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Top 8 Free Websites to Download Ringtones for Android

Last updated on October 16, 2018 by Charles

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Top 8 Free Websites to Download Ringtones for Android

featured imageRingtones serve as a notification sound whenever we receive a call or a text message. Sometimes, there will be a point that we got tired hearing the same ringtone for a week or a month. When this point happens, maybe it is the right time to find a new one. There are many choices to be found on many applications that you can choose from music, TV shows, funny sounds, or sound effects. Some websites also has a built-in tone creator and editor which you can use to personalize your own ringtone. You may check the different websites below, these sites offer free ringtone downloads for Android. These websites are highly recommended because of their amazing features and comprehensive interface.




First on the list is Zedge. This is one of the most popular websites to get ringtones. You can get various ringtones from here like the rock, classical, pop, electro, and other categories that might suit your taste. This website has a comprehensive interface that makes your searching a lot easier. The ringtones from this page are also categorized accordingly. Aside from that, this website provides a lot way to save your files conveniently. Furthermore, what’s amazing in this website is you can create your own customized ringtone. Not only that, you may also download some amazing themes and wallpapers for free.




Another brilliant website where you can download free ringtones for android is mobiles24. Unlike Zedge, where you can get ringtones with a wide range of genres. This website is specialized in Pop&Rock and country style. What makes this website awesome is it helps the visitors to this website to search a lot easier by directly inputting the keywords into the search bar. Aside from ringtones this website also offers wallpapers, Android themes, Android games, Android Apps, Live Wallpapers, Java games which are mostly need to be paid, Java apps, Mp4 videos and 3gp videos. Before downloading in this app, you may have a need to sign up and log in first.



Another worthy to mention the website to get ringtones for free is the Like Zedge, it offers useful resources that will assist Android users in creating their own customized ringtone. Aside from being useful to download ringtones for Android, it also offers educational and adventure games, themes and live wallpapers that are absolutely free. In this website, you may select from each wide variety of genres like dances, funny, hard and heavy, hip-hop, holiday, hymns and marches and jazz and blues. Like Zedge, you may also download games from here. There are a lot of adventure and military games you can get and enjoy.




Next ringtone website on the list where you can get awesome ringtones is Audiko. It enables you to either upload a song or simply enter the audio URL to make ringtones for Android and iPhone. You can not only create personalized ringtones but also download ringtones made by other users. On the website homepage, the Top Artists, Favorite Ringtones, SMS Ringtones, etc. are listed to let you know what’s hot immediately. Moreover, you can also view and find ringtones by genres like Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop and so on.


tone7 webpoage screenshot


Impressive website to get ringtones is the Tone7. This is one of the best websites where you can get the latest and popular ringtones. By the use of this website, you can save an unlimited amount of tones for free. Similar to Free Ringtones, you can create your personal ringtone by uploading your own audio or mp3 files. The ringtones that created from here can be lengthy or very short depends on the creator’s preferences. You can make as much as 5 soundtracks that you can sort and edit.



Mobile9 will allow you to get the hottest ringtone in town. The most popular searches from this website are sound effects, movie clips and original music. To access in this app you must first enter what type of device you are using. Once you are in, everything that you will search will be compatible in your device. Furthermore, what’s so amazing about this app is it has a version which is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.


melofania webpage screen shot


Melofania is a brilliant application which has built-in ringtone creator and editor. From here you can create your own customize ringtone from your music collections by using its drag and drop feature in its editor. You can create and ringtone without any hassle or exerting a lot of effort studying on how to edit and create. After creating a ringtone with this app, it will allow you to choose from various formats that can be compatible with your Android or iOS devices. Another attractive feature in this app is you can select from the featured artist posted on its page to find songs easily. The featured ringtones also change every 2 weeks.

Phonezoo Ringtones


Phonezoo is one of the best ringtone sharing app that is available on the market. This website will allow you to download ringtones easily and share it with other devices. Most of the ringtones you can get from here are in Mp3 format, but you can also download some M4A formatted ringtones. Despite having a not so good layout, you can download thousands of free ringtones from here. Another weakness of this app is when you are sharing a ringtone, it doesn’t allow you to edit or cut your created ringtone according to your preference. So you may simply send directly your created ringtone without fixing some error in length.  To download a ringtone from here, you may simply browse to the latest ringtone available that are posted in the page or you may search the keyword in the searching area.  This app is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac users.


There are many websites that you can use to download ringtones easily. But the recommended website above are the available apps to get your favorite ringtone or create your own personal notification sound. Simply browse through the above website and start downloading or making your own ringtone base on your taste.

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