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Top 3 Sites to Download Free AudioBooks

Last updated on December 18, 2018 by JoKelly

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Top 3 Sites to Download Free AudioBooks

The days of typical book reading are all gone now. Thanks to new technological tools emerging in the market today, book reading has now switched to a more modern format – audiobooks. An audiobook basically refers to the recording of the text that’s being read. The content remains the same but the difference is that readers don’t have to read the book in a physical way. Instead, all they need to do is to simply listen to the voiceover of the book. Therefore, audiobooks won’t irritate your eyes and your hands will be freed to do other things. However, it still comes at a high price. Fortunately, there are some platforms that let you download free audiobooks. Here we have listed the top 3 free audiobook downloading sites to help you narrow down the selection.


Audible is owned by Amazon and is one of the biggest web shops that offer several types of audiobooks worldwide. You can choose from 180K+ audiobooks titles – from fresh releases to all-time best sellers. Unfortunately, not all audiobooks on the platform are available for free. The majority of audiobooks come with a price of $30+ based on the popularity of its title. If you wish to download a free audiobook, here is the most appropriate technique:

Step1 Set-up your Account

Set-up an AudioBooks account through clicking the “get my free audiobook” button on the homepage. Go to “Membership” and then click “Join the Free Trial Service.” Pick one of the cost plans ($14.95 or $22.95). Complete all the necessary details on the sign-up form. Don’t worry–you won’t be charged anything if you cancel the registration before the expiry date of the trial.

make an account

Step2 Browse Audiobook's library

Browse through the Audiobook’s library of titles or simply look up the book title of your choice using the search field. After you find the title of the book you wish to listen, press on the “Free get” to store it.

browse library

Step3 Download your Audiobook

The audiobook will now be forwarded to your account’s library. From there, you can choose to download it or play it online right away.

download audiobook


Another platform which lets you download free audiobooks is YouTube. We are all aware that this is mainly a video hosting platform, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for storing a great range of audiobooks. To search for your favorite book title, enter the “book title” in the search field and “audiobook.” Comparing to Audible, all audiobooks on YouTube are totally free. The thing is, you have to make sure that you convert the online audiobook to a compatible form so you can play it later offline.

Step1 Locate Audiobook to listen using YouTube

Locate the audiobook you wish to listen using YouTube’s search online and copy the URL of the page that hosts the audiobook. Head to the YouTube Video to MP3 converter platform.

locate audiobook

Step2 Paste the link and Convert

Paste the video link the respective field and then hit the “Convert” button.

paste the link then convert

Step3 Start to process the URL and Download

Follow the steps to download the launcher so that the converter can start to process the URL and convert the audiobook to Mp3 format. The conversion procedure will appear on the site. Once it finishes, the storage destination that hosts the audiobook will emerge. Then, you can play the stored audiobooks on your Computer or send them to a tablet or smartphone device.

download the file

Open Culture

Open Culture is generally focused on offering audiobooks for educational and cultural aims. It hosts a wide array of audiobooks-from astronomy to religious titles. You can also find there popular books like Harry Potter and the Secret, audios from several authors, academic audiobooks, language-specific audios, free courses, etc. There are also several movies, e-books and PDF reports hosted. Fortunately, the downloading process is a piece of cake.

Step1 Navigate library to download Audiobook

Navigate through the library of available titles by hitting “Audio Books” on the top of the screen. Likewise, you can use the search field for more detailed results. After you go to the audiobook’s window, you can find a list of links so you can download the book.

open the app

Step2 Download the file

Just click on any of the available links so you can play it right away or download the file on your PC. Then, to download the audiobook file, choose a target folder on your P.C and save it. This will initiate the downloading procedure.

download and play the file

Burn Audiobook to CD with OverDrive

As there is a huge number of audiobooks available, you may wish to burn an audiobook into a CD. This will allow you to store a copy of your chosen audiobook, organize it, and share it easily with your contacts. If you wish to burn an audiobook into a CD, you can try out a tool called “OverDrive”. Below are the steps to burn audiobooks to CD using OverDrive.

Step1 Download the program and import to Burn the Audiobook file

Download the program and store on your Computer. Turn on the app and transfer the import of the audiobook you wish to burn by clicking “Burn” on top of the screen.

download and burn the audiobook file

Step2 Add an empty CD into your PC

Add an empty CD into your P.C and click the “Next” button. After the burn wizard identifies the CD driver, the audiobook burning process will begin. Once it finishes, you will get a notification on your screen.

add empty screen to pc

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