Top 5 Chrome Video Downloader to Download Videos from Chrome

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Top 5 Chrome Video Downloader to Download Videos from Chrome

In fact, downloading videos from Chrome is quite easy with the help of Chrome add-ons, online downloaders, desktop video grabbers, etc. In this article, we’re going to share with you 5 different ways to download videos from Chrome. If you’re inpatient to go through the whole article, then simply click the button below to get a free trial of our best choice – Video Keeper.

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser used to display online videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. When you stream a video clip on Chrome, you may want to download it so that you can watch the video later even without any internet connection. Still wondering how to download video from Chrome? Wonder no more! In fact, there are many desktop programs, free web-based services and plug-ins that can be used as Chrome video downloader to download videos from any site. In this article, we will discuss some feasible ways to download online Flash videos from Chrome with the use of software or extensions.

Best Chrome Video Downloader Software for Windows/Mac


Video Keeper is one of the best video downloaders for Google Chrome. It has integrated the most popular web browsers so you can navigate the video you need within the program. Aside from Chrome, you can also use it to download video from Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. With it, you can download video from a wide variety of video sharing sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Tubechop and many more. After the video has been downloaded, you can even use the built-in converter the change the video format for playing anywhere you like. You can now download the program and follow the steps below to download video from Chrome effortlessly.

Step1 Download and install the program

First of all, download the free trial version from the above buttons and install the program on your computer.

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Step2 Detect the video

You can then switch to Detect tab and view the video you like with the built-in Chrome browser. While you’re playing the video, there will be a Download button appearing beside it. You can simply click the Download button to save the video to your hard drive.


Or you can first navigate and find the video you want to download in Chrome and copy the video URL. After that, launch this Chrome video downloader and click Paste URL to let the program start downloading your desired video clip from online.


Step3 Manage the video after downloading

Once the video has been downloaded, you can forward to Completed to find them. You can right-click on a clip in the list and select Add to > Convert to load the video for conversion. Alternatively, you can turn to Convert tab and click Add files to import the video to be converted to another media format. Lastly, choose the format from the output profile and click Convert to begin converting the video. After a while, you will get a fresh video file in the desired format.


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Get Flash Video in Chrome with Free Online Downloader

FOV websiteThis free online downloader works well on most browsers with no problems reported so far. Although it’s free, it has included features more than downloading videos which makes it unique among other free tools. You can save downloaded videos in desired formats directly without having to convert them.

To make use of this tool, you should just stream the flash video you wish on a new tab and then forward to free online downloader webpage. After that, copy the FLV video’s URL and past it inside the URL field of this app on given page. Click download button and wait till the app detects the source of video. It will then expand a list of media formats for downloading your video clips. Right-click on the smaller download icon along with a format and select “Save link as” to start downloading the video. It only takes a short while to complete the entire process while you can grab as many clips as you want.

Follow the 2-step guide below to download videos via AceThinker’s online video downloader:

Step1 Select video

Open a video you wish to download from any of the online video streaming websites. After copying the video’s URL, open AceThinker’s Free Online Video Downloader.


Step2 Download


In the download bar, paste the chosen video’s URL. Click the “Download” button next to it. Next, in the pop-up window select the format and the desired quality of your video. Click download again next to the list of settings that best suite your needs and the video will be saved to your computer.

Chrome Video Downloader Plug-in and Extension

By installing a handy extension on your browser, you can also download a video when streaming it on your browser. The DownloadHelper for Chrome works smoothly on you browser and can detect any video being streamed on the page.

In order to utilize it, you need to install it from Chrome Store, and then restart your browser. You will see the extension appears as a small toolbar icon besides the address bar on Chrome. You can then open a new tab to stream a video on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or othersites. By clicking the toolbar icon, you will see a list of videos available on the current page, and then you can select the clip with desired resolution and format to download. You can also check the download progress on the same list, too. Just give it a short while and you will find the downloaded video in designated directory.

To use the software, see below:

Step1 Installing the add-on

Download the extension for Chrome by opening Google’s Web Store and searching for Video DownloadHelper among the downloadable extensions. The extension will be added directly to your Chrome’s toolbar. Navigate to the website containing the video you wish to download. If the program detects a video that is compatible with DownloadHelper, a balloon-shaped icon will appear in your toolbar and by clicking it you can select which video to download if there are more to choose from.

Step2 Downloading

After selecting the video to be downloaded, the download process can be tracked until the video is saved to your computer.

Another Video Downloader Extension - Video Downloader

This browser plugin works as adding a down arrow to besides the address bar of your browser, letting you click on it to download the video being played. It also has a built-in playback window for streaming the videos online, you could organize the downloaded videos, too.

Video Downloader Pro Chrome

The guideline below will take you through the steps of downloading a YouTube video as an example:

Step1 Detecting your video

Open Video Downloader. Open YouTube and search for the video you wish to download and copy the video’s URL to the clipboard. Immediately, Video Downloader Pro starts analyzing your clip and after a couple of seconds, displays it in its list of videos with all the relevant information next to it.

Step2 Selecting your video

If you have more than one video in your list, the Download, Stop and Delete commands will be only issued to those item that are ticked. By default, all items are checked, but you can disable the AutoCheck feature anytime.

Step3 Managing settings

The wrench icon in the top-right corner lets you access Video Downloader Pro’s settings. Here you can choose the default output folder. Make sure you click “Save” after you have finished modifying the settings so the next time you use the software, it will run with the chosen settings.

Download Video Using Chrome Manually

For downloading SWF files in Chrome devoid of direct assistance of any extensions, you need to explore some tools for Chrome which developers prefer. As you will see below, this method requires a few more steps than using a free online downloader or an add-on extension, but it is one of the most reliable ways of saving almost any video from any website. Having to dig into the code of the video might at first seem intimidating, but if you follow the detailed steps below carefully, you will have no trouble grabbing your favorite clip within a couple of seconds.
Follow the guidelines below on using the software:

Step1 Selecting video

On a Chrome tab, open Flash video and enable it to totally load. Click on the right on a section which is empty and choose Inspect Element from context menu.

Step2 Bringing up the code

The Developer Tools lead to a detached frame at the end of the browser screen.

Step3 Finding the video

Rather than search for particular SWF file in the mixed up code, press on the icon for magnifying glass which indicates ‘Select an element in the page to inspect it.’ Utilizing the selection as well helps in case the page has one video or more.

Step4 Selecting the video

Press on Flash video which becomes emphasized in blue. In the same manner, the liath of object is also chosen in the code.

Step5 Saving your video

Choose and paste the URL in Chrome address bar and open it once more. Open the Chrome menu (dropdown). Tailor and manage Google Chrome from above on the right and press Save page as. On your computer disk, Save flash video to your computer disc.


As you have seen, there is a huge array of tools available for downloading videos from all kind of video hosting and streaming platforms. The main advantage of Chrome Add-ons is that they can be used without the installation of an external piece of software on your computer. More advanced video downloaders give you the option of selecting not only the format of the video to be downloaded, but also, its quality. If you just need to download videos in Chrome for a few times, you can just use the online services as it offers a convenient way. But if you frequently save videos from online, it’s recommended that you get Video Keeper as it’s much more stable and more advanced features are provided.

By the way, if you have any other great Chrome video downloading tools that are not mentioned in this article, you can share the idea in the comment area. Thank you!

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