The Best 5 Chrome MP3 Recorder

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The Best 5 Chrome MP3 Recorder

Ever experienced browsing on Google Chrome, and you suddenly came across audio that played out of nowhere? To your surprise, the audio sounded good, and you don’t know where it’s located. This is a dilemma for most people, which is why it never hurts to have a Chrome audio recorder ready just in case this happens. By having a reliable audio recorder on your PC, it will be easier to record any audio coming from the browser anytime. With that being said, we listed down some of the best audio recorder applications in existence. Read on to know more about these tools and learn how to use one of them.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Free Online Audio Recorder

AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online is a free to use web-based recorder available on Chrome and other web-browsers. This exceptional Chrome sound recorder can record sounds from the system, including Chrome web-browser. Anyone is free to use the tool as long as they have a stable internet network. The tool can capture Chrome audio in various audio formats like MP3, FLV, and WAV. Aside from system audio, the tool is also capable of recording external audio from sources like Microphones. To learn how to use AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the tool on PC

To launch AceThinker Free Online Audio Recorder, visit its official website and from the homepage, click the “Start recording” button then tool interface will then appear. For first time users, they will be asked to install the online launcher first as the recorder needs it. The installation process will not take more than two minutes.

main interface

Step2 Start recording Chrome audio and save the audio file

Open the Google Chrome browser, and from a new tab, play the necessary audio to be recorded. Switch back to the tool, and from the main interface, click the “Record” button to start the actual recording process. After the audio stops playing, end the recording by clicking the “Stop” button from the same main-interface of the tool. The audio recording will be then saved on the PC, and to listen to it, click the “Recording List” button.

play the recording

Step3 Listen to the recording

From the “Recording List” window, select the recently recorded audio file, which is usually the top one. Click the “Play” button, and the audio playback will begin.



Audacity is a desktop recorder and at the same time, an excellent Chrome audio recorder. Much like any other audio recorder, Audacity can capture any form of sound from a PC like a system sound and microphone audio. Audacity is an open-source audio recorder, which means that it is free, and anyone can use it as they wish. On the other hand, the best things about Audacity are the different audio editing and sound mixing options that are available within the tool. Users can also export their Chrome audio recordings into various audio formats like WAV and OGG. These are the reasons why Audacity is perfect for recording sound from the Chrome browser, on top of the high-quality audio recording that it can provide. Follow the user guide below to learn how you can start recording Chrome audio with Audacity.


User Guide:

  • Open the official website of Audacity from a new tab by clicking the link here.
  • From the homepage, click the “Download” button to get the installer. After that, launch the installer on the PC and follow the instructions from the setup wizard.
  • Launch any website from the Chrome browser where you want to record an audio from, and at the same time launch Audacity. From the main-interface of the tool, click the “Record” button to start recording.
  • Start playing whichever audio you wish to record it entirely, and once done, hit the “Stop” button of Audacity.
  • You can listen to the recording by clicking the “Play” button and to save the video, click the “File” tab. Click the “Save” option from the menu and then choose where to save the audio recording.
Chrome Audio Capture

Chrome Audio Capture, as the name suggests, is a Google Chrome extension accessible from the Chrome web store. This is a type of online recorder that can record audio from Chrome Mac and on Windows. The only difference is that it is only available on Chrome because once installed, it will be added to Google Chrome directly. This is the difference between an extension and a web-based audio recorder, which is why it is recommended for Chrome. The tool is free to add to the browser, which is very convenient and can record a maximum of a twenty-minute audio clip. The recorded file is stored in an MP3 format automatically for more convenience to the user. Here are the steps to use this tool.

chrome audio capture

User Guide:

  • Open a Google Chrome browser and open the Chrome Web Store and visit the extension page.
  • Search for the extension name and then click the blue “Add to Chrome” button.
  • After installation, the extension icon will appear on the extension bar of Chrome. Click the icon and then hit the “Start capture” button to begin recording.
  • Once done recording, click the “Save capture” button and then the encoding process will begin. Once this is done, another “Save Capture” button and select where to save the audio on the PC.
Cloud Audio Recorder

Cloud Audio Recorder is another Chrome extension that supports major web-browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This tool is efficient because it does not consume any disk space on the hard-drive. Just like any other Chrome extension, it is available from the Chrome Web Store and is free to install. This straightforward audio recorder for Chrome is capable of recording clear sounds from the PC system. Additionally, it can also record sounds from a microphone if it is available on the PC. Cloud Audio Recorder is indeed an excellent tool to have on any Chrome browser and to learn how to use it, follow the guide below.

cloud audio recorder

User Guide:

  • Install Cloud Audio Recorder by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button from the Chrome web-store
  • After installation, the tool icon will open on a new tab.
  • Start the recording by hitting the “Start” button and then click the “Stop” button once done.
  • Choose which format to export the recorded file into. Choose between MP3, and WAV.
  • Finally, choose what to do with the recording, either play it, or save it on both PC and Google Drive.
i-Sound Recorder

i-Sound Recorder is the last Chrome audio recorder that is highly-recommended for various recording purposes. The tool captures clear audio recordings from a desktop, including sounds from the Chrome browser. i-Sound Recorder is a straightforward tool that has few editing features compared to other tools on the list but has a unique “Schedule” feature. This feature enables users to set a date and time for the tool to start a recording process automatically. Also, multiple audio recording tasks can be scheduled at once, which is pretty convenient for a desktop recorder, which is why many users prefer this tool. However, i-Sound is not entirely for free, because the free version can only record a maximum of 100 seconds per audio recording. On the other hand, if you pay a certain amount, this limitation will be removed, and you will have unlimited recording time. To learn how you can record from a Chrome browser using i-Sound Recorder, follow the steps below.

task scheduler

User Guide:

  • Open the official website of i-Sound Recorder on new tab by clicking this link.
  • From the website, click the “Free Trial” button to download the installer. Launch the installer on the PC and proceed to the installation process according to the instructions of the wizard.
  • After that, launch the tool and from the main interface, click the “Record” button. Open a website from the Chrome browser and then play the audio that you want to record.
  • To end the recording process, click the “Stop” button from the tool interface and the audio will be then saved on the PC.
  • To listen to the recent recording, click the “Play” button from the main-interface. On the other hand, to locate the actual file, click the “Open recording browser” which is next to the “Stop” button.

Chrome audio recorders have a lot of similarities because they all record system audio. However, the deciding factor is the ease of use, and most importantly, the clarity of the recording. With that being said, one of the tools mentioned above has all the factors mentioned. This is true especially for AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online, because it captures both system audio and microphone. Using such a tool will provide not only convenience but also high-quality and free audio recording.

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