5 Ways to Burn MP3 to CD

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5 Ways to Burn MP3 to CD

There might be several reasons why there will be a need to burn MP3 to CD. You might be an aspiring singer, songwriter, or a dancer that would go for auditions. Most of the time you distribute copies of your demos burned on a CD. It might be a little expensive for you to produce it, most especially if you do not have the proper tools to use. Equally important, if you want to share these songs to your family or friends as a gift or to whatever purpose you might have, thanks to the never-ending innovation of technology, now it’s easy to burn music audio files on CDs. Through the use of some reliable programs that works both with Mac and Windows computers, you can now make as many samples as you can. Keep reading to discover how to burn MP3 to CD.

Music Recorder - All-in-One MP3 Recorder and Burner

music recorder AceThinker Music Recorder is by far the cheapest audio recorder and a CD burner available. When it comes to usability, this tool is fast loading and reliable. You rarely get lags and problems on it. This tool is developed for your music and voice recording needs. With it, you can record, convert audios and download free music in high quality. As a mentioned a while ago this is also a CD burner. It is an additional feature infused for your convenience. Many may not know about it because of the name of the tool might give you an impression it is only a recorder. Moving on, here is a simple instruction to help you burn MP3 to CD with ease.

Step1 Download and install the application

First and foremost use the shortcut buttons below to download the app. Then run the app and follow the setup wizard until the application is launched.

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Step2 Insert a blank CD

Once the application is launched, put a blank CD in your computer. Make sure your laptop or Desktop computer has a CD drive to put the CD in.

insert CD step

Step3 Add MP3 files to the tool

Next, go back to the app, head up to the three lateral bars located at the upper right-hand side of the interface. Afterward, choose “CD Burner”. From there another window will pop where you can add the MP3 files you wish to burn. Click “Add” to get your files from your computer, choose from your folder location then click “Okay”. After successfully transferring each file to the interface, click “Audio CD” and “Automatically eject the disk after burning”. That way the CD will be ejected after the burning process. Finally, click “Start” to begin the process.

start the burn

What makes this tool different is the ability of the tool to record music or voice without worrying about background noise. Since this can record system sound and Microphone simultaneously, you can record your sample and burn without using a third party app to record or burn.

BurnAware Free

burnAware main websiteBurnaware Free is another MP3 to CD converter that you can use to transfer your audio files to CD. Aside from that, it can also transfer documents, videos, movies, and photos. One feature that you might like about the tool is, its ability to transform a CD, DVD and ISO images into a bootable device. Moreover, the tool has a paid and free version. If you need the basic features you can use the free one. Just in case you need more than that try the pro version of the tool. On the other hand, when you install the free version, “Open Candy” an app for advertisement will be installed along with it.

add files to burn

User Guide:

  • Download and install the application from its official website. Then launch the application.
  • Once the app is launched, go to “Audio CD” under “Multimedia section” then click on “Add tracks”. Choose the number of tracks you wish to burn until they are infused.


Itunes main website As we all know iTunes was developed to help you back up files on your Apple device. Also, it is a file organizer where you can manage files on your mobile device. Some may not know about it, but this also can burn MP3 files to CD. It is highly recommended to get the latest version of the app to maximize it. For the meantime here is a guide on how to burn CD’s using iTunes.

add files to burn

User Guide:

  • For Windows OS download the application from Apple’s website and install it. For Mac users, it is a pre-loaded app so all you have to do is to launch it.
  • Next, head up to the “Menu” bar, located at the upper left side of the interface. Choose “new” for a single file and “Create a Playlist”. Next, add songs to the playlist by dragging each file.
  • Prior to the burning process, insert the CD to your CD-ROM. Next, head up to the “Menu Bar” again choose “File” and click on burn playlist to disk.”
  • Finally, another window will pop where you can change the disk format. Once decided click on “Burn” to begin.
  • Windows Media Player

    Windows Media PlayerYou might be aware that Windows Media Player is used to burn audio files to CD. It is the traditional way to get the job done. We can say that its one of the pioneer tool to burn MP3 to CD. Anyway, to do it using this tool is very easy. Follow the simple steps below.

    User Guide:

    • This app is built in for Windows OS. All you have to do is launch it.
    • Once the application is launched, click the “Burn” tab. Next, below the tab, there will be space where you need to drag your files to create a playlist. Keep dragging each file you want to burn.
    • Next insert a blank CD on your computer. Make sure that your computer of laptop supports A CD-ROM or else its impossible to proceed.
    • Drop or drag the files to rearrange the order prior to the burning process. To begin to click on “Start Burn.”

    CD CDburnerXP

    CDBurnerXP is a free application that allows you to burn CDs or DVDs. The tool is a multi-language that will enable users to change the interface language to understand how it works entirely. For some who are not comfortable with the English language, you can consider using this tool. Aside from that, it is one of the easiest to use CD burner out there. Although it is for free, you have to download the app to your computer to be able to use it. Unlike other solutions like Windows Player, it is built-in on your PC. For the meantime here is a simple guide that you can use to start using the tool.

    choose audio burn

    User Guide:

    • To install the app on your PC, visit the official page of CDBurnerXP, then install it by following the set-up guide. To directly go to the website click this link.
    • Once the app is installed, launch the program and click “Audio Disc.” You have to remember that prior doing this, the blank disk must be inserted on your PC.
    • This time, on the left side of the interface, browse the file that you want to burn. Drag and drop the file chosen at the bottom part of the interface.
    • Finally, click the “Burn” button to start the process. Once the burning process is done eject the disk from the PC.


    All of the tools mentioned above can help you burn MP3 to CD. You just have to check which one can suit your OS specs and what you need the most. Each of them has unique features. Music Recorder has the ability to record audio and music at the same time. After recording, you can burn an audio file in the tool. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an app that works with Mac, iTunes suits you more. Furthermore, if you have questions about the article, simply drop us a message under the comment box.

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