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The Best Way to Record Audio from Internet

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The Best Way to Record Audio from Internet

Record Audio From internet

The innovation of the World Wide Web has resulted in the creation of a significant effect to every individual’s life. It influences the way we are looked at based on the way we act and the way we do things. It also affects the way we entertain ourselves using songs and music. And with the release of portable devices that serves as a music player, many of us take advantage of these as we use them to entertain us in every place we go. This also brought the demand for recording Internet audio to make it be available offline anytime and anyplace.

Actually, listening to music is one of most popular past time activities since the start of the earliest days. In the past, people tended to record sound and music through the use of a stereo recorder. But the people of today’s generation use various programs to download different audio recordings. As I go along, I will discuss the finest ways to record audio from Internet, and some tips doing a perfect sound recording.

When we talk about the best ways to record audio from Internet free, there are only two programs that deserves to be on the top. These audio grabbers have a comprehensive function of ripping audio directly from any audio or video streams. Without further ado, here are the two most perfect ways for you.

Free Online Audio Recorder

Free Online Audio Recorder

This program is an online Internet audio recorder that is free of charge. The main function of this audio grabber is to record any audio that you want by simply clicking on the “Record” button. What makes this program outstanding is that its user friendly interface perfectly fits for everyone to be used. Plus, it converts any audio files to any format that you desire, and it also works perfectly with any browsers.

To use this program, all you need to do is pressing the “Start Recording” icon on its webpage and installing the launcher in case you are a new user. Afterwards, you can select the audio source as “System Sound” when the tool is open. It is now the time to play the audio file that you want to eventually save. Press “Record” to begin recording and “Stop” to end the process. Afterwards, you can enter the “Recording list”, find the recorded file, and play or manage it without any effort.

Music Recorder

Music Recorder

If you are looking for a much advanced audio stream recorder, then this program is specifically designed for you. This is a sophisticated audio tool that can duplicate any audio stream available on the internet. Its functions are very similar to those of the online Free Online Audio Recorder. The only difference is that this program has a feature of allowing you to choose from many radio stations available. Aside from that, it also has an editing tool that will let you edit or customize any audio clips that you have.

To record audio from Internet easily, you can follow the guide below:

  1. Download the software from the button above, and afterwards install it on your PC.
  2. Activate the software immediately, enter the “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.
  3. Set the output format as “MP3” and the audio source as “System Sound”. Otherwise, if you wish to record your vocal with the online audio together, you can select the audio source as “System Sound and Microphone”.
  4. To play the audio online, click on the red round icon on the recorder’s main interface. The software will skip the silence part and record only the audio smoothly. To end the recording, click on the same red icon again.
  5. Click on “Library” from the left panel, where the recorded audio will be shown. When you right click on the file, you can have access to more extended functions.

Although this program requires software installation to record sound from the Internet, it offers you other features, for example, extracting audio from online videos, converting audio format, burning CDs, and more.

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Things to Remember in case of Recording Internet Audio

  • Be sure to have a good Internet connection when recording audio from an online stream
  • Select a reliable Internet radio station, podcast, etc. to extract a clean and smooth audio file.
  • It is advisable to open the recording tool first, and hit the record button before playing the stream.
  • In case of recording audio from video clips, you must let the video clip load fully, then just play it back while you are recording the system sound so that you could maintain a continuous smooth recording.

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