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Dirpy Alternative to Download and Convert Videos

alternatives to dirpyDirpy is a famous free online MP3 converter for YouTube and videos from other popular video sharing sites. With it, you can simply enter the target video URL and get the audio files in MP3 format with ID3 tag data. Yeah, it’s free, easy and friendly. However, this smart tool also comes with some drawbacks. For instance, it sometimes doesn’t work when you need the audio urgently. And the output format is quite limited to MP3. If you’re unsatisfied with Dirpy and want to get a Dirpy alternative to download online videos to MP3, now you’ve come to the right place. Here we will review some of the best alternatives to Dirpy that are even much better than Dirpy.

Video Keeper - Best Desktop Alternative to Dirpy

Video Keeper is a desktop downloader and converter that perform even much more than Dirpy and is considered as one of the best Dirpy alternative. It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, VEVO and many more video sharing websites by copying and pasting URL. After the video has been downloaded, you can then use the built-in video converter to convert video to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, etc. as you like.

In order to use the software the most efficient way, you can follow the guidelines below:

Step1 Download and install AceThinker Video Keeper

To start with, download this program from the buttons below and install it on your computer. After activating the program, you will be forwarded to the main interface which will be presented as illustrated on the picture below the second step.

Try It Free

Step2 Download your favorite video URL

After you have the program up and running, you can go to your favorite video on the website of your choice. Here simply copy the video URL and then go back to the program and click on Paste URL to let the program download the video. Alternatively, you can enable the video detector to let the program automatically detect video clips when you playing them and add them to the downloading list immediately.

Step3 Manage or modify your downloaded video

Once the downloading progress is completed, you can check your finished videos under Completed page within the interface of the program. If you prefer, you may also choose to modify your downloaded video by converting it to other desired formats i.e. to be able to watch them on your mobiles. Simply right click on the video and then click on Add to > Convert or switch to the Convert tab and click on Add files to load the downloaded videos for conversion. You can then select the output profiles and hit the Convert button to confirm your video conversion. When you’re done, you can find your converted videos in the output folder.

HD Downloader

HD Downloader

HD Downloader is the wisest recommendation of any user, and it is the one and only on the rundown which has a convenient bookmark let and a route for your sake in order to be able to download the MP3 audio file in the simplest way imaginable: simply add the word “sing” to the beginning of the URL from YouTube, such as “singyoutube.com/rest-of-the-url”. This will take redirect you directly to the HD Downloader website, where you can pick sound bitrates and be headed to getting the MP3 document. You can likewise decide to download the video for which you’ll have to approve a Java applet to run.

In case you decide to have a look at this tool, follow these steps:

Step1 Paste your video URL to the website

Firstly you can visit the official website of the tool where all you need to do is select that you wish to download a video from the available file categories, and paste your favorite video’s URL to the search bar. Afterwards just hit the GO button.

Step2 Download or convert your video

After you hit the GO button, you will be redirected to a page and a new box will appear where you can choose whether you want to download the HD video or do its conversion process. Here you can click on the HD video downloading option and just press the button afterwards to have it saved on your computer’s hard disk.

Save Media

save media online

With a basic interface, Save Media (Previously called FetchMP3) is able to grab the URL of any YouTube video of your choice and provide you low, medium or even high as well as ultra high quality options to download your chosen video in the event that you join, which permits you to see your latest downloads. On the other hand, on the off chance that you would prefer not to join, you can pick custom change and alter ID3 labels, and pick beginning and closure times. It appears to just take YouTube and Daily motion recordings in this way. It additionally has an authority Firefox augmentation.

To get acquainted with this tool and learn its steps, refer below:

Step1 Copy your video URL to the tool

Firstly all you need to do is visit the official website where you will come across the search bar of the tool where you can simply input the URL of your favorite video which is ready to be downloaded, and hit the button to initiate the process.

Step2 Select your preferred video

Once the tool prepared you the available downloading options, you can select your video in the size and quality which you wish it to be downloaded based on the available options which are presented to you in the list form. Afterwards simple download the one which is the most suitable to your needs.

Media Converter

ice cream media converter

IceCream Media Converter has dependably been an undisputed top choice electronic converter since it works without approaching me for email locations, and it offers downloads to famous arrangements in the agreement. The slick interface likewise shakes, as it games some cool gadget like modules for data with unpretentious advertisements, dissimilar to most other online converters. You can search YouTube on the left module or essentially enter the YouTube URL of the video, and select MP3 as the yield position. You can likewise check the “I need to set propelled alternatives” box to pick a sound codec and bitrate. While you are only given the chance to do 5 transformations on any specific day (only unless you decide on agreeing to do a premium record), there are heaps of bolstering destinations, including the real ones that Clip Converter backings, and in addition Break , blip.tv, as well as Facebook.

In case you would like to see the steps to have this tool function properly, here are they for you:

Step1 Set up the program

First of all you need to visit the official website of the tool in order to download and install it to your computer. Afterwards when you open the interface you will be presented a very straightforward window where you can select to add your favorite video’s URL directly to the program for downloading it. Simply hit the Add URL button on the top to proceed.

Step2 Set the options for your video and download it

Once you are in the Add URL window, you can paste your video’s URL to the search bar and set the conversion options depending on how you wish to receive your finally prepared file onto your computer. After setting the options, simply click on the Covert button to have the program work for you and get your file prepared and into your hands.

Listen To YouTube

listen to youtube

Another great option on the list is Listen to YouTube. It’s a free website that lets you download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 like a breeze. All you need to do is to copy and paste the YouTube URL and Listen to YouTube will then retrieve the video and extract the MP3 audio files. After a while, it will offer you a link to download the extracted MP3 file. No sign-up is required and the service is really fast. If all you need is a quick YouTube to MP3 downloader, then this one is a nice choice and can serve as a decent alternative to Dirpy.

In case you want to have guidance to this tool, here are the simple steps for its utilization:

Step1 Copy your video URL to the website

Firstly you need to enter the link of the program’s official website to your browser, so after you are directed to the official website of the tool, you can paste your favorite video’s URL to the available search bar and hit the GO button to continue.

Step2 Download your video

After the tool starts analyzing the video hosting website where your video is located, it will take some time while it will process your video to be ready for downloading. Afterwards you will be redirected and a link will be generated where you can download the video with one click after clicking on it.

IE Video Downloader

ie video downloader
IE video downloader is the No. 1 choice if you wish to save videos from the web using Internet Explorer. Saving videos to your hard drive can be useful to store clips for watching later, for example when you are on the go and without internet connection. With IE video downloader you can download videos from different sites and easily convert them to the desired format including MP3 and MP4. Preferences often depend on the media player used and to easily determine compatibility IE video downloader has an IE Download Helper solution included.
IE video downloader is only supported by IE7 to IE 10. This might seem a quite small range at first sight, but it covers most users. There is one real disadvantage though that the maximum file size is limited to 20 MB with the “free download” version. However, this can easily be resolved by subscribing for the paid version which costs $30.
Below you will find a quick guide for using this tool:

Step1 Download the extension and do the set up

The first thing to do is to download and install the extension to your browser. You may find the changes after going to a video’s website and right clicking on IE interface. By doing this an option will come up whether you wish to enable “Download Helper”.

Step2 Get the download started

After the previous step you will be guided to the program interface. By pasting to URL into the text bar you can start the download and complete the process of getting the desired video saved on your hard drive.

Video DownloadHelper for FireFox/Chrome

download video
Video DownloadHelper is a great Firefox/Chrome extension for downloading videos from different websites. It first appeared for Firefox but it has soon become so popular that it has been adapted by Chrome as well. After installing it a small icon will appear next to the address bar of the browser providing a one-click download option to the playback page where the downloaded content can be found. Installing the basic plugin only allows you to download files in FLV format. For conversion installing another component is needed.
Video DownloadHelper comes with high compatibility with most of the popular websites such as Vimeo, Facebook, Liveleak, Periscope, UStream, Metacafe and DailyMotion just to mention some. Video DownloadHelper is a great tool to have added to your Firefox/Chrome browser if you want to save videos to your hard drive. It can be easily optimized to your needs and it comes with Twitter Periscope recording support.
Video DownloadHelper is a nice and easy-to-use tool but it would be good to have the conversion option without having to run a separate installation process. It is also a disadvantage that you have to pay if you wish to add any additional functions.
However, here is a quick guide on using the program:

Step1 Complete the setup and proceed to your video

The first thing you need to do is to download the plugin from google. Just type the name of the addon into the google interface be guided to the installation site. Having the program installed you will have to go the the website where the desired video clip can be found. Look for a balloon-shaped button in your toolbar. Choose the video from the list by clicking on the one you want to download.

Step2 Complete your download

After choosing the video that you wish to download from the hosting site progress will be visible and once the program prepares and saves your clip it will be found on your hard drive. Simply click on the file and enjoy your video anytime, anywhere!

Video Grabber

Video Grabber has appeared as variant to KeepVid for video downloading with the aim to provide an easy solution for downloading media from YouTube and many other popular websites. Just easily go to the video you wish to download and copy the URL of the website. Paste the website address to Video Grabber interface and click on the download button. By doing this you can save the video and reach it on your computer whenever you wish. If you wish to rename the file, make sure you keep the FLV filetype.
Here you may find a useful introduction to using the program:

Step1 Paste the video URL into Video Grabber interface

After going to the Video Grabber website, you will see a clear interface. You can easily copy-paste the URL of the required video into the text bar. Video Grabber will search for your video on the hosting website. You can download it by clicking on the blue Download icon. By doing this the program will start analyzing the video.

Step2 Pick the preferred clip

After Video Grabber analyzes the video on the hosting site it will give you several options to choose from. It is possible to give different settings regarding quality and size. You may easily pick the preferred version by clicking on the Download button in grey.
videograbber step2

Online Video Converter

online convert app
Online Video Converter is another alternative to KeepVid and by many, it is considered a better and more effective solution. Simply paste the URL of the video you wish to have saved into the interface at the Online Video Converter website. The solution also provides you with the opportunity to convert any video you possess into another format. Online Video Converter may come with a somewhat outdated look but in exchange you get a fast and efficient solution. Having navigated to the website click on the button “Video Converter” and pick the desired file format. Enter the video URL for conversion and start the process by confirming the presets offered by Online Video Converter. Enjoy the video in the specified format!
Just follow these easy steps to use Online Video Converter:

Step1 Choose the required format

Go to Online Video Converter official and choose from the format options offered as the first step. In this way you may specify what output filetype you wish to have for your video. Having done this click on the “Go” icon.
online convert choose format

Step2 Give your downloading preferences

Go to the download page and paste the URL of the video you wish to download into the search bar of Online Video Converter. The conversion information will be shown and will be open for modification if you wish to make any changes to the initial options. Just click on the “Convert” option whenever you are ready to have the download started.
online convert 2

Keep HD

Keep HD is a tool for grabbing YouTube and other videos from the web. Save the files easily on your hard drive or mobile in the desired file format. The name “Keep HD” itself literally refers to the fact that you can download any video you wish from the web and maintain a HD resolution for the output. All you need to have is the website URL of the desired video. Once you have it paste it in the website search bar and get your video in 3GP, FLV or MP4. Automatic conversion is available at your preference.
Follow the guide below to navigate in this program:

Step1 Copy-Paste the URL of the video

Go to Keep HD website and at the main interface look for the search bar to paste the URL into. Having done this the next step is to click on the “Download” icon and let the preparation of the file begin.

Step2 Save the processed video

After having entered the URL into the website interface your video will be located at the hosting website and it shall soon be presented in a form that is ready to download. All you have to do is click on the “Download Now” icon and start the download process. The video file then will be saved to your computer’s hard drive.


As you can see, there is a wide range of available solutions with professional features and various usability which you could use to download and convert your favorite videos. After having a look at this overview, you can hopefully have a better idea on how to differentiate them and find the one which is the most suitable to your needs, although we definitely recommend that you should try out the aforementioned AceThinker solution as it will surely become your favorite while offering you a pleasant downloading and conversion experience!

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