Better Alternatives to SaveFrom Downloader and More

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Better Alternatives to SaveFrom Downloader and More

savefrom is a very popular free online video downloader service that allows you to download videos from the most popular video sharing sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube. The process is very easy and doesn’t require any installation or subscription. Though SaveFrom offers a convenient way to grab online videos, it does have some drawbacks. The supported video sites are limited and sometimes the downloading suddenly stops for no reason. Moreover, you can only save the videos in MP4 format and there are no advanced features for editing and streaming. Due to these limitations, you may find yourself looking for SaveFrom alternatives to download videos. If it’s the case, then look no further! Here we have reviewed some alternatives to that are even much better.

Video Keeper- Best Alternative to SaveFrom

Instead of a free tool that only downloads videos from certain sites, why not use a software that offers a much greater range of options? Video Keeper from AceThinker will be a wonderful choice for you. It allows you to download videos from all popular video sharing websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, MetaCafe and many more. In addition, you can use it to convert video/audio files among different formats so you can enjoy your media files anywhere you like. Moreover, you can even record your computer screen so as to monitor the computer, make a video tutorial or capture online live streaming videos. Thanks to the intuitive interface, all the work can be done in clicks even if you have no experience.

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Consider the following benefits that make this program superior to the more basic SaveFrom application:

  • It supports download from many more video sharing sites.
  • You can save and convert video files in many different formats.
  • Full MP3 extraction of audio files from video is allowed.
  • Quick and easy conversion of stored videos.
  • Screen and desktop video capabilities.
  • Always operates at high speed and with the best quality.

Online App Alternatives to SaveFrom

Similar to SaveFrom, there’re also some eligible online apps work as downloading videos online. We have reviewed and picked some of them for you to try. These free apps work for YouTube quite well while also allow you to save videos in multiple formats.

Our site’s video downloader app – This tool is readily to use on the page as given, letting you download any video clips via URL. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other video platforms. As long as you enter the URL of a video, you could simply hit the “Download” button and wait for the app detects your video source. It will then expand a list of downloadable formats along with video’s details. You could choose a format for saving the video and then wait a short while till the download completes.

KeepVid – This program operates in much the same way as SaveForm but supports more video sites. It requires the video URL in order to download however. also supports more file formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV and others.

Browser Extension for Downloading Videos

If you fancy the idea of downloading a video when streaming it online, then this part will enlighten you. We have evaluated two nice yet free browser plugins for you to grab video when playing it on browser.

Kwizzu — This completely free browser plug-in is relatively new and not very popular, but it does have the benefit of working on multiple browsers such as Firefox, chrome and Internet Explorer. It might be worth a look if you use multiple Internet browsers and want a quick way to download videos on any of them.

DownloadHelper – If you use Firefox or Chrome as your Internet browser, this plug-in can help you grab videos that you watch online. Whenever you stream a video in browser, this tool’s icon shows up besides your address bar if the video is available for download. All you have to do is click on that icon to save the video to your hard drive. It is a convenient way to capture what you want.

Extra Tips for Downloading Videos on Mobile

When you’re viewing videos on mobile, there’re also positive ways to grab videos right-away. By visiting, you can pull-off videos just like working on dekstop. This site provides free download service that’s suitable for both mobile and desktop use.

video downloader android

And if you’re using Android, you may also search for an app to download and manage the videos. Video Downloader for Android is just one of them. This app has a large proportion of users on Android mobiles and works as providing a built-in browser for users. You could add as many videos as you like into the list while you could also check the download progress within the task list. It’s simple to operate and get the stuffs you want from video platforms.

These are the reviews of better alternatives to Save From, and as reading extension, you may also check this article for reviews of more video downloader tools online.

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