5 Fastest YouTube Downloader to Save YouTube Videos

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5 Fastest YouTube Downloader to Save YouTube Videos

fastest youtube downloaderNowadays almost everyone knows about YouTube. It is a video sharing site depends on its community upload so people can watch videos online. Aside from the fact that you can use it for free even without registering, you can also earn as you get rewarded by having many subscribers on your channel. As of this moment, it has been soaring high and considered one of the most visited websites around the globe. As of the moment, it holds the 2nd place in the ranking according to Alexa Ranking when it comes to a daily visitor on its page. Furthermore, many people find themselves wanting to download videos from this site but being held up because they lack the tool to use. Well, consider this a lucky day because you don’t have to worry about it anymore. In this article, 5 fastest YouTube Downloaders are reviewed for your reference.

Video Downloader Free Online

FOV websiteAcethinker Free Video Downloader is one of the fastest online youtube downloader available that works perfectly with any browser and platform. This downloader has no limitation. You can download as many videos as you please. Unlike other downloaders, it will restrict when you reach a certain limitation allowed. Furthermore, effortlessly download by simply using “URL” links from some of the most popular sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and a lot more. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to save YouTube video with this super fast online YouTube video downloader.

Step1 Copy and paste the URL

Go to YouTube.com and search for the video and copy the link from the URL box. then, visit Acethinker’s Official Website to start using the service. “Paste” the link to the box provided as shown in the photo.

analyze video link

Step2 Choose format and Download

Next, click the download button to proceed with format available. Choose the file that will match your device. Once decided, click the download button or right-click using your mouse then choose “save video target as”> choose file location and hit save.

download the video


dqwebsiteFirst on the list is Qdownloader. It is a web-based application that you can use to download videos from supported sites like Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo , Facebook , LiveLeak and 800 more>>. Furthermore, the tool is very straight forward and easy to use since all buttons are specified per function. What’s more interesting with this downloader is that you can download the video in different format whether its Mp4 or mp3 and ncategorized so its easy to understand and navigate. To help you to start up with this tool here is a guide on how to use it.

Step1 Copy and paste URL

First, go to the site where you wish to download. then, copy the link from the URL box. Next, go to the downloader and paste the “URL” to the box provided.


Step2 Download

To initiate the process click the “Download” button. Then videos in different formats will then appear below the URL box.


Step3 Check and Play

From there you can choose the format that will match your device. If you will scroll down you will more option to choose from. Audio Format , converted file and mp4 formats are categorize so that you can easily identify which is which for you.



SavefromSavefrom.net is also one of the fastest YouTube downloader that you can use to get videos. This web-based app is for free so there is no need to download the app to maximize it. However, this is only limited to Win XP/Vista/7/8. Aside from that, the videos that are being downloaded are standard definition, if you want to maximize HD or download an Mp3 format you have to install their stand-alone downloading software.

Step1 Copy YouTube video URL

First of all, navigate to find the YouTube video you wish to save to your local drive and copy its URL from the web browser address bar.

Step2 Start the downloading

To start using the service, simply paste the “Link” of the video that you wish to download then, click the download button to process the video. Once detected choose the format that you prefer by clicking the drop-down menu beside the word “Mp4”. Finally, once decided just click the “Download” button to save the video.

how to use


y2mateinterfacey2mate.media enables you to download videos from YouTube in HD format. Equally important, the tool works on computers, so as mobile devices whereas other YouTube downloader are not supporting. In addition, this also converts videos from mp4 to Mp3 format from different video streaming sites. Get as many as you can with this fastest free youtube downloader.

Step1 Copy and paste URL

Go to YouTube, find the video that you need. Paste it to the “URL” box provided shown in the picture below.


Step2 Download

Once the video is processed simply click the “blue download button” to save the video on your phone or PC.


Video Grabber

Last but not the least is Video Grabber Online downloader. This site provides online tools for Downloading and Converting Videos so as Screen recording tool for free. You dont need to register to use them. Today the focus is with the downloader. With a single click of this app you can download videos in different formats such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, WMV, WEBM, MP3 and more. Just like the other tools mentioned you simply need the link to download the video.


Step1 Copy and paste URL

Copy the link of the video that you wish to download and paste it in the “URL” section of the site.


Step2 Choose format and Download

Next, choose the format that you prefer and click the download button beside the file chosen.

lastly download


All the above 5 super fast YouTube downloaders are quite simple to use and you can quickly download the YouTube video you want. And they also give you the options to download videos from other popular video sharing websites in different formats and qualities. The online services are free and there are some limitations, such as you can’t download videos in batch. If you just want to download several clips from YouTube, you can just try any of the recommended ones. But if you grab videos from online frequently, it’s recommended that you turn to the desktop video downloader like Video Keeper.

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