How to register an account for Acethinker Music Recorder

Music Recorder is the premier music recording application of Acethinker. Aside from being an excellent audio recorder, the tool also has other functions like media player, music downloader and can even function as internet radio. Music recorder can capture both system sound, and microphone audio in the same high-quality as its source. This is one benefit of using Music Recorder because people are sure to get only the best recording output every time. However, to enjoy all the premium functions of this tool, one must register for an account and activate it. Here are the steps how to register for an account for both the Windows and Mac version of Music Recorder.

  • Registration for Windows Version
  • Registration for Mac Version
    • Music Recorder Account Registration for Windows

      The Windows version of Music Recorder is the most downloaded version of the tool. The process to register and activate an account is simple, and can be accomplished with minimum effort. Here are the steps to register and activate an Acethinker Music Recorder account on Windows.

      Step1 Signup for an account

      By clicking the “User Account” button from the upper-right part of the screen, the registration window will appear. From the “Sign up” page, enter the necessary information required, starting with a valid email address and password. To get the verification code, click the “Get” link and the code will be sent to the email address you provided.

      launch registration window

      Step2 Submit the account information

      Once all information was provided and validated, immediately hit the “Sign up” button to submit the information and process the account creation. Wait for a few seconds while the account is being processed and created.

      submit the information

      Step3 Activate the account

      Once registration is successful, the user profile will appear. From the new window, account information will be shown, including the type of account you have. For first time users, they will be automatically given the free trial type. To remove it and activate the account, click the drop-down menu beside your name, and click “Activate.”

      activate the account

      Step4 Enter the activation codes

      From the new window that will pop-up, enter the activation codes that you purchased beforehand. On the other hand, if you don’t have a license code yet, click the “Buy now” link.

      enter the activation codes

      Step5 Confirm the activation

      You can now check the license type of your account from the “User profile.” Notice that the license type has now been changed to “Yearly” and the account has a VIP icon on it.

      confirm activation

      Step6 Select the audio source

      You can now proceed to test out the newly activated account on Music Recorder. Start by clicking selecting the audio source for the recording by clicking the “Jack” icon and select from the available options.

      select audio source

      Step7 Start recording

      Start the audio that you need to record, and from the tool, click the “Record” button. The recording will start immediately and wait for the audio to finish.

      start recording

      Step8 Save the recording

      When the audio stops playing, you can then end the recording. By clicking the “Stop” button from the toolbar, the sound will be saved. If it’s a song that you recorded, the information will be automatically added, like its title, and the name of the artist.

      end recording

      Step9 Listen to the recording

      To check the recorded audio, click the “Library” tab and from the list of recorded files, select the latest one which is usually the first one. From there, click the “Play” button and the playback will begin.

      listen to the recording

      Account Registration for Mac Version

      The Mac version of the tool was released on a later date than the Windows version. Just like with the Windows version of Music Recorder, one also needs to register for an account to use the full functions of Music Recorder. Here are the steps to register for an account on the Mac version of Acethinker Music Recorder.

      Step1 Open Sign up window

      Launch the sign-up page by clicking the “User account” button from the upper-right part of the screen. Then enter the required information on the spaces provided, starting with a valid email address followed by your choice of password.

      enter the information

      Step2 Enter the Verification Code

      After providing the necessary information, click the “Sign up” button and the verification codes will be sent to the email address that was provided. Copy the verifications codes and paste them on the space provided and click “Next.”

      enter verification codes

      Step3 Confirm account creation

      The account creation process will begin after hitting the “Next” button. Once the account creation is successful, a notification will appear showing the “License type” of the account. For first time users, they are automatically placed under the free trial which spans for three days.

      confirm account creation

      Step4 Activate the account on Mac

      To activate the account, head to the “User account” window and click the drop-down menu. From the list of options that will appear, select “Activate.”

      activate account

      Step5 Enter the activation codes

      On the activation window, the tool will ask for the “Activation Codes.” If you don’t have the codes yet, get them by clicking the “Buy now” link, and the product page will open on a web browser. Enter the activation codes on the space provided and then click the “Confirm” button.

      enter the license keys

      Step6 Confirm the account activation

      The activation process will take a few seconds, and once it’s done, a confirmation message will appear. From the notification, the account information will be shown, including the new license type and the expiration date of the subscription. Click the “OK” button to close the window, and confirm the message.

      confirm activation

      Step7 Configure the audio input

      After the activation, proceed to test out the tool. From the main interface, click the “Audio source” menu and select the right audio input for the recording. After selecting the audio source, start recording by hitting the “Record” button.

      select audio source and start recording

      Step8 End the recording

      Once satisfied with the amount of audio you recorded, click the “Stop” button from the same toolbar where the “Record” button is located. This will save the recording to the library of the tool.

      end recording

      Step9 Listen to the recording

      To listen to the recorded audio, click the “Library” tab, and the recorder will switch to its media player mode. From there, select the file that you want to listen to and click Play.

      play recording

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