The Best Way to Record Audio from Internet

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The Best Way to Record Audio from Internet

Surfing the internet becomes less boring when listening to music. With many sites that offers free music streaming, listening to your favorite songs is a simple as clicking the play button. However, there are times when a random and unknown song will play, and you don’t have any idea what the title is for you to download it. When this happens, you can record the song instead of downloading it. This is more efficient way to get a song from the internet, because you won’t have to look for a downloadable file, which poses the threat of virus infection. Also, you will be able to get the same quality from the source without the background noise, so you are sure that the song will be high-quality. To learn how to record internet audio, follow these steps.

Free Online Audio Recorder

Free Online Audio Recorder

This is a web-based tool that is always ready to use. The tool is accessible by visiting the website of Acethinker, or by clicking the button below. The only requirement of the tool however, is that it needs internet connection in order to work. In-terms of output quality, the tool can also provide sound quality audio recording same as with the audio source. To learn how to use Acethinker Free Audio Recorder Online, follow these steps.

Step1 Launch the Free Online Audio Recorder

The tool is always ready to use, just click the “Start” button below to launch it.


Step2 Configure the volume and start recording

Once the tool is launched, open a new tab and play the audio that you want to record. Then switch back to the tool and click the “Record” button to start the recording process. You can adjust the volume of the recording by clicking the “Volume” button at the far left side of the main interface, while the “Recording List” button at the right side of the window will show all the audio recordings of the tool.

start recording

Step3 Finish the recording process

Once the audio stops playing, and you got every audio you want, end the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button and the file will be saved.

stop the recording

Step4 Listen to the recording

By clicking the “Recording List,” the tool will switch into the “Preview Panel” where you can choose to play the audio you just recorded by clicking the “Play” button.

locate and play the file

Music Recorder

Music Recorder

Another tool that is a great internet audio recorder is Acethinker Music Recorder. This premium tool allows the user to record internet audio, and system sound efficiently and with the same quality as with the source. Aside from being a great audio recorder, the tool is also able to download music from the internet, making it a robust tool on its own. The tool even allows the user to edit the information of the audio recording to suit their preference. In order to learn how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Music Recorder

Download the software installer by clicking the download buttons below, and then run it on your PC.

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Secure Download

Step2 Launch Music Recorder and start recording

Once installation is finished, open a new tab on your browser and play the audio you want. Go back to the tool and click the “Record” button and the recording process will commence.

start the recording process

Step3 End the recording process

When the audio is done playing, end the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button and the file will be saved on your PC.

finish the recording process

Step4 Listen to the recorded audio

Click on “Library” from the left panel, where the recorded audio will be shown. Select the recorded file and click the “Play” button to listen to the recording. To locate the file, click the “Open Folder” button and the file location will appear.

play and locate the file

When recording internet audio, you need to make sure that the internet connection is stable. Also, choose a website that offers the best sound quality to get the best results. To make sure that the entire audio will be recorded, launch the tool first and click the record button beforehand.

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Record Internet Audio with Audacity

Another tool that you can use to record internet audio is Audacity. This is one of the more popular audio recording tools on the internet. The tool has been around for quite some time, and over the years gained popularity and made a name of itself. For advanced users, the tool won’t be a problem getting used to. However, for beginners, the tool will take sometime to get used to because of the different buttons present on the main interface. If you are interested to learn about the basic audio recording functions of Audacity, follow these steps.

Step1 Install Audacity

Get the installer of Audacity from its official website and to reach it, click the link here.

download the tool

Step2 Launch Audacity and start the recording process

Once the installation process is complete, launch the tool and start the recording process by clicking the “Record” button, then open a new tab and play the audio to be recorded.

start the recording

Step3 Stop the recording process and save the audio

To end the recording process, click the “Stop” button from the main interface. From there, you can listen to the audio recording by clicking the “Play” button. On the other hand, if you want to save the file, click the “File” tab and select “Save” from the list of options.

save the audio recording


There are a lot of audio recording software on the internet, however, only a few can really do the job. That is why with the tools mentioned above, you are sure that you will get the highest-quality audio recording with minimum effort. This is true especially with Acethinker Music Recorder, which aside from being a recorder, is also a music downloader and media player. With the said tool, recording internet audio has never been easy.

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