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Online Radio Recording Service That Plays & Records Radio Shows

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Online Radio Recording Service That Plays & Records Radio Shows

“Internet Radio” is an online software service that plays and records radio shows online. Most people today choose to listen to internet radio compared to the conventional way. One of the key factors that make people spare their time browsing the web, is because the radio stations offer online streaming options and broadcast shows through the web. Now, you’ll get the chance to listen to the news, new tracks, and even discussions and talk show through web radio–and even record everything that you wish for several purposes. For example, you can now record Internet radio and keep the file in case you’ll need it in the future. If you can’t listen to a radio program that you’d like to listen, you can easily, record it while you are missing and play it later. Regardless of the purpose, you are using it, you can keep track of internet radio using this brief guide that follows…

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

The easiest way to start recording web radio is through the use of Acethinker, which is a web-based audio recorder. It works both with Mac and MS Windows O.S. It is great for creating premium quality audio files both from the sound card or the mic of the system. Here is how to use to record online radio:

Step1 Launch the App and start recording

In case you are a newbie at this, you’ll have to download and set-up a launcher program so you can complete the audio recording process. To start recording, visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online. Then, you can start doing your recordings now.

install the online launcher

Step2 Go to Settings

Go to the “Audio Settings” screen and choose the audio input “System Sound.” Activate the launcher program so you can turn on the recorder.

audio settings system sounds

Step3 Start recording your file

Play the radio station of your choice. Head back to the recorder’s screen and press on “Start” to start recording your radio file. Lastly, you can choose to pause the recording when the radio plays ads if you wish. If you want to finish recording, just press “STOP.” Just hit the “Library” button towards the lower screen so you can locate the recorded file and play it while offline.

start, pause and stop your recording


  • In addition to recording, this program also offers extra features. It offers users the chance to rename audio files and arrange them with the help of ID3 tag editor. Furthermore, it has an integrated playlist that allows you to play the audio recordings in different formats.


  • You can’t use this offline.

Acethinker Music Recorder Overview

If we compare this to the first technique, Acethinker seems to provide a more state-of-the-art option to record Internet radio. It is a very solid program performance-wise. Provided that you record a track from the radio played, this program will automatically pinpoint the title of the track, album, artist and extra data and introduce relevant tags to the audio. To easily access and use the application, tap the shortcut button below. Then, follow the setup wizard and wait until the application is launched. Fortunately, you can record Internet radio via this program in three methods, based on your preferences:

Step1 Click the button below to download the software

To download AceThinker Music Recorder, you may click on the download button below. Follow the instructions for installing the software. Start the program by double- clicking the shortcut icon.

Try It for Free

Step2 Manual Recording

After you download and set-up the program, it is recommended that you adjust your settings beforehand. Go to the gear-formed menu and click on “Settings” then “Record Settings” and pick the audio input “System Sound”. Afterward, press on the “Record” icon on the primary screen. Place the radio track you wish to record and the program will begin recording once it identifies an audio playing on your system. Once complete, hit “Stop” and find the recorded file stored in “Library.”

manual recordings

Step3 Record audio stream via Scheduler

In case you wish to record radio at a scheduled time that fits, you can set-up an arranged task. Simply head to “Tools” tab and choose “Schedule Task.” This will open up a new window where you’ll have to give a name for that task, choose date and duration, and press “OK” to start the task. You can now play the radio while you do another task or even be away of your P.C. Once the scheduled time arrives, AceThinker will initiate the recording process straight away. Hit the “Radio” option on the left tab of the AceThinker program. There you can find several options and radio stations to choose from. Just check them out and pick the one that you like. Click 2x on the button of the radio station to start playing it. You can also hit the “Record” button to start recording while playing radio. To adjust the recording settings, go to the “Record” tab on the left screen.

schedule your task


Recording radio programs and music is not a new concept. During the time of cassette tapes, radio programs are widely recorded for various purposes. Easy to say, recording internet radio is a much simpler form of radio recording, as you don’t need any cassette tape. However, you still need recording tools to be able to do it, and the tools mentioned above does exactly that. With tools mentioned above, recording internet radio has never been easier.

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