Online Radio Recording Service That Plays & Records Radio Shows

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Online Radio Recording Service That Plays & Records Radio Shows

Since streaming radio services are becoming more popular, it’s possible to listen to radio shows from online radio stations. Most of these online radio programs make it possible for users to stream and listen to digital audio content when connected to the internet. However, you don’t have access to wireless networks at all times. Have you thought of recording internet radio so you can listen when you are free or share it with your friend or family? It’s very easy to convert your favorite online radio shows into audio files, as long as you have the right tool. Below are seven software you can use to record music from internet radio.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Audio Recorder Online

AceThinker Free Online Audio Recorder is one of the best and most straightforward methods to record radio online. This recording tool is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. AceThinker offers a high-quality audio file irrespective of your system sound card or microphone. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this tool.

Step1 Visit the AceThinker Audio Recorder Online website

Go to the official website of AceThinker Audio Recorder Online and select the button that says “Start Recording.” If it’s your first time using it, you will be asked to install a launcher to ensure seamless recording. You can customize the settings under the “Audio Settings” and select “System Sound” as the audio input. Enable or activate the launcher, and this will activate the recorder.


Step2 Start recording audio

Now, play an online radio station of your choice. Go to the radio recorder’s interface, and hit the “Start” button to record. During the recording process, you can hit pause to halt the recording when an advert comes up.


Step3 Stop and listen to the recorded audio

To stop the radio recording, click the “stop” button. Also, you will find the “Library” icon at the down part of the app’s interface. There you will find your recording and listen to it offline.



Jobee is a multi-function software available for free downloads on Windows. Not only can you use this tool to listen to internet radio stations, but you can also use it to record streams in MP3 format; however, it does not split the recordings to separate songs. You can also use this media player to play music straight from your PC. It has the essential functions seen in most media players, and you can also use it as an RSS reader. This software is not under any development at the moment, but this tool might still be handy if you want a web radio recorder that has the ability to get RSS news feeds.


Nexus Radio

Primarily, Nexus Radio is a music search program you can use to find your favorite music, artist, and so on. This tool also offers internet radio stations. You can download songs directly to your computer from Nexus Radio through its music search program, or you can listen to and record live broadcasts from any of the available web radio stations. Nexus Radio has more than 11,000 stations as of when this post was written. Other features offered include the creation of ringtone, ID3 tag editor, and iPhone/iPod compatibility. There is something you need to take note of when installing Nexus Radio on your device; it connects a third-party software by default. You can uncheck this option during the installation if you are not interested in the software. To cram it up, Nexus Radio offers users a gigantic resource of songs and online radio stations to download on their device.



Need a free online radio recorder and editor, then use Audacity. You can use it to record audio tracks from your system sound card and microphone. You can also use Audacity to download any sound you like from most internet radio tracks, such as, Pandora, etc. Besides downloading online audio tracks, it has the ability to save recorded audios as AIFF or WAV, you can edit sounds, like adding bass, treble, pitch and other amazing effects based on your needs. Also, Audacity can be used on different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on. To record radios for free, regardless of the operating system you use, download Audacity.



This is another free tool you can use to record internet radio. StationRipper is explicitly designed to record tracks from broadcasts and internet radio stations, like Pandora, podcast, iTunes radio, Shoutcast audio, and video streams, and The setback of StationRipper is that you can only record sounds from two stations, and recording is limited to 25 songs per session. You will have to subscribe to the paid version to unlock this restriction, which will give you access to record about 600 songs in a single session. You also stand a chance to win an iPod Nano for free if you register for StationRipper Gold this month.


iGetting Audio

Based on the slogan on this recorder website, iGetting Audio can be used to record any online streaming audio as it supports more than 500 radio stations and music platforms like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, etc. This program supports the lossless recording of audio chats instead of recording online audio from your device’s sound card. This smart online radio recorder can be used to play internet radio on most devices, like Android smartphones, iOS devices, and so on. Also, users can output audio files as WMA, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and other audio formats. iGetting Audio can also identify ID3 tags automatically, such as song title, genre, album, year. On the other hand, you can use this tool to edit and customize ID3 information the way you want it.


Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder is a tool from CoolMedia is capable of recording any sound produced by your device sound card. You can use this program to record songs you like if you like streaming songs online through platforms like Spotify. This program supports Windows XP and higher versions, and you can use it to create WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files. Also, Free Sound Recorder comes with an automatic gain control feature that helps boost quiet inputs and avert any audio clipping as a result of sounds coming from loud audio sources. The program also comes with additional software when installing it. You can uncheck this option during the installation process if you don’t want the software.


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