video sites and downloads clips with no hassle.

Cons: Sometimes you may not get the conversion formats you want and also you have to wait for one download completes before getting the next.

There is also a desktop version named Video Keeper, which has more functions and works much better. It not only lets you download videos from various popular video sharing sites, but also allows you to capture online streaming videos with the built-in screen recorder. What’s more, it can also work as a perfect video converter, editor and manager. Click the link below to have a try!

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

No. 2 Online Video Converter

online convert app

Score: 8.0/10, Address:

The is another website that features handy video converter which tackles both internet and local videos. It has probably the most comprehensive selections of output formats to choose from. And it also provides presets of outputs compatible with iOS devices and more. To start with, you could forward to Video Converter on home page, choose target format from drop-down list and then select go to get to the converter.

From here you can enter the URL of target video into the indicated field and then click on “Convert File” to start downloading videos in chosen format. And you could also configure the settings for resolution, bitrate, frame rate and start/end points for downloaded video if needed. After all, though the interface of Online-Convert is a bit outdated, it really works for watching videos on some main-stream sites offline.

Good: It provides a comprehensive list to export your video clips to various formats. There’re also options for editing videos.

Bad: Interface is not so fashionable and it only supports some main-stream video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

No. 3 Clip Converter


Score: 7.5/10, Address:

The is another file conversion site that works like Zamzar, it also lets you convert files from local drive or internet. Though the outward appearance is a bit too simple and there’re not so many output formats to choose from, it does work as claimed. Also, there’s no need for registration or installation. It also enables users to extract audio from a web video which is not available in many similar online apps. Moreover, you can even choose to download YouTube in HD resolution. The only problem is that it does not support many sites.

Good: Similar to Zamzar but has no limits on registration or file size.

Bad: No additional options to edit video and also sometimes not stable.

No.4 Convert Files


Score: 7/10, Address:

This site looks quite similar to Zamzar that the Zamzar users can control over the operation in no time. But comparing with Zamzar, it works more intuitively without limits, you can also save video clips to your browser without having to wait for the email. It’s also possible to choose an output formats from the list though they’re not well arranged. Concerns the coverage of supported video sites, File Convert works well for more than 10 sites other than YouTube. Still, it’s a pretty simple website for converting your flash video to another format flexibly.

Good: Similar to Zamzar but has no limits on registration or file size.

Bad: No additional options to edit video and also sometimes not stable.

No.5 Savevid


Score: 7/10, Address:

Savevid is actually a program similar to Zamzar. Although it has an URL field like other online downloader, it will remind you to install a browser plugin in first time using it. Despite it, you still download videos within the browser. By entering an URL of target clip and clicking the download button, you will get a list of formats, letting you download the file in chosen format. The distinctive part of Savevid is that it also recommends valuable video contents in top list, categories and time frame. It has definitely enriched your video entertainment online and you may probably find something appealing and not easy to find in the massive videos on YouTube.

Good: Savevied lets people download videos in multiple formats for free and also recommends videos in its own categories.

Bad: Requires to install a browser plugin and also comes with ads all the time.

No.6 KeepTube

keeptube online

Score: 7/10, Address:

This site claims to provide the best YouTube Downloader for users. It has a distinctive interface for easily proceed with your download task. Unlike the other apps, this one has integrated the URL download field with search engine. You can not only download videos via URL but also search for them by entering keywords. Despite it, there’s also a “loop video” function which is to repeat playing your chosen video on a new page.

Good: Extra functions for users to search and loop videos.

Bad: Pop-up of advertisements, some videos cannot be downloaded.

No.7 Save Video


Score: 7/10, Address:

This site supports many video platforms as you could check in the slide beneath download field. By entering the URL of a video, you can download it directly. Since it can work well with many sites, you could also explore the videos that’re available there and grab them with ease. Moreover, it also has friendly setting for you to hide the row of advertisement so as to concentrate on downloading stuffs you like.

Good: Friendly settings for users and supports to many sites.

Bad: Cannot handle some video clips on YouTube.

No.8 CatchVideo


Score: 6.5/10, Address:

This website offers video formats including Webm, MP4, 3GP, FLV and more. It also support over 20 sites which is realy seen in parallel service. There’re also recommends of videos for users to browse the best selections from different video platforms. It’s only that the app requires you to install browser exntension.

Good: Supports over 20 video platforms and recommends most downloaded videos.

Bad: Needs to install browser extension for downloading videos.

No.9 Fastest Tube

fastest tube

Score: 6.5/10, Address:

Fastest Tube is a browser add-on, but capable of working on all types of browsers. Once done with installation you will see a download option added to below the playback window of YouTube videos. By clicking to expand the list, you’re allowed to select the resolution and format for saving the video. This tool is specialized in dealing with YouTube and there’s no download problem reported so far.

Good: Works smoothly in downloading YouTube video on its playback window.

Bad: Needs to install browser extension and supports YouTube only.

No.10 KeepHD


Score: 6/10, Address:

KeepHD is a simple and clean web app for downloading videos from YouTube and a few more video platforms. It also has recommends of mostly viewed videos. It’s only that the site has ads that my redirect users to fraudulent survey or prize. Users need to be carefully not to click into such sutffs when using this app.

Good: Clean interface for downloading videos.

Bad: Provides wrong ads.

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