Top 3 Total Recorder Alternative Audio Recorders

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Top 3 Total Recorder Alternative Audio Recorders

It’s always great to record audio online so as to get your favorite music saved for offline viewing. One of the best know tools for audio recording and editing is the Total Recorder. It can record sounds played by other program of your computer. You can also record the sounds from CD’S and cassette tapes if a microphone is connected to your computer. This tool provides you various editing tools which is a built-in feature of this tool. But, there are still a lot of people who are looking for Total Recorder alternatives because sometimes Total Recorder doesn’t work or just want to know more audio recorders similar to Total Recorder. Here we will discuss some programs that have features similar or better than Total Recorder.

AceThinker Music Recorder - Record Any Audio in High Quality

music recorderYour first choice of Total Recorder replacement can be AceThinker Music Recorder, a very versatile and useful tool for audio recording due to its universality, as it can handle any sort of incoming audio both from your computer speakers and microphone. Whether you want to download a song from a streaming music site or record a meeting in real-time, this comprehensive tool will give you the option to record it with high quality. You can also enjoy the music with many premium features as it provides the option to edit your recording, as well as adding ID3 tags to music files automatically, or saving and converting your audio into different widely compatible formats, such as MP3, FLAC or OGG. Follow the steps below to record audio with Music Recorder.

Step1 Download and Install Music Recorder

Start to download AceThinker Music recorder by clicking the Free Download button below. Follow the instructions to install the software. Launch the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon.

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Step2 Configure the Settings

Next, you can click the Gear icon to customize the recording settings like the output audio format, directory, etc.

customize settings

Step3 Start Audio Recording

To get started, all you have to do is play the song and press the big red record button. End the recording by pressing the button again, and the finished file will show up in the interface. Information about the music is automatically added to tracks as it is being recorded, or you can set it in recording Settings. Open up your library to see all of your recorded files.

Mr start the recording

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Audacity - Free Total Recorder Alternative

audacityAudacity comes into the mind of many users when it comes to recording audios. Thus, it’s recommended as one of the best alternatives to Total Recorder for audio recording. This tool can handle the recording of music, as it comes loaded with many helpful features, which are required for an efficient and personalized music recording. It is a totally free sound recording software. Audacity allows you to record, mix and edit the audio clips for your benefit and with great ease. Recording your voice using this software turns to be quite easy and it’s worth your try.

Acoustica - Advanced Audio Recording and Editing Program

AcousticaWhen it comes to satisfying your need for an advanced audio recording with editor, then we can have a look at the Acoustica software, which is a beautifully designed, comprehensive audio editor built for recording, editing, mixing, mastering and batch-processing, which are more advanced and comprehensive activities for professional audio recording. Due to this, Acoustica is a more expensive audio editor tool, which might not be affordable to everyone, however for the features which it provides for the editors, it is considered to be still the most popular choice to be chosen by many people who wish to do professional audio editing. So if you’re looking for professional alternative to Total Recorder, just consider Acoustica.


As there are plenty of audio recording programs that can be used as Total Recorder replacements. And some of them are even better than Total Recorder. Now you don’t need to get confused when Total Recorder doesn’t work for you. Simply get any of the recommended 3 audio recorders and enjoy your audio files! If you find out any tool that is also useful in screen recording. Drop your comments here. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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