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How to Make Voice Recordings on Mac with Different Tools

Last updated on April 4, 2019 by Bryan

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How to Make Voice Recordings on Mac with Different Tools

Mac has a built-in recorder, in the form of Quicktime Player. Aside from being a great media player, it can also act as a recorder for both screen and audio which is very convenient. However, Quicktime Player can experience sudden crash and unavailability due to various reasons. That is why it is better to have a backup tool that is, if not the same, is better than Quicktime Player. This is the aim of this post, to help Mac users decide which audio recording tool, aside from the built-in Quicktime Player is best suited for them. Listed below are some of the best Mac voice recorders that provides sound quality recording output.

Acethinker Music Recorder for Mac

As the name suggests, Acethinker Music Recorder is an audio recorder able to record high-quality audio output, on your Mac device. The thing that sets it apart from other Mac voice recording tools, is that it can also function as a media player making it very functional tool. Being an all in one tool, this will surely be an indispensable recording software for you. Another thing that makes it a great voice recorder, is that it is able to save the recording in different audio formats that is supported by other device. Here’s how you can get and be able to use Acethinker Music Recorder for Mac.

Step1 Download the installer of Music Recorder for Mac

By clicking the Mac download button below, you will be able to download the installer package of the tool. After download, run the file on your Mac and install Acethinker Music Recorder by following the instructions of the setup wizard.

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Step2 Launch Music Recorder for Mac

After a successful installation, quickly launch the tool from the Mac device and you will reach the home screen. Here, you will see the various options and functions of the tool.

home screen

Step3 Change the audio source

Under the “Record” tab, the default audio source is the “System Sound.” To change it, click “Audio Source” and select the “Microphone” option as the audio source. By doing so, the audio input of the tool will be the built-in microphone of the Mac device.

change audio source

Step4 Start recording

Once the audio source is changed, start the actual recording process by clicking the “Record” button which is represented by the big red button.

click record button

Step5 End the recording

Once you are finished recording, you can click the “Stop” button to end the recording process. The file will be then saved on the Mac device which is available to preview anytime.

stop recording

Step6 Listen to the voice recording

To listen to the voice recording, head to the “Library” tab and click the “Show in Finder” option to locate the file and play it.

locate and play file

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Free Audio Recorder Online

Another trustworthy Mac voice recorder is the Free Audio Recorder Online. The tool is a web-based application, that needs the internet to work. That being said, the tool is accessible anytime as long as there is internet connectivity. On the contrary, that is also a limitation because there is no way to launch the tool without internet connectivity. But in-terms of quality, Free Audio Recorder Online is on the same footing as with other paid software. To learn how to use the tool, do the steps provided below.

Step1 Launch Free Audio Recorder Online

The tool is available from the official website of Acethinker, but since you are already on this page, click the “Start” button below to launch the tool. If you are first time user, then you will be asked to install the launcher of the tool which won’t take a couple of minutes.


Step2 Set the audio input of the tool

When the tool is launched, click the “Speaker” icon at the bottom-left part of the tool, and select “Microphone” as the audio source.

change the audio source

Step3 Start voice recording

When all set, click the “Record” button which is located at the center of the home screen. The recording process will now begin you can start capturing your voice.

start the voice recording

Step4 Finish the voice recording

Once done recording, save the audio file by clicking the “Stop” button. The file will then appear on the “Recording List” panel of the tool.

stop the recording

Step5 Listen to the voice recording

By clicking the “Recording List” button, the will switch to the “Preview Panel” where all recorded audio are listed. Select the recent voice recording from the list, and click the “Play” button. On the other hand, if you want to directly locate the file, click the “Open folder” button and the file location will then appear.

play and locate the file

Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a straightforward online voice recording application. As its name suggests, the sole function of the tool is for voice recording. For Mac users, they don’t need to download and install this tool, as they can use it directly from a web browser. This voice recording application offers basic voice recording, and needs a microphone to be installed in order for it to initialize. Start recording your voice using this online tool with these simple steps.

Step1 Open the Online Voice Recorder website

From your Mac web-browser, go to the official website of Online Voice Recorder or click this link here.

open online voice recorder

Step2 Begin recording with Online Voice Recorder

To start the process, make sure that the built-in microphone of your Mac is not disabled. If it is not available, you can use an external microphone instead. Click the record button which is located at the dead-center of the website to start.

start recording online

Step3 End the recording process

When you recorded everything that you need, then it is time to finish the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button.

end the recording

Step4 Download the voice recording

When you click the “Save” button from the toolbar, the file will then be downloaded to your Mac PC.

save the file


Vocaroo is another online voice recording tool that offers basic voice recorder functions. The only drawbacks of using voice recording tools straight from their websites, is that they don’t give the options to save the recording in a different format. Most of the time, the file is saved in default MP3 format. But for casual users, they can maximize the use of the tool, and just convert the file into a different format later on. The site is pretty simple to use making it a pretty straightforward tool. To learn how to use Vocaroo, follow the steps below.

Step1 Visit the website and start recording

Go to the official website of Vocaroo. To start recording your voice, click the “Click to record” button.

start recording

Step2 Finish the recording

To end the voice recording, select the “Click to stop” button and the recording will stop.

stop recording

Step3 Retry or Listen to the file

Click the “Listen” button to play the recording, if you are not satisfied to click the “Retry” button and start over again. Once satisfied, hit the “Click here to save” link.

save the file

Step4 Select the format of the voice recording

To save the file, click the format that you want for the file.

select format

Step5 Save the file

To save the voice recording on the Mac, click the “three dots” to show the “Download” button and click it to have the file downloaded.

download voice recording

Macsome Audio Recorder

Last tool on the list is Macsome Audio Recorder, which is a Mac exclusive tool. This tool was specifically developed to support Mac device in-terms of audio recording. Able to provide sound quality output, the tool is popular among Mac users who always do voice recording. The tool can produce files in MP3, M4A and other audio file format which makes it an efficient tool. As of the moment, there is no Windows version of the tool, so in order to use it, one must have a Mac device. To learn how to use Macsome Audio Recorder, do the steps provided below.

Step1 Download Macsome Audio Recorder

To install the Macsome Audio Recorder on your Mac device, click this link and get the installer.

download the tool

Step2 Open Macsome Audio Recorder

Launch the tool after installation to start. Then click the “Add Device” button and select “Internal Microphone” to switch the audio input.

set the audio input

Step3 Start recording with Macsome Audio Recorder

Once the “Internal Microphone” is added to the main screen, click the “Record” button and start recording your voice.

record with macsome

Step4 Stop recording and save the file

Once satisfied, end the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button and then the audio recording will be saved on your Mac device.

stop and save recording


There are ways to record live voice on Mac, like using its built-in tool. However, there are other tools that can do so much more, and even produce superb quality voice recordings. Some of these tools were mentioned above together with their strengths and weaknesses. There is no perfect tool, as they do almost the same thing, which is record audio. Acethinker Music Recorder for Mac is the perfect example of a tool is way ahead of the others on the list. Not only with its advanced audio recording functions, it also can perform other functions that no other audio recorder on the list can. That alone is enough to conclude that Acethinker Music Recorder is by far the best tool that you can use for Mac.

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