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The IMDB Internet Movie Database is a database of information over the web that is related to movies, TV series, video games, etc. it comes up with the production crew and fictional characters of all the media, their biographies and summaries of different TV programs and movies. Every person who loves watching movies and other television shows would surely have heard about the website of the Internet Movie Database. It provides the reviews and ratings of most of the films, and the movie trailers are also available. Several websites on the internet are similar to IMDB, and you can use some of the sites on both Android and iOS devices. A list of top ten sites like IMDB is given below.

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letterboxd cover

Letterboxd is a social network to share the taste of different users in films. It can be used as a diary for recording the opinions of the users about the movies after they watch them. It can also be used just for keeping track of the film. You can keep a list of the film that you would like to watch in the future. Letterboxd is, in this case, a great site when it comes to having an online social networking service. It is surrounded by the concept of sharing a community of film lovers, who can freely express their tastes about the films they watched on the site, more likely as a form of dairy, so others can learn a lot about their opinions and have a real review about the ratings of the films.

TIPS: You can download this app on the Google Play store using your Android phone, or on App store using the iOS phone. Once installed, you can check all the provided movie reviews anywhere using your mobile phone.

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metacritic cover

Metacritic is a website dedicated to reviewing various media products. Apart from movies, Metacritic rates video games and music as well based on their unique “Metacritic scorecard,” which is a weighted average score given on a scale of 0-100. Movies are organized into several categories. Users can view the ratings of the latest releases, movies coming soon, trailers and films from the three most popular movies streaming sites: Netflix, Primewire, and Hulu. You can look at the review of a film in more detail by clicking on it. You can read a review by critics as well as users and see what awards the given video has received. In terms of website design, the overall look is sleek and clean, emphasizing simplicity. The fact that there are no distracting ads and pop-ups makes for a pleasant user experience.

TIPS: To install this app, search it on the Google Play store on your Android phone. You can also install on your iOS devices by searching it on the App Store. You can start saving articles and read them later by using your phone.

metacritic tips

Rotten Tomatoes

rotten tomatoes cover

Rotten Tomatoes also provides the similar things as the IMDB does. The concept of this website is very creative. They have made a tool and named it as Tomatometer. This tomatometer certifies the films and television shows on the basis of percentage of positive reviews, usually 75% or more. Five of the reviews are also from the top level critics. The critics are of different types like print critics, broadcast critics, online critics, video critics, etc. Therefore, Rotten Tomatoes have been a great and popular site for movie watchers, in association with many unique shows such as The Rotten Tomatoes Show was produced, where hosts as well as presented material was featured from the site itself.


allmovie cover

AllMovie is a website similar to IMDB. It is a website for online service guide related to the information of TV programs, movies, screen actors, etc. You can find out the biographies of your favorite actors and TV stars. Michael Erlewine is the founder of this website and he did an amazing job. He is also the founder of AllMusic and AllGame. His website keep on updating and improving when required. In case you have an eye on this site, it is very comprehensive where you can find with a big chance what you are looking for, from detailed info on movie regarding their product information, credits, synopsis or reviews, and so on.

The Guardian

the guardian cover

The Guardian delivers smart reviews of upcoming movies. Just like thier previous published write-ups they still write comprehensive and informative reviews. Unlike other movie review sites, this is considered less “paywall” since, many sponsors already helped them financially and focused on making good movie feedback for people. Furthermore, they make sure that they update their reviews to be reliable when it comes to the information that they share. Movies that are being reviewed here are rated according to the stars that they are getting. Maximum of 5 to be considered as a good movie.

Yahoo Movies

yahoo movies cover

You might not have heard about Yahoo Movies but you would surely have heard about the Yahoo mailbox.  The same company also launched a website like IMDB. You can check out the reviews of different movies and then decide which movie to watch. You can sign up to the website and then log in whenever required. There are the new release as well as the old movies list and reviews on the website. The support agents of the website are very cooperative and user-friendly and they try to sort out the problems of users as early as possible. Therefore in case you are looking for a trusted site which even had some special coverage on topics such as prestigious events like the Academy Awards hosted on their Oscars sub site, then you can be sure that this site is worthy to look at. Furthermore, you can be sure to find some great info here as the site usually releases exclusive trailers, as well as info in the form of special releases that make them relevant to be visited from time to time. cover is one of the ultimate sources for any kind of movies. You can find all the newly released movies at this website. You can also get anything that you want to know about any movie on this website. It also comes in the list of websites like IMDB. In case you are interested in this site, you can be sure to find some good award-winning shows that have been aired and displayed here, including the DiCaprio Code that meant to be the parody of The Da Vinci Code, or the preview webcast show called Statler and Waldorf.

The Movie Database

the movie database cover

The Movie Database is another site like IMDB. It is a well-known user editable database website for films and television shows. The concept of IMDB and the movie database is quite similar. It is also an online database of movies and their reviews. You can sign up and then log in whenever you want to want to decide which movie to watch. There are very authentic reviews that actually help you decide which movie to watch. Based on these, this website can be considered as a free but on the other hand open and great database, that is very personal from the point that it is driven and operated by everyday people such as us. This resulted in that the database is currently being visited by millions of users who are interested in checking out all the available media content.

filmsite cover is a website for the review of films that was established in the year 1996. There are more than three hundred reviews of English films on the website that can be checked before you decide to watch a movie. There are long analytical reviews ofdifferent movies on the website. Therefore in case you look for more advanced reviews and you wish to search for movies which were included after passing criteria which are deeper than the average, such as having a look at its technical innovations or award recognition, then this site is surely for you. Although most of the review is in English, this classic Hollywood movie approach is still worth visiting the site that can provide you great value and insights.

Film Comment

film comment cover

Film Comment was originally an arts and culture magazine featuring movie review and analysis by knowledgeable scholars and critics. Film Comment now has a website with online content as well, with extensive film reviews every day or so. Film Comment does not translate its reviews into numerical ratings which emphasizes the objective nature of the reviews and instead of fact-driven overviews, Film Comment aims at providing some fresh insights and thoughts about the latest movies. The site itself is clear-cut and does not contain unnecessary information. The web-based content is free to read, but you can get a monthly copy of the magazine after subscribing.

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select recording area

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