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Video streaming sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and more have already become a part of our life. However, it’s also a discouraging fact that these video sites are removing live streams frequently, for massive new content going live every day. To solve such an issue, the Video DownloadHelper comes into handy by offering a positive means to preserve video clips on your computer. However, this tool needs installing an add-on to your browser and only works for FireFox/Chrome. If you prefer to download videos on other browsers or need a more comprehensive download manager, then keep reading this article for better DownloadHelper alternatives.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

Although Download Helper is useful and used by many, also there are several software similar and better like Video Keeper. This is a multipurpose tool that can download almost on all sites and video formats. Aside from that, it has a unique way of acquiring videos. You can use either the link of the video or use the built-in browser to detect the video automatically. On top of that, it can act as a screen recorder and a converter. Moreover, this also compatible with Mac computers. So, nothing can stop you now getting videos online using this tool. On the other hand, use the download buttons below to start your free trial. Also, check out the steps below to guide you on how to use it.

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User Guide

  • Launch the Application: First, hit any of the download buttons below according to your operating system (Windows or Mac). Once the software is completely downloaded, run, and follow the installation wizard to save it entirely into your device. After that, start the program to access its main interface.
  • download video keeper

  • Start the Download by Auto-detection: There are two different ways on how to download videos using this tool. The first one is by using the auto-detection feature of the tool through the built-in browser. All you have to do is go to the “Detect” tab, head up to the built-in browser, and search for the website where you want to download. Next, play the video and wait until the tool detected the video. By default, the detector is on, but just in case it is not clicked, the enable button is located at the bottom left side of the interface.
  • detect the video

  • Download the Video via Link: The other way is by using the download by using the link of the video. You have to copy the relationship of the video that you want to download, and then go back to Video Keeper. Next, click the “Download” tab to see the “Paste URL”. Click it to paste the link; then, the download progress will show. To check the results, click “Completed” and find the name of the file. By using the mouse of your computer, double-click the file to play it.
  • paste the link

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AceThinker Online Downloader

Another tool that you can use is Acethinker Free Online Downloader. This is a lite version of DownloadHelper, where you can download videos in no time. You only need the link of the video to fetch it. Aside from that, this tool can provide several formats of the video. Furthermore, it is safe to use, for it will not require any software to be downloaded. On the other hand, here is a simple guide using this tool.

paste video link into the online app

User Guide

  • Copy the Video Link: First, go to the site where you usually watch and find videos you want to download. Copy the link of the video located at the address bar of the browser.
  • Paste the Video Link: Next, visit the official page of AceThinker Free Online Downloader. When you reach the page, you should see a download field. Paste the link you just copied into the text bar and then click the “Download” button to let the tool analyze the video.
  • Get the Video: Once the video is detected, the tool will show you some formats available for download. To get the video saved on your PC, use your mouse, right-click, then finally click “save link as”. The video then will be downloaded.

save video using online downloader

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Flash Video Downloader

The next Firefox video downloader alternative on this list is Flash Video Downloader. The developer claims that it is one of the most popular video grabbing add-ons that can download high-quality YouTube 4K videos and other full-HD clips. Additionally, it allows users to download from any popular video streaming platform such as Vimeo, Facebook, and more. Regarding this, all downloaded videos can convert into several audio and video formats available. Despite that, one major limitation of this add-on is that it cannot download videos that are protected by copyright. Included here are the popular music videos from Vevo, Warner Bros, Sony Music, and more.

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Ant Video Downloader

Another alternative to DownloadHelper that also acts as a browser extension is Ant Video Downloader. This add-on is a free video downloader that grabs videos from multiple Firefox video websites. Aside from that, it can download videos up to 1080p resolution so users can get the full viewing experience. Additionally, it even lets users extract only the audio from a video. This action is necessary in case users want to download audio files from popular music videos. However, one major drawback of this Firefox add-on is that once permitted, it can access all of the user’s data even from other websites. 

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Video Downloader professional

The last Firefox add-on that can grab clips is the Video Downloader professional. This downloader supports grabbing videos up to the 4k quality. What is unique about Video Downloader professional compared to the other add-ons mentioned earlier is that it can add YouTube or other videos into a customized list quickly. Regarding this, users can access this “Video list” and play all of the clips added there without searching them again. Additionally, some selected video providers like Vimeo are available to play in any window size for a better view. Finally, this add-on also offers a pro desktop version that features advanced downloading features like grabbing an entire YouTube playlist.

download videos

Tip: You can also take a look at this article to check the best Safari video downloader.

allinone video downloader


All in one downloader for Android

Last on the list is a mobile application for avid Android smartphone users. This app, just like the other mentioned above is capable of downloading videos from different websites, from the palm of your hands. The app is called All in one Video Downloader. This is a convenient mobile app that can download online videos using their URL, just like any other desktop video downloader. What sets it apart is its convenience and ease of use, because people can download videos anytime and anywhere. This is a trait that is not available on any other desktop video downloader. To learn how to use this app, follow these steps.

download the video

How to Use All in One Downloader

  • Install the App: From the Google Play Store, search for All in One Video Downloader and then tap the first suggestion. From there, tap the “Install” button to download and install the app at the same time. Once the installation is complete, launch the tool and then from the home screen tap the “Browse” option to look for videos to download.
  • Download the Video: Choose any video you wish to download. Then, copy the URL of the video by following the instructions depending on the website. After the URL is copied, tap the “Download” tab and from there, paste the URL into the box.
  • Save it on Mobile Device: This time, tap the “Paste and Download” button to get the video and save it on the mobile device.


To conclude, Video DownloadHelper is an essential downloader specialized for Firefox, and it has also released a Chrome version. There are no versions available for other browsers like Safari, IE, etc., users who’re looking for utilities to download videos on them can check the alternatives to Video DownloadHelper. Still, if you have ideas about better measures for downloading videos on the browser, feel free to post a comment for sharing with us. You can also check this out to discover the best browser video downloader.

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