Best 7 Browser Video Downloader to Save Web Videos

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Best 7 Browser Video Downloader to Save Web Videos

Watching videos on the Internet is a great way to pass your leisure time. There are numerous video sharing sites where you can enjoy plenty of informative, hilarious, and viral videos, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more. You will have a pleasant experience viewing videos online if you have a steady and fast internet connection. However, if you have a slow Internet connection or there is no Internet at all, you may regret that you don’t have the videos on your hard drive. No matter what browser you use to play online streaming videos, you can download it instantly with the right browser video downloader. After the video has been saved, there is then no need to suffer from delays or to buffer. In this article, we will go through some video downloaders that enable you to download videos from browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE, and more. Additionally, you will also see some mobile apps so you can also download videos directly into your smartphones.

Review of Apps

Video Keeper

Video Keeper is capable of grabbing videos from various online sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Blip, Google Video, Ustream, Break and many others. The obvious advantage is that you can download videos in batch instead of downloading only one at a time. Moreover, it allows you to convert downloaded videos to popular video/audio formats like AVI, WMV, FLV. MOV, 3GP, MP3 and many more so you can play and enjoy the videos virtually anywhere you like. In order to use this tool you can simply check these steps:

Step1 Download the software

First of all, you need to download the AceThinker software from its official website or by clicking on the links provided below. Then you can simply install the program and open the interface to continue with the process.

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Step2 Detect your video

Under the “Detect” tab, you can use the built-in browser to view videos. While a video is playing, a “Download” button will appear and you can simply click it to download the video. However, this download button will only appear when you are playing videos on YouTube. For other sites, it is automatically detected and downloaded.

Do you know that you can also download videos by using a URL? All you have to do is use the “Download” tab. Search for any video from any video sharing sites and play it. While it is playing, copy the video link from the address bar and go back to Video Keeper. Finally click the “paste URL” button to add the video to the download queue.

Step3 View your completed video

When the download is completed, you can find the downloaded videos by navigating to “Completed” on the left panel under the “Download” tab. The tool then will give you a list of video downloaded. Scroll down until you see the file you are looking for. Also, if you want to convert it, you can directly add the video to the convert queue. Just right click on the file name, choose “add to” then click on “Convert”. There are multiple formats for you to choose. You can just find the one that suits your needs. After all the settings are OK, click Convert to start the conversion. In a short while, the video will be converted to the desired format with no quality loss.

convert the video

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Free Online Video Downloader

Free Online Video Downloader is one of the ideal options if you want to download videos on a web browser instantly. You need to input the URL of the desired video to download it. You will also be given several media formats for saving your video file. It only takes a short while to get the stuff you want from the web. This tool is completely free without the need of installing software, Java, subscription, etc. It’s only that you need to setup a quick launcher the first time using it. You now obtain any videos from some of the popular video sharing sites just by only using the URL. On top of that, you can also download the video into the format that you prefer because it provides several download links in a different format. Audio format is also included, which makes it act like a converter at the same time.

Step1 Open the toolbar on the official website

To start using the tool, you have to visit the official site. For your convenience, we have incorporated in this page for easy access. If you want to try it, open a new tab, and search for any video from any video sharing site. Then copy the link from the address bar and go back to this page. Next, paste the link into the download bar and click “Download” to initiate the process.

Step2 Choose a format

Once the URL is detected, there will be another pop-up window that contains several download links on different formats. You need to choose which format from the list that you needed the most.

choose a format

Step3 Download the video

Once decided which one to download, use your computer mouse to move the cursor and point it to the “blue download” button. Finally, right-click and choose “save link as” from the options are given.

download the video

Video DownloadHelper for FireFox/Chrome

This tool is an extension for FireFox and the Chrome browser, where this plugin can take videos by grabbing them and instantly making them available to download on multiple popular video sharing sites. This program works as an extension in a way that after incorporating it into the browser, a small icon of the program appears beside the search bar on the top of your internet browser and makes it possible to directly download all your needed videos on the page where it is being played, with a straightforward mouse click. On the other side, however, you need to consider that this tool must be installed as an additional element to the browser, and therefore as it is related to the internet, it can only convert your videos into FLV format.

About the coverage of supported sites, it is compatible with the popular sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Liveleak, Bloomberg, Metacafe, Periscope, DailyMotion, UStream, RAI, Fox, Break, and more. There’s no need to install separate Browser Video Downloaders to make sure that you can grab the video you want. The application is versatile enough to adjust to the needs of the users. It supports Twitter Periscope recording, too. This tool is also available for Chrome:

It’s an overall nice video downloader extension, but it’s a lack of converter function and requires you to install more components to achieve it. Also, the additional services are not for free.

In case you still decide on using this tool, have a look at how to do it:

  • First of all, you can download this extension from Google directly after typing in the name of the extension.
  • After installing it in your browser, once you go to a video site to save web videos, you will see a little balloon-shaped icon appear on your toolbar, where you can click on and choose which video you want to download from the hosting site.
  • Once you chose the most suitable video to be downloaded, you will see the progress of the downloading as the video will be prepared and saved on your computer. Afterward, you can open it and watch it anytime you like.
  • Finally, to play the downloaded video, you can check the footage downloaded by going to your “downloads” folder and look for the file name.
  • You can also click the shortcut download history at the very bottom of the main interface. See the photo below for a better understanding.
Opera Downloader Add-on

This video Browser downloader is connected with YouTube. If you want to get a video that captured your interest, Opera Downloader Add-on will be a reliable option. From the application itself, people can see the possible formats. They are free to select HD, MP3, MP4, WebM, M4A (Audio Only), etc.

It works as adding an option next to the “About” tab below the video’s or download the video — tap “Saveplayback window. By clicking on it, you could access multiple formats for saving current videos. There are no intricate steps, and anyone can control it in no time. But it only supports YouTube currently, which has limited the overall performance.

User Guide

  • Firstly, you need to go into your Opera browser and download and install the extension directly from Google.
  • Afterward, you can go to your favorite web video on YouTube. From there you will be able to see a new “Download” tab appear next to the “About” tab under the video.
  • After navigating to the Download tab, you are offered the available size and quality options of your video where you can choose the one which is most suitable to your needs and click on it to be directly downloaded onto your computer’s hard drive.
Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader is another tool that you can use to get videos online without having to download independent software efficiently. Since the tool is integrated on the browser, all you need to do is directly search for video. Also, it can produce download links on different formats for more options. In the meantime, if you want to try it, here is a simple guide on how to use
it properly.

detect the video

User Guide

  • First, integrate the tool to your browser and add it as an extension. Click here to find the app immediately and click “add chrome”. Afterwards, follow the rest of the pop-up window until setup.
  • Next, stream a video from different video sharing sites. Make sure to play the video until the video is recognized by the tool.
  • To see and download the video, click on the Flash Video Downloader icon. From there you will see a list of videos detected.
  • Just click the “arrow down” button beside the file name, to get the video saved on your PC drive.
  • Finally to play the downloaded video, go through your files on your computer and look for the “Downloads” folder. From there, check for the file name and play it.
Safari Video Downloader

Safari is another browser to download videos. There’s no need to look for a plugin on Safari, for the web browser itself provides convenience when it comes to video downloading. Safari has built-in settings where you can videos directly by using this browser. However, this feature is only available on the Mac8.0 version and below. If you still possessed the same text, then you will always have the privilege to use the feature. Thus, if yours is 10.0 version and up, then use a third party app to download. If you still have the said version, you will follow through the steps below to learn how to download.

safari activity menu

User Guide

  • This step is quite important before you proceed with the next procedures. The recent version could be downloaded at Safari 3 and 4 are the ideal versions.
  • Open the Safari version you’ve just updated. Choose the button for “Activity.”
  • Once you are redirected to the window where the video is found, you can start the downloading process.
  • It is expected that the window “Activity” changed. Be sure that the file you want to download fits on the available storage capacity of the application.
  • Lastly, double click on the page and choose “Download”. You can check the downloaded video on your documents by under “Download”. You can also see the progress of the download under the shortcut notification at the bottom left side of the screen while downloading it.

Videoder is also available for both Android and Apple devices. It is one of the best video downloaders for smartphones since it provides high-quality results of the downloaded videos. Aside from that, Videoder is also free to download so anyone will enjoy its features. Additionally, it showcases a user-friendly interface that allows users to download HD videos with few clicks. Also, Videoder supports downloading from over 50 video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Scroll down to learn how to download videos using Videoder into your Android and Apple smartphones.

choose video

User Guide

  • Using your device, visit your app store (Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS) from the list of your main apps. From here, install the app into your phone. Wait for few minutes until it is finished.
  • Once installed, open the app to access it. From the main interface, users will see the built-in browser to load any video streaming sites they want. Select any video you wish to download.
  • Once you selected the video, wait for few seconds to load it. Once done, a pop-up window will appear asking users to save or download the video — tap “Save” to begin. Wait for few minutes to let the download finish. Once done, tap the “Download” tab to check it. From here, you can either play, delete, or rename the video.

After being familiar with a variety of options for video downloader for browser, you won’t have a difficult time choosing the right one to download videos from the browser. As you can see, saving web videos is easy if you are aware of the potential solutions that can help you in the market. Luckily there are many robust solutions available, and with our overview, you can have a clearer picture of which one would suit most of your needs.

By the way, if you know any better browser video downloader to save any online video, please let me know, and I will consider adding it to the post. Thank you!

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