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Top 5 Sound Grabbing Software

Ever tried listening to a song online, and you want to keep it on your playlist? This is true for most people, as it is a reality. However, downloading a song from a suspicious website poses a significant threat to your PC. Also, you would not want to spend money to get a single song, unless you are capable of course. But for those who want to be on the safe side, they can choose to record the song instead of taking the risk of downloading it. The most effective way is to use audio recording tools that can give you sound quality recording as if you purchased the song. Below are some of the best sound grabber tools that can do the job for you.

Audio Recorder Online

First on the list, is Acethinker Audio Recorder Online. As the name suggests, this is a web-based application that is ready to use anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet. It means that this tool does not require installation to your PC, which means it won’t consume any disk space. This tool can provide high-quality recording output, making it one of the most efficient tools. If this tool piqued your interest, here are the steps on how to use it.

Step1 Launch the tool online

To use the tool, click the button below to launch it without having to go to its official website. However, if you are a first-time user, you will be required to install the launcher, which won’t take too much time to install.


Step2 Record the audio file

Go to your preferred website and play the song you want to record, and switch back to the tool and click the “Record” button. You can also adjust the volume of the recording using the “Volume” button located at the lower-left side of the screen. The “Recording List” button allows you to switch from the recorder to the built-in media player of the tool, and it is located at the lower-right portion of the screen.

start recording

Step3 Stop the recording process

Once the song stops playing, finish the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button, and the file will be saved automatically.

stop the recording

Step4 Listen to the recorded file

Play the recording from the built-in player of the tool which is accessible, by clicking the “Recording List” button. Select the recent audio file and click the “Play” button.

locate and play the file

Acethinker Music Recorder

Another tool that is worth trying is Music Recorder by Acethinker. This is a multi-functional tool that is an audio recorder, music downloader, and radio all at the same time. Since it is originally a music recorder, it is guaranteed that the recorded files will be of the same quality as with the original one. One advantage of having this recorder is that it eliminates the background noises which contributes to the quality of the recorded audio. This way, you can be sure that you get sound quality recordings every time. Here are the steps to use Acethinker Music Recorder.

Step1 Download and install the tool

Get the installer by clicking the download buttons below, and run it on the PC. Follow the setup wizard that will appear to install the tool correctly.

Try It for Free

Step2 Launch the tool

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the tool immediately. Upon starting, the main interface will appear which houses the important buttons of the recorder.

launch the tool

Step3 Start recording

Play the audio that you wish to record from a video sharing site, or any other website, and switch back to the tool and click the “Record” button to start.

start the recording process

Step4 End the recording

When the audio stops playing and you wish to stop the recording as well,

finish the recording process

Step5 Play the recorded audio

To listen to the file, click the “Library” tab. Select the audio file that you recorded and click the “Play” button. To open the folder where the file is saved, click the “Folder” icon.

play and locate the file

i-Sound Recorder

I-sound Recorder is another tool that can provide easy and worry-free audio recording functions. The tool is very user-friendly as it does not have many confusing buttons. It also has a highly intuitive interface making it easy to navigate. When it comes to performance, this does not fall behind because it also provides clear audio recording. Below are the steps to use i-Sound Recorder.

Step1 Install the tool

Acquire the installer i-Sound Recorder by clicking the link here and install it on your PC, by following the instructions from the setup wizard.

download the tool

Step2 Run the audio recorder

When the installation process is complete, immediately launch the tool to reach the home screen. The main interface houses all the essential buttons like the “Record” button.

launch the tool

Step3 Begin recording

Start the audio that you want to record, you can play a video from a website, and start the recording process by clicking the “Record” button on the tool.

start the recording

Step4 Finish the recording

When the audio stops playing, stop the recording by clicking the “Stop” button which is located right beside the “Record” button.

stop the recording

Step5 Open the recording browser

To listen to the file, click the “Eject” button and the panel will appear. Play the audio file directly by double-clicking on the file.

play the audio file


When talking about the best audio recorder, Audacity is no stranger. This tool is one of the most important audio recorders in existence. The tool itself is equipped with audio editing functions making it popular. The only downside is its intimidating appearance because of the different buttons. However, recording-wise, the tool is pretty simple to use. Here are the steps on how to use Audacity to grab sound from the PC.

Step1 Install Audacity

Get the installer of Audacity from its official website or simply click this link and run it on the PC. The setup wizard will appear immediately with instructions how to properly install the tool.

download the tool

Step2 Launch the tool and start recording

Run the tool after installation, and play the video or audio file to record, switch back to the app and click the “Record” button.

start the recording

Step3 Stop the recording and save the audio file

To end the recording process, click the “Stop” button and save it by clicking the “File” tab and select the “Save File” option.

save the recording

Total Recorder

Another great PC sound grabber is Total Recorder. The tool itself is easy to use because of its simple interface. It also has a button where you can adjust the sound quality making it more efficient. To use the tool, here are the steps for Total Recorder.

Step1 Get the tool

Download Total Recorder by clicking this link and then install it on the PC. Once you run the installer, the setup wizard will appear. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions to properly install Total Recorder.

download the tool

Step2 Run the tool and start the process

Once the tool is installed successfully, launch it and play the audio to capture and click the “Record” button on the tool.

start the recording

Step3 Stop and play the recording

Click the “Stop” button when the music stops playing, and the recording process will end. The file will be saved on your PC after that, and you can now listen to the recording anytime.

stop the recording


Last but not least is RecordPad which is a great PC sound recorder. RecordPad is a compact yet powerful sound recorder that provides sound quality recordings. The only downside of the tool is that it requires you to install many plugins to do certain functions. But if we are talking about good sound quality, then RecordPad is just like any premium sound recorder. If this tool piqued your interest, then follow the steps below to learn how to use it.

Step1 Install RecordPad

First, install RecordPad to your PC, by downloading the installer package from by clicking the link. Next, run the installer and follow the steps provided by the setup wizard.

download recordpad

Step2 Start recording with RecordPad

Launch the tool after installation, and you will reach the main interface. Set the format that you want the file to take, and where it will be saved from the “Format” and “Save to folder” menu. To start recording, play the music or audio that you want and on the tool, click the “Record” button.

start recording

Step3 End the recording process

When finished with the recording, click the “Stop” button, and the file will be saved to the folder that you set.

save the recording


There are many sound grabber tools out there. However, there are only few that provides clear and high-quality recording. With the tools mentioned above, you’re sure to get the best quality every time, especially with the first two recorders mentioned. You will never go wrong with the tools above.

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