3 Reliable Methods to Record Internet Radio

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3 Reliable Methods to Record Internet Radio

Some people still favor good old fashioned radio over other media, like YouTube and Spotify. Remember when the radio used to be your only source of music? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But the fact remains that listening to the radio is still a very popular pastime, for both professional musicians as well as people who value a specific type of music. The big difference is that you don’t have to sit around all day with your cassette recorder anymore, just to be able to record your favorite tunes, news broadcasts, or DJ sets. Almost all stations broadcast via airwaves as well as the internet, mainly due to the very high download speeds nowadays. This means you can listen to your preferred radio station without any delay. To make this process easy for you, we have compiled a list for you of online tools you can use to record internet radio.

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Acethinker Audio Recorder Online

With this tool, you can record anything that is playing on your screen, including online streams such as internet radio. You can also record a large array of other audio sources, like Skype conversations and business meetings. Both the sound system on your computer as well as the microphone are recordable, making this a very versatile and user-friendly free online tool. There are no complicated steps in the whole process; you just record the music you want and save it as an MP3 file. Afterward, you can organize your entire library via the task window.

Step1 Launch the Audio Recorder

Launch any web browser to visit the official website of Acethinker Audio Recorder Online. From the homepage, click the “Start Recording” button to launch the tool. On the other hand, if you are a first time user, you will be asked to install the online launcher first. After that, the main interface will appear.


Step2 Start Recording Internet Audio

Switch back to the web browser and open a new tab. This time, open the website of the audio that you want to record. After that, go back to the tool interface, and then hit the “Record” button. Play the audio that you want to record from its website to capture it entirely.


Tip: You can change the audio input by clicking the “Speaker” icon. Choose to record the “Microphone,” “System Audio,” or both.

Step3 Save the Recording

Once the audio stops playing, end the recording process as well by clicking the “Stop” button from the tool. The file will then be saved on your computer. To see the recorded audio, click the “Recording List” button.


Step4 Listen and Locate the Audio File

From the recording list panel, you can choose the most recently recorded file, and hit the “Play” button to listen to it. On the other hand, if you want to locate the file, click the “Folder” icon, and the file location window will appear.

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Acethinker Music Recorder

AceThinker Music Recorder is another perfect solution for recording internet radio. This tool has more functions and possibilities than the audio recorder, such as converting audio files and downloading music as well. You can record any type of audio you want, download music for free, and convert files to another format. All files are saved as high-quality recordings that you can put on different devices like your smartphone or tablet. Of course, this tool also makes it easy to manage your music library, meaning you will never have to search for hours for a specific recording.

Step1 Download and Install the App

First, download and install the AceThinker Music Recorder by clicking the “Download” button below. Once downloaded, you can browse through the tool to become acquainted with it. There is the main recording screen where you can choose to record anything you like. On the left, you can see links to your library, a search button, and a download button to download music and also a button specifically intended for recording radio. Choose this option to record internet radio.

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Step2 Record Music From Any Source Online

By picking the radio button, you can start recording immediately. You can choose to change the settings to ensure perfect audio quality, as this can differ a bit regarding the device you are using. Once everything is set up, push “Record” at the bottom of the screen on the left side while streaming the radio station and press “Stop” once you have all you need.

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Step3 Save and Manage your Files

When you are done recording, this tool will automatically assign ID3 tags to your radio files, and the file will be saved in the library. Of course, you also have much freedom with organizing your files according to your personal preferences. As previously stated, you can convert the files to different formats if you want to listen to the files on other devices.

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Built-in Recording Apps on Your Smartphone

A third option is using a recorder on your smartphone. Many people also record interviews this way, bits and pieces of music, podcasts, and other media you might want to keep. The benefit of recording internet radio on your smartphone is that you can take it with you anywhere you go and thus can listen to your music when on the road. But you need to take into account that the quality of the audio might be substantially lower than both previously mentioned options. On Android devices, this app is simply named “Audio Recorder,” and iPhones have an app called “Voice Memos.”

Step1 Find the App on your Phone

All modern smartphones have a built-in audio recorder, which you can use for various purposes. Browse through your device’s apps until you find it. The Android app is a red round icon with a microphone in the middle, and the iPhone version portrays soundwaves in black and white. When you start it up the first time, your phone will ask you for permission to record sounds and save it to the device. Click “Yes” until you are in the app.


Step2 Find the Radio Station of your Choice

Once your app is ready, select the radio station you like to record. You can do this on your computer or your phone, as long as the quality of the audio is good enough to record.

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Step3 Start Recording and Save your File

When the broadcast begins, you can see sound waves on your phone. This means the sound is being processed, and your phone is ready to record. You then have to press “Record” on your phone, which will always be a big red button at the bottom of your screen. Once you are recording, wait until the broadcast ends. You can then stop recording and save the file on your phone. Afterward, you can listen to the file whenever you choose or upload it to your computer if you want to listen at home.



All three tools are straightforward ways to record internet radio, making it possible for you to enjoy your favorite music or news broadcast when you want to. In terms of quality, the first two options are safer, as you can play around with the settings until the quality of the audio suits your needs. If you are looking for a smooth, user-friendly tool to record, then the Acethinker Online Audio Recorder is the best option for you. If you want more functions and need to convert specific files, the Acethinker Music Recorder will be perfect for you.

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