10 Best Alternatives to IMDb for Watching Movies

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Are you a movie fan? Then you might have heard about IMDB. IMDb is the website which solely stands for International Movie Database. It is supposed to be the most authentic site for movie fans to rate and read reviews about movies, TV shows and Video Games. IMDb does not contain movies but the trailers. IMDb is an excellent site which allows digging deep to movies, its synopsis and discussion. It provides ratings and reviews based on any people so that a group of reviewers would not bias the contents. There are several sites like IMDb which you can rely on movies information. For some reason you don’t like how IMDb works, here are our top 10 alternatives you can refer to.

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TMDb is one of the similar-looking alternative sites to IMDb. It belongs to the category of website that encompasses all the latest and greatest Hollywood news and gossips. TMDb is a crowd-sourced site for movie information. It has lots of features like interaction with people, buying tickets and reading review blogs which keep visitors interested. The first tab of TMDb consists of videos like movie trailers and review; another section called Buzzing consists of information related to celebrities, movies and gossips. It also features tab which has a photo archive of popular celebrities’ photos and movie shoots. You can register to their services and track your favourite movies and TV shows.


Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is the movie review site people mostly follow, it’s similar to IMDb, but they rate movies based on the criteria of tomato meter. Both critics and users’ score are measured alongside and provided on their website, and both criteria have the signature logo. People have been following rotten tomatoes to find reviews and movie list since its emergence in 2000. The concept is creative and indulging, so people prefer tomato meter to other rating sites. They rate movies rotten based on critics review if it falls below 60% and fresh if movie scores more than 60%. The movie is called to be certified fresh if they manage to score more than 75%. It has been popular and great sure for movie nerds. They do not host movies but shows some clips and trailers.



You will need some comprehensive yet authentic reviews if you are going to spend hours watching movies. It contains write-up about movie contents in popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime and so on. Unlike other sites, SIMKl shows a distinct comparison between two users review and ratings. It has huge movie lists which allow you to choose your preferred genre and stream them from your favourite streaming site similar to IMDb. With this site, you will discover more about movies and entertain yourself with quality contents. When tested, we liked how site response for our searches and totally the whole web interface. Simkl might not be the best choice for you as it is still it’s a good suite for adding movie lists and reviewing.



Metacritic is not just a review site, and it’s overall a package to review and rate every media products. Apart from movies, they also rate the music and video games. Their review option is based uniquely on “Metacritic Scorecard”, score ranges from 0 to 100. It comprises all the movies from popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Metacritic does not host any film files but movies trailers and well-praised clips. You can look deeply into the review while clicking on more detail button. In terms of design, the Metacritic website is sleek, looking and clean. It emphasises the users’ experience with simplicity. This site does not generate unnecessary ads and pop-ups. You can filter your view contents choosing movies based on Editors choice and most popular lists with genres.



Letterboxd is a similar site to IMDb that compiles ratings, reviews and information are about movies. It is a social site that allows sharing of movie taste among movie lovers and critics. It allows tracking movies when added to your list. It is made with the concept to surround visitors with sharing an environment of movies and TV shows. One can write their views freely on Letterboxd. It is free to use though you can subscribe to their premium facility for additional personalised features like “Year in Review Report.” Even though there are fewer pieces of information loaded on the website, contents get better with movie releases and people interaction.



As the name suggests, this site utilises all the information about Hollywood movies and TV shows and blog them on their site. Hollywood comes from the famous film unit “Hollywood” located in the United States. You can use Hollywood to read, rate and browse movies as similar to IMDb. It is packed with pieces of information about celebrities, their gossips, box-office news and many more which keeps people engaged. The attractive looking site features contents on tabs; the first tab consists of video files like trailers and movie clips. They also interview celebrities and upload it to their site. Another buzzing tab encompasses information on Movies, TV shows, gossips and celebs photos respectively. The red carpet list contains a recent movie, their release date and other cinema information. It is an exhilarating site that crazy movie fans will love for sure.



AllMovie is an ultimate guide to movies and TV shows. AllMovie is at your service to provide all the information about the topics you search. You can view the biography of an actor and actress on the site. Michael Erlewine did a fine job which founded this site a couple of years ago. It is one of the best competitors to IMDb. Movie trailers along with movies synopsis are updated frequently so that you will be up to date with all the movie contents. Considering their rating criteria, they ask users to rate movies according to their view experience and average the ratings then score on their site. You can rate movies and write a review on them which gander people with a wide variety of movies to watch. AllMovie has the option to advance search queries like IMDb, which provides details about your findings. There is a button option which allows scrapping movies from Google play store and Amazon on a single click. The recommendation lists are the most classic movies review on AllMovie, better checks them; they are fantastic.


Yahoo Movies

Yahoo is a brand, popular as the search engine and mail service company; yahoo also has movie database service named “Yahoo Movies.” Yahoo Movie is a free site like IMDb, where you can watch reviews and choose which movie to watch. It has a clean and responsive website as it offers great service for user experience and comprises better search results. Getting information about the movie; release date, synopsis, casts, review blogs and many more have never been better with Yahoo Movies, it has the entire feature a true movie lover would want in a site. People can buy tickets from Yahoo Movies which is a part of service which utilises your time and money. Henceforth, says Yahoo! to watching movies.



Flixster has now become a distinct movie and TV review site; later, it was a social network for updating recent entertainment news and clips. This site has an option to create your movie lists to choose from ratings and review. They also rate movies based on users and critics’’ rating. Flixster uses the same concept of rotten tomatoes to evaluate films, viz. the audience score and critics’ score. They often update their database similar to IMDb, which allows users to have the latest and greatest knowledge of films. Nearby theatre, ticket costs and movie times are part of Flixster site. Flixster has amazing things like quizzes, movie lists and other tests which keeps people engaging. You are fully acquainted with films if you have Flixster.



Fandango movies also make on our list to become one of the best alternatives to IMDb. Along with movie details, they also sell movie tickets; you can track your nearest local theatre and book tickets from fandango site. Fandango features all the movie genres. It has the most compelling search results, search your preferred movies and then hit “Go,” movie details on the cast and run-time along with ratings will be shown right on the screen. You can also see some director’s clips and highlights of movies but not the whole film. Fandango is way to go if you want to track videos on the vast movie database. You need to register and sign up to use all the available features. You can find people rating and reviewing movies and even interact with people on Fandango.


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10 Best Alternatives to IMDb for Watching Movies

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