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Professional & Free Audio EditorOne of the elements that determines the atmospheric nature of a place is sound. A spa or beauty salon, for instance, can have a good ambience because of sound. You can improve the quality of sound in your business place by making an online purchase of original soundtracks or editing the audio. With an audio editor, you can dub a video file, create soundtracks from your home movies, make changes to the background music of a video. It is up to you use any of the professional and audio editor listed here for either your personal or business needs. The review below will help you know which is suitable for you.

Acethinker Free Online Audio Editor

Acethinker Free Online Audio Editor is a free audio editing app that is only available online. You can easily copy, merge paste, trim and cut audio files with this app. Also applicable is appending, mixing, overwriting and adding effects on audio files. This app is compatible with formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, OGG etc. you can start using this online app by:

  • Step 1.Visiting the Acethinker Free Online Audio Editor page and then clicking on “Launch Application.” This would open the launcher.
  • Step 2.Adding the audio file you want to edit by clicking the button on the upper left corner that says “please add the audio file”.
  • Step 3.Start editing the file to your taste.
  • Step 4.Click on “File > Save As” and select the audio quality, format and output folder you want to save the file when you are done. To save the file on your computer, click “OK”.

In addition to that, you can easily edit ID3 tag information with this audio editor online . Due to the ID3 editor attached to this app, you will be able to add or edit the release date of a track, artist name,genre and music title.



Audacity is your best bet if you prefer a desktop app. Through the aid of a microphone, mixer or any other kind of media , you can do a live audio recording with this app. It is compatible with files like WAV, AU and AIFF LAC. Also, you can copy, paste, cut and delete audio files with this app. It also allows you to add effects and mix tracks on audio files. However, the app consumes a lot of space on your computer and has to be downloaded and installed.



The Ocenaudio is also a desktop tool. You will be able to see real-time preview of effects like EQ, filtering and gain. While adjusting the controls, the effects are audible. Linux, Windows and Mac OS X are some of the operating systems that this app is compatible with. It lets you merge, delete, overwrite, trim, copy and paste audio files. It’s also possible to edit large files.



Both Mac and Windows computer can use this audio editing software. Users can edit recordings and music from either microphone or any sound at all. You can cut out any part of the recording and also copy and paste. One more thing is that you can add such effects like amplification, noise reduction and echo. Compatible formats are MP3, GSM, WMA, VOX etc.



VideoStudio is among the best professional apps you can use. This paid app allows you to edit both audio and video. You can trim, crop, edit sound and add effects. In addition to that, you can professionally edit and improve the quality of video files with this tool.


Premiere by Adobe is a well-known professional audio editor. It is a desktop app that can edit both audio and video files. It does almost all kinds of editing on video files and when using it to edit audio files, you can merge, add real-time effects, crop and split. The app supports different formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, VOX, GSM etc. To start using it, you have to make a direct purchase on the site. Compared to other paid editors, the price of this app is on the high side.

It appears that when it has to do with audio editing, both professional and free music editors functions in the same way. In essence, it is practical that you make use of the free ones like Acethinker Free Online Audio Editor that has exactly the same thing that the professional tools will offer you. The best part is that, as it’s a web-based app, it doesn’t occupy any space on your computer.


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