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It’s more and more popular for people to surf on the Internet either to be entertained or informed as there are millions of videos online. ClipConverter is a handy tool for those who want to download the videos for offline viewing and it even allows you to convert videos to a number of formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP, MP3, etc. However, ClipConverter does have some limits and sometimes it doesn’t work well on Mac. That’s why mamny people are looking for a better ClipConverter alternative. Here some drawbacks of ClipConverter are listed and the best alternatives to ClipConverter are introduced. Just check it out!

Drawbacks of ClipConverter

Do you know the limits of ClipConverter? Read on to learn if these cons are a deal-breaker for you.

1. ClipConverter is not supported by very many sites

Although this tool is able to be used on DailyMotion, Vimeo and a few others, it does not support a lot of other popular options.

2 – ClipConverter has too many steps for a simple task

All ClipConverter does is download and convert the format for video clips, but the steps required to do these tasks take longer than they should. It requires browsing for the video, pressing multiple buttons and downloading in order to save video filed to your hard drive before converting to desired file formats.

3 – YouTube is not covered by ClipConverter

The worst trait of is that you cannot grab and download videos from YouTube, the most popular video sharing website in the world by far. YouTube boasts 1 million unique viewers every month and has more video footage than all major TV networks. YouTube has become an integral part of the world’s education, current events, socialization and entertainment needs. If you’re not quite satisfied with this app, you can go through the above alternatives to find one that benefits you the most.

Best Alternative to ClipConverter - Video Keeper

When it comes to the best Clip Converter alternative, AceThinker Video Keeper can be your first choice. It’s an ideal tool to download any video with high quality from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc. In fact, we can say that this program has many advantages over Clip Converter. Besides downloading videos manually, Video Keeper provides a video detector that can analyze and download online videos once the video URL has been detected. Moreover, for the video conversion part, Video Keeper supports more formats than Clip Converter and the conversion speed is much more faster. In addition, The built-in screen recorder allows you to capture live streaming videos for offline playback. And by following the user-friendly interface, you can get all your tasks done in clicks!

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Online ClipConverter Alternative

You can get started with the best alternative to ClipConverter on this webpage. It doe not require Java Script, but you need to install a quick launcher the first time using it.

Once done, you can access this app at any time you want and grab videos directly from the web. Below is a concrete guide:

  • 1. To begin, copy and URL of the online video you wish to get and paste it in the URL field on given page. Then just hit, “Download.”
  • 2. Wait for this app expands a list of media formats, choose one format by right-clicking on the download icon along with it and then selecting “Save link as” from the menu. You will be able to find the video file in browser’s download directoy once done.
  • 3. If the application is not showing up on the page, hit F5 in Windows or CMD+R on a Mac to reload the page. It should show up then.

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