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Looking for Sites like KeepVid?

Many people already know the great benefits of Keepvid. It simply requires you to copy and paste the link of video you want to download from any video sharing site such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, and paste in the link. However, sometimes KeepVid doesn’t work as well as you need it to. If you ever run into a problem with this program and are blocked from doing what you want to do, you may look for an alternative to KeepVidto download the videos you need. Here are the top 10 sites like KeepVid that let you grab videos with ease.


No. 1 Free Video Downloader(Best KeepVid Alternative)

Score: 8.5/10, Address: Free Online Downloader

The first recommended website similar to KeepVid is our free online video downloader which allows you to download videos just like KeepVid does. Downloading videos is almost the same as KeepVid: simply copy and paste the web video URL and then click on the download button. Once the source of video is detected, choose a format that suits your need, right-click on the smaller download icon besides it and then select “Save link as” to download this video clip. It really doesn’t take long to download a video at all.

Also, if you’re looking for alternatives to KeepVid that have more advanced functions to control over the downloading progress and the video format, you can get Video Keeper. This is a standalone program which works perfectly on Win/Mac. It also supports batch downloading and allows you to convert video to various formats like WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3 etc.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

video downloader

No. 2 Online Video Converter

Score: 8.0/10, Address:

This website is a great KeepVid alternative and is actually much better than KeepVid. It not only allows you to convert online videos to multiple files types by providing the video URL, but also lets you convert local videos to your desired formats. Though the interface is a bit out-dated, you can still get the task done easily. Simply navigate to the site’s home page and click on “Video Converter” and choose an output file format. After that, enter the URL of the video you need to convert and confirm the option settings to download online videos to the specified format.


No. 3 Zamzar

Score: 7.5/10, Address:

Zamzar is an online solution to all video downloading and conversion needs. It can change file formats for any clips on your computer hard drive and also grab videos from the web as well. This program is an appropriate Keepvid alternative because it is free, allows for easy downloading and conversion of digital files and also offers a paid subscription model with even more options. To use it, you will need to provide an email address to receive the downloaded files.


No.4 Clip Converter

Score: 7/10, Address:

While this website isn’t as popular as other options, it still provides competent video download capabilities and is considered as one of the best sites similar to KeepVid. All you need to do is enter the video URL to download your file. Multiple output formats are available for both online and local video conversion. With it, you can watch your favorite online videos offline almost on any device. You can also join jump onto your social network accounts to share your interest with other fans.


No.5 Fastest Tube

Score: 7/10, Address:

No matter what browser you use, Firefox, Chrome, IE or Safari, FastestTube is a small and quick program that will not interfere with the other work you’re doing on your computer. Enable this browser add-on to make the convenient download button show up to your internet video viewer. When you have a video you want to download, all you need to do is click the button. This quick and easy KeepVid alternative only allows downloading in FLV and MP4 file types.


No.6 Video Grabber

Score: 7/10, Address:

Video Grabber is a decent KeepVid similar website that allows you to download videos on YouTube and other popular sharing sites without any headaches. You just need to navigate to the video you want, copy the website address or URL of that file and paste it in the appropriate slot on the site. All that is left to do is hit the download button and save the video to your computer. You can rename it with an FLV file extension if required.


No.7 Keep HD

Score: 7/10, Address:

Do you want to grab YouTube videos and save them in many file formats for use on your computer and mobile devices? KeepHD does just what its name implies. Similar to KeepVid, it lets you download videos from whatever URL you put in the text box. You can get these in a 3GP file type as well as FLV and MP4. Automatic conversion is also available as an option.



Score: 6.5/10, Address:

No registration is necessary on this website. It is very similar to in that it allows downloading and saving from many different sharing sites all across the web. Some of these can include YouTube, Dailymotion, MetaCafe and SevenLoad. Just enter the URL to identify which video you want to grab and press the “Catch” button. Downloading can be a bit slow with this service, but conversion is included in the process. Don’t forget to select which type of file you wish to save your video in before you begin.


No.9 KeepTube

Score: 6.5/10, Address:

KeepTube is another KeepVid like online video downloading website. The service is quick and not complicated. Not only does this app let you download videos, but it shows you a small selection of the most popular ones over the last week. If you are more interested in knowing what’s hot, SaveVid is probably a better choice. KeepTube occasionally has trouble with YouTube music videos.

keeptube online

No.10 Save Tube

Score: 6/10, Address:

Just like KeepVid, this website allows you to save online videos from many different popular sites. The first step in getting the video you want is downloading it using the on-site program. Conversion comes next. You can change any type of video to the AVI file format. Downloading videos with SaveTube requires you to install a browser add-on which gives you an icon to press when you have navigated to the video you are interested in. After you get the conversion bar, it will appear near every YouTube video.


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