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2020 Best 5 Chrome MP3 Recorder

chrome audio recorder Listening to music is one way to release your stress from work. With all the melodies and lyrics of a song can relate to one person and boost their moods. There are times that good music can be discovered by surfing the net on your Chrome browser. Sometimes, those audios are from video ads that can’t repeat to listen to their background music. For that reason, recording sounds streamed on the Chrome browser is the best way to listen to those random kinds of music. Mostly students or video editors need a robust audio recorder to put a specific part of the song as their background music. Also, it would be best if you used a powerful audio recorder that has an excellent quality sound output. It is because installing a reliable sound recorder on your computer makes your job easier by recording the music from the browser anytime. On that note, we have listed all the best audio recorder that you can use to record music being played on your Chrome browser. Some need to be installed, and others are web-based audio recorders. Keep on reading below to see and learn how to use them.

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Best Online Audio Recorder

System OS: Windows/MacOS
Output formats: MP3
Trial Limit: None
Distinctive Features: Online Audio Recorder allows you to edit ID3 by putting title, artist, album, year, and genre on the recorded audio.

Record the sound playing from the Chrome browser in a single-click with AceThinker Online Audio Recorder. This web-based audio recorder can record sounds from 24bit/192kHZ, which is the highest resolution for audio. Meaning, all the recordings you made with this tool can be heard clearly. Also, Online Audio Recorder can extract audios from music videos being streamed using the Chrome browser. Audios from popular MP3site or video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and the likes can be recorded in MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and more. Another good thing about this tool is its ID3 tag editor, which helps you to organize your audio library by putting their cover art, artist name, year, album, and more.

By recording whatever plays on your Chrome browser, this tool can help you with educational purposes. You can record lectures without having to watch the video of the speaker. Also, you can use this tool for business use, like recording an online meeting or conference call without taking notes of the discussion. On the other, we have listed the steps below on how to use the AceThinker Online Audio Recorder.

Step 1 Visit the website of Online Audio Recorder

First of all, go to the website of the AceThinker Online Audio Recorder and click the “Start Recording” button that found within the main page. For starters, you have to install the online launcher of this tool by clicking the “Open Apowersoft Online Launcher” to open the Online Audio Recorder.


Step 2 Start audio recording

Once the tool is launched, click on the “Speaker” icon that you find at the leftmost bottom part of the recorder. You can choose to System Sound, Microphone, or both to the record since we are going to record audio from the Chrome browser, select “System Sound” and click the “Record” button to start recording.


Step 3 Set the ID3 tag

When you are done recording, click on the “Stop” button from where you click the “Record” button. Then, click the three lateral bar button at the rightmost bottom part of the tool to see all the recordings. On that window, click on the “Edit ID3” button beside the trash icon to set the ID3 tag of the recorded audio. You can put the title, artist, album, year, and genre of the recording. Then click the “Save” button to apply the changes.


Step 4 Listen to the recorded audio

To listen to the recorded audio, go back to the recording list and click on the “Play” button that has been aligned on the recorded audio. You can also double-click on the audio file to play it instantly.



  • It can record high-quality sound from any website
  • Doesn’t require to install any software on your computer
  • Allows you to record audio simultaneously for free

  • Does not have the ability to convert an audio file to your preferred format

Excellent Audio Recorder for Windows and Mac

System OS: Windows/MacOS
Output formats: MP3
Trial Limit: 3 minutes of recording per audio
Distinctive Features: If you record a song with Music Recorder, it will detect the title, artist, cover art, and album of the song with its Identify ID3 feature.

Have all the music playing on the Chrome browser recorded with the AceThinker Music Recorder. With this tool installed on your Windows/Mac computer, you can record audio in its highest audio quality and even download music from an MP3 website such as Vibbidi, Stingray Music, Listube, and the likes. It is, in fact, the PRO version of AceThinker Online Recorder that has a built-in browser where you can search and stream music online. Besides, Music Recorder adds your preferred songs into the library and helps you identify music with ID3 tags because it can put titles, genre, year, and artist of your songs automatically.

This all-in-one audio recorder helps you get the audio from videos of YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other popular video sharing sites. In case the recorded audio is not compatible with your device, you can use the Music Recorder to convert the audio format supported by your device. For you to start recording music being played on Chrome, check the steps below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download and install the AceThinker Music Recorder

You can download this tool on your computer by clicking one of the “Download” buttons under the description of this tool. Then, launch the installer and follow the installation wizard to install the tool on your computer. After installing the tool, open it to see its interface.


Step 2 Initiate audio recording

Next, click the “Audio Source” icon that you can find beside the “Volume” icon to select the audio source of the recording from System sound, Microphone, or both. Then, within the “Record” section, click on the “Record” button at the right side of the tool, and start streaming the audio/video on the Chrome browser to record it. At the moment, make sure that the audio from Chrome is the only sound playing on your computer because this tool records any sound.


Step 3 Identify the recorded audio

To end the recording process, click on the “Stop” button from where the “Record” button is located. Then, go to the ”Library” section to see the recording list made by this tool. From there, right-click on the audio file, and choose the “Identify” option for the tool to identify the title, artist, and album if you have recorded a song.


Step 4 Play the audio

You can listen to the recorded audio from the recording list within the ”Library” section. Right-click on the recorded sound, and select “Play” to play the audio file. You can also choose on the recording, and click the “Play” button at the middle bottom part of the tool to play the sound immediately.



  • It can record any sound coming out of your computer
  • Allows you to convert recorded audio to MP3, MP2, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and more
  • This tool has a built-in search browser where you can download music

  • You can only identify three music info on its free trial

Google Chrome Audio Recorder Extension

System OS: Windows/MacOS
Output formats: MP3, WAV
Trial Limit: 120 minutes or 2 hours
Distinctive Features: This Chrome extension can record audio up to 2 hours, but you can exceed the time limit on the settings if you are recording audio for podcasts.

WQRI Recorder is designed to record any sounds coming out from the Chrome browser. Once you start recording on a video site like YouTube, the audio from the video muted by WQRI, which means it is already recording the sound. It is primarily made to record your voice for creating a podcast session or for personal use. In fact, WQRI Recorder allows you to adjust the record time limit from 1 minute to 120 minutes straight, or you can remove the time limit to record as much as you like.

All the audio recorded with this tool can only be saved in MP3 or WAV file. Also, WQRI doesn’t have a playback once you finish the recording. It prompts you to save the recorded audio and download it on your computer for you to listen to it. Thus, WQRI Recorder is still a great audio recorder because it can record up to 44.1kHz or 16 bits stereo sound.



  • Can record music from YouTube and other popular music video sites
  • Allows you to mute and unmute the video while recording its audio

  • Does not able to listen on the recorded audio before downloading it

Use the Chrome Add-on to Record Audio

System OS: Windows/MacOS
Output formats: MP3, WAV
Trial Limit: 20 minutes
Distinctive Features: Hotkeys are available on this Chrome extension to start and stop recording audio on the current tab.

Audio Capture for Chrome enables you to rip the audio from the video being played by YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, and more. You can use hotkeys like CTRL + Shift + S to start recording audio, and CTRL + Shift + X to stop the recording process. The time limit of this add-on is only for 1 – 20 minutes. Though you may exceed its limit, it is not recommended because it might lessen the audio quality of the recording. Besides, the output file format of all the recordings of this Chrome extension is MP3 and WAV only.

With this audio recorder extension on your Chrome browser, you can record audios while listening to music on a stand-alone MP3 player. As long as it is not on the tab of Chrome browser, it records because it captures the sound coming from the audio/video being streamed on the Chrome web browser. Just be careful not to close the new tab appearing once you finish recording. Closing the new tab without saving the recorded audio leads to loss of the recording.



  • Recorded MP3 file is in high quality
  • Allows you to adjust the time limit of the recording between 1 to 20 minutes

  • Max capture time is only 20 minutes due to Chrome memory constraints

Good Audio Recording Extension for Chrome

System OS: Windows/MacOS
Output formats: MP3, WAV
Trial Limit: 20 minutes
Distinctive Features: Chrome Audio Capture can record audio from multiple tabs on the Chrome browser simultaneously.

This last Chrome extension being reviewed on our article does what it says, it can record audios from any tab without fail, and it’s called the Chrome Audio Capture. The only difference of this Chrome audio recorder to other extension is it can record sound from multiple tabs simultaneously. Thus, it can save audios from MP3 or WAV files, and you can also have the option to mute the audio from a tab while recording. Also, with the new update of Chrome Audio Capture, it added a hotkey function which you can use to start and stop audio recording.

It is helpful for professionals who are making a conference call on a particular website using the Chrome browser. You need to take a pen and a notebook to write down the critical part of the meeting. You have to record it with Chrome Audio Capture while the conference call is going on to capture all the discussion and listen to it later.



  • Extracting audio from its video is so easy with this tool
  • Does not record the music playing outside the Chrome browser

  • Doesn’t have autosave and continue download feature

What Makes a Good Chrome Audio Capture?

Audio recording is a method where you can rip the audio from a particular music video. It is also helpful to record meeting calls with your colleagues or boss. With that being said, an excellent audio recorder is required to produce a high-quality to listen to it clearly. But what is an excellent audio recorder? To know the answer to that question, we have listed the qualification of a great audio recorder below.


Things to consider:

  • Recording Quality: A good audio recorder should result in 16bit/44.1kHz resolution, which is the highest resolution for audio.
  • Supported Formats:An audio recorder should be able to record audios to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, and other popular audio formats.
  • User Interface:Of course, an audio recorder should be easy-to-use.
  • Processing Power:A robust audio recorder software must operate in 64-bit processor or 32-bit as the lowest.
  • Time Limit:The time limit of the recording must be long enough depending on your needs.
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